Who is Allen Greene? The SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, Explained

Allen Greene form film Shawshank Redemption

Allen Greene got fame from the movie Shawshank Redemption released in 1994. Frank as the director of the film, stated that Allen was a great person.

Allen passed away during the shooting of the movie. No one was expecting his death at such a young age. Shawshank Redemption is the best movie of all time. 

Allen Greene form film Shawshank Redemption

Later on, Frank’s Shawshank redemption was nominated for Oscar awards. But “Forrest Gump” won the fair. The reason was clear. Shawshank redemption could not hit the box office success in comparison to Forrest Gump.

Though critics greatly admired the movie, yet there might be some flaws. The storyline and other technical details were impressive. However, the movie received Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Foreign Language Film. 

Who is Allen Greene from Shawshank Redemption?

Allen Greene was the first agent of Director Frank Darabont. Frank Darabont and Allen were close friends to each other. Allen Greene worked hard during the production of the Shawshank Redemption movie.

As an agent of Director Frank, he worked on many tasks and projects in lobbying the film. Moreover, Allen helped to fund the movie “Shawshank Redemption.”

Allen assisted the director Frank ideally during the film projects. The movie director Frank considered that the efforts of Allen made the film project a successful one. Without his contribution, the movie may not get fame.

Unfortunately, Allen died of AIDS before the release of the movie. It was the incident that left his fellows and cast of the movie grimed and gloomy. The director Frank Darabont was very close to Allen Greene.

Allen’s passion and love for his work impressed Frank. It is the reason that he added a tribute to Allen at the end of the movie.

Is Allen Greene from the Movie The Shawshank Redemption a real Person?

Yes, Allen was a real person. Washington was the hometown of Allen Greene. He got his early education in Washington school. He passed his graduation from the North Greene High School located in White Hall.

Allen Greene was good friends with Frank Daramont (The Director), and he was working as an agent with Frank Daramont. Allen died immediately before the movie’s release due to issues related to AIDs, and hence he is credited in the last.

The name of the institute is after the name of the Greene family, Allen belonged. 

Further, Allen also served as an Auburn athletics. He used to play basketball and baseball. The Athletic Department of Auburn University selected him as 15th director of Athletics.

The Athletics director led the basketball program at Buffalo. He earned many distinct rewards at the Athletic Director position. Professional Athletic directors admired him for his services at Buffalo.   

Auburn University Athletic possesses many accomplishments at Auburn. The beat reporter states that Allen served as a deputy director of athletics at UB. The basketball athlete was also interested in film-making professionally.

He was so fond of film-making that he purchased a camera in high school. He loved to make films and videos in his school life. He got married to Christy Greene. He had two daughters Rian, Seneca, and a son Samuel.

In the movie “The Shawshank Redemption,” Why didn’t they Change Andy’s cell for 20 years?

You can find flaws and holes in every story and script. There is no particular reason shown not to change the cell. The possible assumption might be that Andy was involved in money laundering with the warden.

Although the prison had a cell rotation policy, yet Andy was never sent to another cell. So, the warden might have allowed him the same cell for the time he remained there.  

Another reason might be that it may influence the warden’s activities. Andy kept a hammer to him as a hobby. He never tried to dig the cell or doghouse with it.

But the idea sprang up when Andy was scratching his name on the wall, and a piece of wall fell. Then, he came to know that it is possible to beat this cell.  

However, for safety, Andy posed to keep Rita Ahyworth’s poster as an interest in it. He made sure that the warden would not take that poster back. Later on, he started to scratch the wall.

The assumption that Andy might have bribed the warden seems fake and unreal. It may change the perception of Andy’s character. You might have seen many grim prison-based movies where the same character spends decades in the same prison. 

How realistic is Andy’s escape in The Shawshank Redemption? How did he know what was behind the wall? 2021 How was he sure there would be a pipe that fits his size and has no grating at the end?

Andy was a cooperative character. He helped the guards, warden, and other jail staff to get relaxation. He successfully got what he wanted. For instance, the warden willingly allows him a poster and hammer. Andy moved strategically in the jail. 

hawshank Redemption

Andy used a hammer and poster to hid his activity. He made chess pieces with the cell’s rocks. If he had ever caught, anyone could assume that he was playing chess.

The purpose of chess pieces was to pretend only. No one could imagine that he kept a hammer to dig. The Sewage pipes were weaker, and those were broken on only three hits.

In a movie, not all hits are shown. It might be possible that he had hit ten times. Can ten hits at the same place be shown in a movie? 

