Does Planet Fitness Charge a Cancellation Fee? Full Guide

Does Planet Fitness Charge a Cancellation Fee

Planet Fitness is a fitness company that operates a chain of fitness gyms all over the United States. Planet Fitness provided their customers with a great fitness platform on which they improve themselves with some membership cost. If you are a member of Planet Fitness then you enjoy all the facilities provided by Planet Fitness. And if you are not a member then just go to Planet Fitness gym and got a membership. Most people asked that Does Planet fitness charge a cancellation fee if quit their membership. So, this is a right place for you. 

In today’s blog, you will learn about the membership cancellation fee and other related topics. Keep reading to learn more on this site. 

Does planet fitness charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, Planet Fitness charges a cancellation membership. You must pay a $58 early membership cancellation charge if you decide to end your membership before the end of the contract period. One thing you must keep in mind that your cancellation is must be one week before your contract period end. And if you didn’t cancel it before that time, then You won’t get your money back for the annual charge.

If you haven’t any membership at Planet Fitness, then you do not have to pay a cancellation fee. 

How do you cancel your Planet Fitness Membership?

To cancel your Planet Fitness Membership, you have to do some steps:

  • First, go to your nearby Planet Fitness location and request for the front club of the location to give you a membership cancellation form. 
  • Or you will also write a letter to your club requesting cancellation. 
  • You have to Give 30 days’ notice if you want to cancel your subscription.

Note: Your membership is not canceled by Email or phone. The Planet Fitness contact number for Planet Fitness is (844) 880-7180. You cannot call them, just asked them the method of Planet Fitness membership cancellation. If you are dissatisfied with your Planet Fitness facility then tell them about your cancellation. 

Is it difficult to cancel a Planet Fitness membership?

No, it is not difficult to work at all. It is a little bit tricky. Just put your phone and call customer service of Planet fitness and asked him the reason for your cancellation. Now go to a club and take a cancellation form. Fill it out and now wait for some days for your cancellation. 

Is it Possible to Freeze My Planet Fitness Membership?

Yes it is possible. If you have a Planet Fitness membership but wants to freeze it instead of cancellation. Customers have two options for freezing their fitness memberships: they either go to the location in person or send a certified letter to freeze their membership. 

Your membership is frozen just in case of some medical condition. Because you cannot go to the gym for workouts. The gym may generally take a while to validate your frozen request. Your frozen request is just for three month periods, after that time you have to pay for your membership. 

Does any impact your credit if you don’t pay your gym membership?

Simply yes. It has a negative impact on your credit score, if you do not pay your membersip fee. And your collection is send to your credit card account.

How can I lower my membership level?

Visit your club so that the staff there can reduce your membership. If your contract hasn’t expired, no worries—you can buy it out with a $99 payment.

How to cancel a PF membership by Letter?

You can cancel your Planet Fitness membership by a letter doing some steps:

Write a letter to the club Cancellation, and add some fields like

  • Name
  • birth date
  • Address
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Planet Fitness Membership ID
  • Your credit card’ last four digit number
  • Your signature

Also, write a reason for your cancellation. Now send this letter to your Planet Fitness nearby address.

How do you cancel a Planet Fitness membership with the DoNotPay app?

  • Start the DoNotPay application on your browser.
  • Find Hidden Money by clicking it.
  • The service you wish to cancel like “Planet Fitness,” add it. 
  • You will receive a cancellation mail soon. 


Planet fitness charges a cancellation fee if you have a contract with them. To cancel your membership, just go to the PF location and fill out a cancellation form. Hope so above information helps you clarify the questions that are fluttering in your mind. 

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