Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna Steam Room? (Full Guide)

does planet fitness have a Sauna Steam Room?
does planet fitness have a Sauna Steam Room?

Planet Fitness is the biggest club franchise in the world. It operates thousands of clubs all over the United States. Planet fitness With more than 20 years of experience in the fitness club business, today it operates a network of upscale health clubs throughout South Africa. It is very popular because of its low membership and luxury equipped items in its gyms. 

Fitness is a place where anybody is welcome and can move at their own pace. And everyone comes here due to its friendly atmosphere and affordable membership fee. Steam rooms are frequently seen in spas or gyms, and they have a specific function to improve the health and happiness of users.

It is the most frequently asked question that Does Planet Fitness has Sauna steam rooms in their clubs? So in today’s post, you will read about that. 

does planet fitness have a sauna steam room?

Before going to the topic, first, you must know what are Sauna Steam rooms.

Sauna steam rooms are heated with the help of generators filled with boiled water. People use hot sauna steam rooms for relaxing and to treat specific medical issues. They may often be found at spas or gyms. Additionally, sauna steam therapy has been found to lower blood pressure, improve heart health issues, and help in the repairing of broken skin tissue caused by different wounds like ulcers. 

Coming to our topic, Does Planet Fitness have a sauna steam room?

Unfortunately no, Planet Fitness hasn’t sauna steam rooms.Even though building, operating, and maintaining a sauna costs a lot of money, Planet Fitness works on that project to build sauna rooms in their fitness clubs. 

One main weakness of Planet Fitness is that it costs a low membership cost and if they build Sauna rooms, basketball courts, or swimming pools in their clubs, then its membership cost is high and it lacks popularity in different clubs according to their membership fee.

What Facilities Does Planet Fitness Have?

Planet Fitness offers different facilities to its members. Some facilities are available according to their membership level and some are for black card members. 


The majority of Planet Fitness sites will offer lounge chairs and Hydro massage beds. Hydro massagers, as the name suggests, use water to stimulate the body. These devices are excellent for massaging the body after exercise and for relieving sore muscles. 

Black Card members are the only ones who have access to the Hydromassage equipment. Whole-body improvements including less stress, fewer muscular aches, and better sleep are possible due to these massage chairs. 

Tanning and Booth facilities

Members of Planet Fitness’ Black Card get access to the facility’s tanning beds and booths. The equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Their tanning sessions are set to 15 minutes. 

Black Card membership

Your monthly membership dues will still be less than $30 even if you choose a Black Card membership, which is cheaper than most. And fortunately, they didn’t have any extra cost. A black card membership comes with several benefits and advantages.

Access to any Planet Fitness Club

With the Black card from Planet Fitness, you may go to any fitness club or any location at any time. You make use of the facilities offered by health clubs throughout the country.

24/7 Open

They are 24 hours open because busy and scheduled people are free at late night or on weekends. So this very good facility for that ones. 

Guest Availability

You can bring a guest with you at any time at Planet Fitness clubs whether they have a membership or not. You get the company of your partner and easily get tips from them. 

Membership level of Planet Fitness:

Level 1:

Black Card membership -No commitment

  • Startup Fee (One Person) (PF Black Card) costs $1.00
  • Monthly Dues (One Person) (PF Black Card) costs $22.99
  • Annual Fee (One Person) (PF Black Card) costs $39.00
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person) (PF Black Card) costs $0.00

Level 2:

Classic -12 Month Commitment

  • Startup Fee (One Person) (Classic) costs $10.00
  • Monthly Dues (One Person) (Classic) costs $10.00
  • Annual Fee (One Person) (Classic) costs $39.00
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Classic) costs $0.00

No Commitment -Cancel Anytime!

  • Startup Fee (One Person) (No Commitment) costs $15.00
  • Monthly Dues (One Person) (No Commitment) costs $15.00
  • Annual Fee (One Person) (No Commitment) costs $39.00
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person) (No Commitment) costs $0.00

Why there are no Sauna Steam rooms in Planet Fitness Clubs?

Sauna is costly to build

They are very expensive to build because it takes a lot of money to construct, run, and maintain a sauna. For that rooms, Planet fitness must have free workers to clean the rooms, because they must be cleaned before and after workouts or use. 

And Planet Fitness’s first task is for everyone easily get access to their gyms by providing low membership. 

Unisex saunas are not Allowed

In the United States, Unisex Saunas are likely to be illegal. And constructing sauna rooms for Males and females separately is too costly. The financial resources of Planet Fitness prohibit it from reaching this area.

Operating Cost 

Operating costs are a major issue as well. Saunas and steam rooms must also be cleaned every 30 minutes because they tend to collect a lot of dirt and other debris. The majority of Planet Fitness facilities only employ one maintenance work every shift. So it is expensive and costly. 

Does Planet Fitness Worth Off?

A Planet Fitness membership is not necessary if you are just starting or you are a beginner. And if you want membership in planet fitness, then it is your choice to continue with a black card 

membership or with classic membership. 

Powerlifters, CrossFitters, and anyone with more than 3-6 months of training experience shouldn’t use this gym. It has severe rules about lifting weights and is lacking in key items of strength equipment. Most individuals would benefit from joining a different gym because of this. 

Why do we consider Planet Fitness?

  • Clean and Spacious facilities
  • Judgment free zone
  • Tons of equipment
  • Friendly and disciplined staff
  • Free fitness training
  • 24 hours opening


Planet Fitness is the best and most popular gym because of its low-cost membership. Planet Fitness’s main goal is to create a special environment where anybody feels comfortable with equipment or workout. I hope the above information is very helpful for you. Feel free to ask any questions that are fluttering in your mind. We are happy to help you.

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