Angel Number 123 Meaning: Symbolism & Spiritual and Why You See It?

123 angel Number

Life is a set of complicated decisions that we have to make at certain times, whether we want to or not. But how are we supposed to acknowledge whether these decisions will benefit us? In this vast and utmost important quest of answers, the angels, the universe, and the divine creator are here for our help. Through different signs, they communicate with us to guide us to the righteous life path.

123 angel Number

One of the sources of divine guidance is the angel numbers. Each angel number has a specific meaning and a divine message. To understand these meanings, we must remain persistent and focused; only then can we listen to what the divine sources have for us on their plate.

What does Meanings Of Angel Number 123

Does number 123 popping everywhere your eyes go? This is not just a mere coincidence but a sign from your guardian angel. Through angel number 123, the divine energies are maneuvering you to achieve your ambitions and desires.

These aims may seem arduous and impossible, but you can achieve them through hard work, strong will, and determination. No matter how hard the circumstances are or how rough the time is, the angels want you to know that you are not alone. You have their full support, and they are your permanent partners in this life journey.

what does The Secret Influence of 123 Number

The 123 angel number is a sign of new beginnings in one’s life. It means that you must let go of your past and stop dwelling on the mistakes you made then. Now is the time to start a new chapter of life and leave the old one behind. You must live in the present to have better chances of success in your future. 

The influence of number 123 will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and work harder. Success is not a piece of cake; you cannot become victorious overnight. Give your profession the best you can and see the incredible opportunities running in your direction.

123 will lure out your leadership skills. Do not ignore them but embrace them. Being a leader means you must be confident enough to share your initiative and skills with other people. Don’t hesitate but keep this in mind that with your wisdom, you are making so many lives better and making companions. Life is a long journey, worst alone, but better with a partner. With a good and supporting company, it can become easy and more successful.

Facts About Number 123

123 Symbolism 

The symbolic meaning of 123 signifies the presence of divine help in your life. The angels want to bring to your attention that you have their complete guidance and assistance to lead a balanced, burden-free life. Tough decisions have to be made for positive outcomes. To motivate you for doing so, the divine beings are right here at your back.

The separate meaning of each number in 123 carries a powerful message. The number one example is new beginnings, authority, and self-confidence. The number two signifies the appearance of faith in divinity, firm belief in oneself, whereas number three is a symbol of communication and enthusiasm. When we combine these numbers, they become a source of empowerment and encouragement. 

Believe in Yourself 

123 is a sign from angels that the mettle to pass any difficult time in life resides within you. You are more capable and resilient than you think. The light to defeat the darkness dwells in your soul, but for that to shine, it must be found. You are the only one who can find that light, so stop ignoring your spirit. Forbid ascendency of immoral people in your life, saying no is normal, and getting rid of people who don’t deserve you is also okay.

New Beginnings 

Another angelic message 123 holds the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You have to leave the past behind and start living in the moment. Things had not turned out to be perfect back then, but they can turn out in your favor in this new era of your life with patience and focus. 

Refocus and Simplify  

123 also indicates that you are giving very little time to yourself. You might be the most caring person in the room who always thinks about the good for others. But do the people you look after and care too much for you in the same way? Angel 123 wants you to relax and start giving the same love and energy to yourself. Once you start focusing on yourself, you will know who your true companions are. 

Number 123 in Love & Relationship

Number 123 in Love & Relationship

In love 123 implies that you need to set your relationship straight. This means if you are in a very healthy and long-term relationship, you should now take this to the next chapter, get married, or start a family. But if you are hitting a rough road in your relationship, then you must give it up, think about love angel.

A soul mate is supposed to make your life easier and better, not to make it worse. So it is best to let go of a person whose path is different from yours. For singles, it means that soon they will meet their partner who will understand and appreciate them. They will finally meet the person who deserves them.

Confusingly, 123 occasionally means “I love you,” and the origin of this meaning is also unclear. When 123 means I love you, it is probably a misunderstanding of the term 143 (I Love You), which counts the number of letters in each word.

123 Angel number Soulmate 

the angelic message 123 carries for soulmates is that now is the perfect time to take a bold step in a relationship. This step can be either to get engaged, married, or start a family with your loved one. If you and your significant other are leading an amazing relationship, it is high time to take it to the next level.

A Breakdown Of Angel Number 123 In Numerology

Often people believe that the angel’s numbers are a repeated sequence of the same number like 111, 222, but the truth is every number can be a message from the divine realm. To understand the true meaning of angel number 123, we must look into each number separately.

The number one indicates the beginning of something new in your life. It is also a sign that now you are becoming self-reliant and grounded. 

Number two radiates the development of balance and harmony in life. And number three signifies abundance. When put together, they mean that you attain balance and harmony in your life if only you trust your guts.

When we add these three numbers that are 1+2+3, they make 6. In numerology, number 6 signifies helping others, being there for the family, and empathy. It also means that a change is needed and different daily life worries.

In simple words, you can achieve a harmonious and successful life if only you cut negative energies around you and focus on your journey.


Seeing 123 while in a relationship means that your guardian angel wants you to resolve certain matters with your soulmate. This effort is necessary to make the bond between you two even stronger. You must love yourself before you love others, and for that to happen, you need to take a break from all the things for a while. 123 for committed people means that some troubles are near, like a difficult conversation, etc., but if your connection is strong enough with the other person, there is nothing to worry about. Also, if you are a single person, 123 signifies the arrival of your soulmate shortly.

FAQ – 123 Angel Number

What to do when you see number 123?

Look into the deeper meaning behind 123 angel numbers. have faith in your abilities, and get rid of those who are only here to waste your time. These people are the second biggest obstacle in your way of success; the first one is the ignorance of your skills. Let go of your past, achieve harmony and stability, live in the present, and work hard for the future.

What does angel number 123 mean in the Bible?

The number 123 is a sign of the Holy Trinity in the Bible: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. If you study Psalm 123 (King James Version), you will receive a message to look for divinity in your life. It is a message from divine power that you will always be loved and supported no matter how bad the times.

What is special about the number 123

123 holds a special place in different terms. For instance, it is an emergency call number in Columbia. Aaron dies at the age of 123 in the book of numbers. It is also the Lucas number and eleventh number in the main cholla.

123 is a Lucas number. It is the eleventh member of the Mian-Chowla sequence. Along with 6, 123 is one of only two positive integers that is simultaneously two more than a perfect square and two less than a perfect cube (123 = 112 + 2 = 53 – 2).

What We Didn’t Know About 123

Firstly, you must stop worrying about everything in your life. Accept that you cannot have control over everything. Embrace your flaws and focus on your present ambitions.

Achieve balance and stability in your life, or else everything will go sideways. Lastly, let the new beginnings begin. Don’t despise the changes. A new chapter will bring new opportunities; these opportunities can make you prosperous with hard work and determination.

What We Didn't Know About 123


123 sends a clear message to the believers, stay put and focus on the greater good. Follow your gut and unveil your hidden talents. You have your guardian angel looking out for you, so there is nothing much to worry about also angel number 444, and angel number 555 are here for help

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