What does ‘FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending’ mean? (Explained 2022)

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending
FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

What does mean by “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending”

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending means that FedEx is doing everything in its capacity to guarantee that your parcel reaches its ultimate destination as soon as humanly possible. Your package gets delayed due to the uncertain circumstances along the logistical chain in FedEx. Sometimes, your shipped box may wait for reasons entirely out of the control of the folks at FedEx (inclement weather always throws a monkey wrench into things).

FedEx customer service will constantly update the delivery commitment status. You may see FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending messages for 24 hours to 48 hours. Remember to check the tracking updates every couple of hours to see what changes have been made. The good news is that your package is almost at its destination; however, it is not yet out for delivery.

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How long is FedEx pending? What should i do?

A Pending Shipment indicates a shipment record saved to be processed later. It permits you to enter your shipment information and print the shipping label when your bundle is ready to be shipped.

Pending Shipments will expire ten days after creating the shipment or the future date you picked out while making the shipment. However, it cannot save Pending Shipments for FedEx Express Freight shipments, return shipments, or shipments that have been scheduled for pickup.

FedEx will not charge for Pending Shipments if you do not process the shipment and print the label. You can save almost 100 shipments at a time. You can process and print your Pending Shipment labels at any time.

  • The shipping label prints today’s date if you choose a Pending Shipment with a past date or today’s date.
  • The shipping label prints the future date if you select a Pending Shipment with a future date.

To display a reminder that you have Pending Shipments each time you log in or log out to FedEx Ship Manager, you can select Remind Me to Print Pending Shipments in the Complete your Shipment section on the Preferences screen.

Create a Pending Shipment

  1. Go for Create a Shipment from the Prepare Shipment tab on your screen.
  2. Enter the complete shipment information to save a Pending Shipment for processing later today or at a future date.
  3. Click Save for Later in the Complete Your Shipment section. Now, this shipment is held in your Pending Shipment log.

View Pending Shipments

  1. Choose View Pending Shipments from the Prepare Shipment tab on the screen.

Search Pending Shipments

  1. Enter the search criteria in the Search Text Box to search the pending shipments.
  2. Choose the column to search from the drop-down menu. The pending shipments that satisfy your search criteria will display in the table.

Sort the Pending Shipment Table

  1. To sort the Pending Shipments in ascending or descending order, you must choose a corresponding column header.

Cancel Pending Shipments

  1. Select the row(s) and click Delete to cancel one or more Pending Shipments.

If you want to cancel all Pending Shipments, choose the checkbox header in the checkbox column to select all shipments at once and click Delete.

Why does my FedEx package say no Scheduled delivery date?

The No Schedules Delivery date indicates that your package is still new in the logistic backend most of the time. But, there are multiple reasons that FedEx might be telling you that your delivery date is unavailable.

As a matter of fact, FedEx handles millions upon millions of packages every single day. Every one of those packages will get scanned into the system, and they will get scanned multiple times as they move along their journey.

If your package is brand-new in the system (you only just dropped it off, or you’ve only just been told it is preparing for shipment), your tracking information might not have been updated yet.

Most people get this message simply because the tracking information for the parcel has been created, but the package isn’t yet delivered. FedEx has it prepared and has the information ready to go, but since your package hasn’t moved through any logistical steps, they aren’t sure when your package will arrive.

The good news is that even if your tracking information shows “no scheduled delivery date available at this time,” it will be updated in due time. It’s very rare indeed for FedEx to continue displaying this kind of alert as your parcel starts to move through the delivery chain.

Why has the FedEx Express delivery changed ‘scheduled’ to ‘delivery pending’?

When delays in deliveries happen, it means that the shipping courier company is processing them. FedEx uses this status to begin its logistic functions to get a parcel from the location to the intended destination.

Although FedEx says Scheduled Delivery for a package is there a chance it ll arrive earlier

There’s always a chance. Keep checking the tracking status updates. You can sign up for the notifications. 

Sometimes, for reasons such as lighter than expected volume, the delivery guy will take packages due the next day. Sometimes if a sector is out of the way, and someone nearby has a parcel due that day, they may take yours along, with the intention that they don’t have to make the same trip the next day.

FAQ – FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

What does it mean that shipping is pending and through FedEx?

