The Best Home Automation Technology

When it comes to home automation, it is important to find the best solutions. They shall comply with your aesthetic requirements. Technically, they shall be impeccable, too. This is a guarantee that your automated devices are going to serve you for ages.

And indeed, automation solutions aren’t cheap. Therefore, you want them to be perfect.

Finding readily made automated devices isn’t an easy task. However, with a miniature linear actuator, you can make many automated things for your home. Yep, we can state that a mini linear actuator is a perfect technology to automate just anything in your home.

The Kitchen Can Become Different with Actuators

Let’s start with your kitchen. It is not surprising that there, you do a lot of work. And there, your family spends a lot of time. All those tasks would be much easier though if you had all the devices to facilitate the daily kitchen routine.

If you have been dreaming about automating your kitchen but for now, you haven’t found space for the future food processor, slow cooker, coffee machine, or any other device, you can change it right now.

Fix lift columns in the kitchen cabinets. They can be purchased online from a reliable manufacturer. Once you receive them, just a couple of steps will be needed to enjoy their functionality at the full extent.

  • Choose a place for your lift column. Think where you would like to have your future device installed.
  • In the kitchen cabinet surface, make an opening sufficient for the device to pass.
  • In the cabinet, install the column.
  • On the column, fix the platform. The platform shall fit in the opening in the cabinet surface.
  • Finally, install the device on the platform. The opening can be closed with a specially made cap when the device is hidden.

Now, it is enough to push a button to make a device appear from the cabinet on its surface. After using the device, simply hide it in the cabinet with a push of a button.

How do you like it? There is no doubt that this simple to implement solution will change forever the way you use your kitchen.

Another amazing solution you will like is a lift kitchen rack. It is very easy to build. Get a mini actuator. Fix it behind a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. Attach a rack you like to the actuator movable side. It is ready. You can keep there smaller items that are always needed but you never have enough space for them:

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Spices
  • Smaller devices, etc.

Your Living Room Can Be Changed with Automation

Now, it is the turn of your living room. It can be changed just with a couple of improvements.

An automated TV lift – the one you have been dreaming about for ages. However, such devices aren’t cheap. A good one might cost you from approx. USD 500 and higher.

So, what about building one on your own? You might get a linear actuator and build a lift. It is more complicated but in the end, you save a significant sum of money.

Or you can get a lift system and install your TV just whenever you want:

  • You can hide it behind a furniture piece.
  • You can fix it in a nice cabinet and make the device lift and hide with a push of a button.
  • Finally, you can opt for a ceiling installation. You might need to hire an electrician if you don’t know the specifics of electric installations. But in the end, the ceiling-mounted TV lift is going to look just amazing.

Now, you can impress your friends and family members with a new TV lift.

Also, you can use actuators to automate panels in a bookcase and to change the environment whenever you feel like doing it. Or you can remake your traditional shelves into automatic ones and use that space that is normally either not used at all or one stores there unnecessary things.

Your Bedroom Can Be Used as a Storage Room, Too

Now, we move to the bedroom. If you have many things to store but there is not enough space, you will like the idea of organizing a storage space directly under your bed.

Do not worry, with a couple actuators, you can arrange the space to be used comfortably, indeed.

Fix two actuators to a support and to the bed frame in a way to make them lift the bed frame when in a retracted position and lower it to its normal place when in an extended position. Under the bed, you can install a storage box – the size can be bigger or smaller but it shall not exceed the size of your bed.

Do not worry that actuators may crash down on you in case electricity is off or they get broken. They have a special locking mechanism that will keep them in one place if something happens. So, you are safe. And such a big storage place for sure will accommodate the majority of things to be stored.

Now, you see that automation is affordable if you have some skills and wish to automate your home. Stop Judging the Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, and Not Boring Guide On How To Develop Smart Contracts On Ethereum.

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