People think it is unreal to get escaped from the sewage pipes. Sewage pipes or underground pipes are often larger where men can fit easily. If they were not as large, Andy had to take the risk.

He had no other choice if the escape from pipes were impossible. Andy’s plan was smooth; he could come back and think of another option. 

On that day, the weather was also favorable to escape. It is assumed that Andy was waiting for the best opportunity. In the thunderstorm night, he availed that opportunity.

All conditions and situations were favorable to get free.  

Andy was an optimistic character. He planned everything. Andy established trust among the jail staff and jail fellows. He helped the people in their ways.

Jail life is too complicated to maintain one’s personality. No one knows the fate of a jailed person. But Andy proved that man-made his fortune. 

How can Andy know what is behind the wall? The answer is logistics. You can see a lot with your connections in jail. He had been staying in prison for 19 years. It’s a long time for anyone to know the skills and techniques.

You can adapt to a place better when you stay longer. The most favorable thing was the placement of Andy in the aside cell. If his cell were not aside, he might not plan an escape.

On digging the hole in the wall, he might arrive in another prison room. There might be chances of getting caught on digging. It is the luck of Andy that he was placed in a cell where he could run outside the jail. 

The only tool that Andy used was the patience and intellect. He had full control over his nerves. Andy might have used his resources to know about the infrastructure of the jail.

Many stories and rumors are often in the air about the jail structure. Prisoners commonly collect information about where they are and how strong protection is there? So, to know about the behind wall reality cannot be difficult for Andy. 

It may be assumed that Andy might have asked any elderly prisoner or jail fellow about the pipe, or he might have taken risks. Jail life is full of risks. Prisoners often take risks and never miss the chance to escape. Andy also did the same. 

Sewage pipes have toxic elements and gases. But water sanitation workers also move inside to repair the problems or pipes. When a person is going to get free after passing through the toxic place, he can take the risk. No one can imagine what Andy would feel after 19 years. 

As a prisoner, Andy had taken so many ups and downs in jail life that he could take the chance of every risk. The escape was realistic to some extent.

You may also suppose it the part of cinematic liberty. Cinema provides us entertainment and lessons. How hopeful is a person even after spending such a long time in misery? 

What is the last line in Shawshank Redemption?

Morgan Freeman, as Tim Robbins narrated, “I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.” The Oscar winner personality became the most famous voiceover actor after Frank Darabont’s Shawshank Redemption.

What is the last line in Shawshank Redemption

These lines reveal the redemption of success, liberty, hope, and life. Though the movie is full of struggle and grim prison activities, it shows a ray of hope in the form of Andy. The last line of the “Shawshank Redemption” leaves a mesmerizing impression on the audience. 

Who was Allen Greene at the end of Shawshank Redemption? and How old is Allen Greene

Allen Greene was a literary agent of the director of the movie. He contributed to many projects with Frank Darabont.

Other than Shawshank Redemption, Frank and Allen were best friends to each other. Allen is 44 years old now.

Allen Green assisted Frank in accessing directing Gig at Castle Rock Entertainment Studio. He died of HIV/AIDS before the release of the movie.

The death of a nice personality made frank and his fellows gloomy. He was a real and impressive personality. He worked hard in film-making. 

The director of the movie, Frank Darabont, is nominated three times for Academy Awards. His work excellence and urge for perfection include him among the creative directors.

Allen Greene was the best friend of Frank. The death of Allen before the release of Shawshank Redemption left the fellows and co-workers stunned. 

Is Shawshank redemption true, and Why did the Warden kill Tommy?

Shawshank redemption was an inspirational American drama film by Frank Darabont. Frank Darabont never narrated it as a true story. It is based on Stephen King’s novella “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption.” The novella was not based on redemption true. 

Tommy knew the murderer of Andy’s wife. He intended to tell the name of the real killer in court. Thus, in other words, Tommy wanted to free the innocent Andy from jail.

The warden killed Tommy to keep him from his intention. He tried to keep Andy in the Jail under his supervision. He tried to take benefit of Andy and his activities in jail. 

Andy Dufresne was a golden bird for him in the jail. Andy was greatly helping him in his sinful activities. Warden was considering Andy’s assistance necessary to keep his corrupted tasks continue.

Andy’s book-keeping expertise always secured the warden’s corruption. The warden could never get caught by the revenue system. 

Andy was protecting shield for the warden. Who would want to keep the shade away in sunlight? It was the reason that the warden killed Tommy, never to liberate Andy. I think you would like to read about elisa gayle ritter

Who Turned Down Shawshank’s role?