The message Pending Shipment indicates that your shipping method is almost completed and is in the warehouse, labeled, and ready to go. 

FedEx provides a shipment facility with an automated system. They are using USPS to manage the “last mile” of delivery. It means that FedEx conveys it through their transport from the origin to the post office before actual delivery to your doorstep.

Then they give it to your post office and deliver it the next day. FedEx is usually under no legal responsibility to make their assured delivery date.

So if you have a detailed specific contract, then say to them otherwise you will have to wait. You can also use FedEx Delivery Manager’s access or visit the FedEx store to take the most up-to-date tracking info regarding your package.

Why does my scheduled delivery say pending?

The shipping status “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” means that FedEx is doing everything in its capacity to ensure that your parcel reaches the delivery destination as soon as humanly possible. Your package gets delayed due to the administration issues along the logistical chain in FedEx. Sometimes, your shipped box may wait for reasons entirely out of the control of the folks at FedEx (inclement weather always throws a monkey wrench into things).

When you get a “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” message, check the time delivery track record again and again until it hasn’t changed into the “Package is Out for Delivery” message. It may continue for 1-2 business days until the package starts moving for the original delivery.

Are FedEx estimated delivery times accurate

People have different opinions about the delivery timeline at FedEx. Normally, the package delivery hours are + or – within one day, except for the holiday season or Saturday & Sunday when your package delivery is generally not made.

How likely is it that my package is actually out for delivery

A common status message Out For Delivery means that your package is out in the vehicle for the delivery process. Of course, certain things happened to delay it until the next day. But for the most part, you’ll receive the parcel on the same day.

Concisely, if you see delivery status Out for Delivery, it shows that your package will be delivered on the same day. The only thing that will prevent it from being delivered is route problems that would stop all the delivery vehicles.

What does it mean when a Shipment is Pending?

As you know, a Pending Shipment is a record-saved shipment that is to be processed later. Pending shipment is an ordering procedure completion. It permits you to enter your shipment info ahead of time & print the labels when the packages are ready to be dispatched.

With this message, you are assured that your package is now in a warehouse and labeled for dispatching. When it’s scanned, the order status is changed to ship. Being packaged and only waiting to be shipped out. The delivery of all shipments is as per their standard transfer time and is called awaiting delivery scan.

How accurate is FedEx Scheduled delivery Time?

This question has mixed responses. While the delivery time of FedEx has been accurate for some or others, the experience was not good. FedEx is frequently unable to deliver the packages in the scheduled time, and the sorting facility gets poorer during the holiday rush.

Priority shipping clients also face many issues. Moreover, the driver’s route also has an important part in defining the exact delivery time. The historical timeline for an individual package is 1, 2, or 3-5 business days, while international packages may take a couple of days for the package acceptance and delivery.

How long does a Pending shipment Take?

 It all depends on your selection of shipping options. The pending shipment will reach the destination between 3-5 days. 

Can I Track My Order?

You can easily view your expected departure time in My Account on the delivery day. Your driver will call you within 30 minutes before his arrival. If you do not receive your order items in person, you can select to have the transfer left unattended during your checkout.

What Items Can I Have Delivered?

Most in-store & in-stock items are fit for home or job place delivery, including:
Doors and Windows
In-Stock Cabinets
Laminate Flooring
Pavers and Step Stones
Pressure Treated Wood & Decking
Riding Mowers

Overall – FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

Concisely speaking, you cannot track down any one particular cause for the pending status of your package delivery; there can be numerous internal issues for such alterations:

  • It implies that your package is at the station. It is awaiting its turn to get scanned into a vehicle and then dispatched to the approximate location.
  • It can also face some issues while in transit. It can be a flight or vehicle delay. It can also face hold-ups in transit with the trucks. That is one of the most foreseeable reasons for not delivering the packages on time. 
  • It can also be because of some weather hindrances on the day of delivery. If the climatic conditions are not suitable, it won’t be possible to deliver it.
  • Most importantly, because most areas worldwide are under quarantine, many routes have been suspended indefinitely. If this is the case, the package will be delivered as soon as things get back to normal.

Always remember that the FedEx tracking system is automated. So when the shipment misses the estimated time, it is automatically changed to ‘pending.’ FedEx is under no legal obligation to meet its promised date. How many stamps do I need to send a letter.

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