Actors in the film industry often refused roles due to solid reasons. Some regret leaving legendary movies, and others remain happy with their own decisions.

Who Turned down Shawshank's role?

The same happened with the legendary movie “Shawshank Redemption.” Initially, the role of Andy Dufresne was offered to Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks was excused for accepting the role. The reason was his engagement in the “Forrest Gump” movie. The movie was released in 1994, the same year Shawshank came to theatres. 

Later on, Tim Robbins acted as Andy Dufresne. Tim Robbins performed superbly as Andy. Tom Hanks received the Oscar Award for best actor in the movie “Forrest Gump.”

Further, Forrest Gump was also nominated as the best movie of the year. Jeff Bridges and Kevin White also refused the character of Andy due to certain reasons. 

Brad Pitt was offered the role of Tommy Williams in an Academy award-winning movie. But he could not become part of the film cast. Then, Gill Bellows appeared as Tommy Williams in Shawshank redemption. Gill’s performance was excellent in William’s character.

Rob Reiner was assumed to direct the movie. He was supposed t purchase the script rights, but he also missed the chance to produce a legend movie. Frank Darabont met Stephen King and removed all hurdles on the way to making it a silver screenplay. Finally, Frank Darabont directed the film. 

Why is the movie “The Shawshank Redemption “dedicated to Allen Green?

Morgan Freeman’s voiceover movie “Shawshank Redemption” includes a dedication to Allen Greene. Allen Green was a superb person. He contributed greatly to the making of the film.

He was a genuine personality. Moving to the true story of Allen Green, he was a passionate and visionary personality. He loves to make videos. He was making his way in Hollywood. Frank Darabont, the director of the movie Shawshank redemption, admired him as a close friend. 

Allen Green and Frank worked in collaboration on numerous other projects. Other than movie-making, Allen was interested in the baseball program and remained on the baseball team.

He had been the baseball outfielder and led the baseball field as baseball coaches. The intercollegiate athletics Allen was also part of the basketball staff, football player, and played baseball contest. 

Besides playing history, Allen got married to Christy Greene. He was a great family man. He always prioritizes his family and wife. Frank considered the assistance of Allen Green remarkable. It was the reason that a tribute was dedicated to Allen Green at the end of the movie. 

The theatrical cut of 142 minutes in Shawshank redemption inspired the audience. But, unfortunately, the movie could not earn a handsome or record-breaking amount.

Allen Greene helped frank Darabont to get rights to the film. Frank met with Stephen King-the, the writer of Novella.

After many meetings and discussions, Frank succeeded in getting copyrights of the novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. 

Allen Greene Photography

Allen Greene was fond of taking pictures and holding the camera. You can judge his fondness with that he used to work with the camera in school life.

Allen Greene Photography

During his school life, he used to make videos and pictures of his friends and school events. It was his passion for the film industry that pushed him to work behind the camera. 

In high school, he learned photography techniques by operating his camera. He has a professional athletic career. Besides, he did not quit his engagement with camera in-camera life.

He actively worked on many film projects. Frank considered him his best assistance as a director of the movie “Shawshank Redemption.”

Final Words about Allen Greene

The movie Shawshank redemption urged the audience to hold on to their breath. The movie’s plot and the scenario were prison-based.

The story moves around a banker who was accused of committing murder. Andy Dufresne was innocent, and the murderer was someone else. He was sentenced to jail.

Andy was charged with a crime he never committed. But he learned intellectually how to survive in jail. Red Redding is the narrator of the story and becomes an intimate friend with Andy in prison. 

The story moves around many themes. One is hope and determination. Everyone can get liberty if he or she is optimistic. Another theme is friendship.

You can break all walls and boundaries with unity and friendship bonding. Friendship gives rays of hope and life in miserable times. 

However, Frank Darabont’s Shawshank redemption was the true redemption of hope, success, freedom, and life. Allen Greene was the visionary agent of Frank.

Allen assisted Frank- the acclaimed director of the movie impressively. His remarkable contribution urged the director to add a tribute for Allen Greene at the movie’s end. 

Allen Greene had been fond of the operating camera in his school. He worked over many projects with Frank other than the Shawshank movie. The talented personality left the co-workers and director Frank in regret.

He died of HIV/ AIDS before the release of the film. Allen actively helped to fund and lobbying the movie. He passed away with distinct memories in the minds of the cast of the movie and his best friend, Frank Darabont.   

The industry still remembers him as a great filmmaker, professional, friend, and a part of the Shawshank Redemption. It is unfortunate that he was part of the Shawshank Redemption Movie but could not enjoy its success.

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