Naruto Series – How does Neji Hyuga Die?

What Episode does Neji die?
What Episode does Neji die?

How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto Series?

When Neji Hyuga was introduced to people, many weren’t dazzled with the supposed genius. The Byakugan wielder was haughty to a limit, and his feeling of prevalence had fans supporting Naruto over the person’s deck. It was solely after the knuckle-headed ninja beat some sense into Neji during the Chunin Exams that people started to see the Hygua’s beguiling side. However, he fell off stylish; Neji started to fix his relationship with his cousin Hinata and turned into a jounin ninja before a large portion of his confidants. 

Thus, when Neji was the main member from the Konoha 11 to die, people were left stunned. The fan-most loved skilled ninja decided to give his life for both Hinata and Naruto during the Fourth Great Ninja War when he took a Ten-Tails assault to the back. Neji was mortally injured after he safeguarded Hinata from debris, and which was intended for Naruto. He formed a human shield, and the two ninjas were shocked by the occasion. Naruto put forth a valiant effort to keep Neji alive, yet the last option had acknowledged his destiny and died while Hinata cried over him. 

Assuming you have asked why Neji was killed off, you are not alone. Fortunately, the maker of Naruto Uzumaki has clarified why he felt the passing was essential. Before the arrival of The Last: Naruto, the Movie, Masashi Kishimoto clarified that Neji’s death was an instrument he used to carry Hinata nearer to Naruto. 

Who killed Neji in Naruto? 

The Ten-Tails’ attack quickly becomes excessively various, and Neji and Hiashi should split away to shield other Allies from the Ten-Tails as well. 

, the ten-tail fires a few wooden spikes shots at Naruto in their absence, which Hinata utilizes her body to protect him from. Neji shows up on schedule to secure her like this with his own body to save her life at risk.

Naruto requires a doctor, yet Neji acknowledges the way that he cannot be saved. He falls over Naruto’s shoulder and tells him not to place his life in danger later on, as he is currently answerable for some different lives along with his own, one of which is Hinatas. As Neji watches Hinata sob for him, Neji reacts because Naruto once considered him a genius. Neji passes on in the death scene. His death was one of the shocking deaths. Ten-tails killed Neji. 


Neji Hyuga had thick eyebrows and long dim hair, normally portrayed as dark brown in the anime. He does not have fair skin. To some extent, one, her hair arrived at the center of her back and was tied a couple of crawls over the end in a loose ponytail, while two straps connected to a more modest headband under her ninja temple defender outline the sides of his face. 

To some degree, he disposed of those straps and let his hair, which is no more, outline his face, all things being equal. His hair emerged from the pigtail when he showed up with the remainder of his faction to ensure Naruto during the Fourth Shinobi War. Like the remainder of his family, he had an exceptionally light complexion. 

He had the renowned Byakugan, which, when initiated, animates the veins and corridors promptly around his eyes to stand apart more obviously. In the anime, her eyes are portrayed with a slight color of lavender. 

In the next part, Neji wore a dark temple defender noticeably on his brow. He wore a white shirt, under which he wore a matte blue shirt with covering, dark brown shorts, blue shinobi shoes. He likewise had gauzes folded over his right arm, chest, and right leg. 

In the other part, Neji dumped the applications and wore more traditional Hyga-type dresses: a white shirt with wide sleeves, shut on the right shoulder, with a zipper on the right piece of the chest, pants coordinating, a dark naval force dark cover tied around the waist and dark shinobi shoes. 

It could conceivably have been to work with the execution of his methods or represent his warm relationship with his group. Neji generally conveyed a huge dark and tan drawstring pack, which he assumed control behind him. During the Fourth Shinobi War, he wears the standard Konohagakure outfit with tactical armor and the Alliance front-facing defender 

Special Abilities

From early on, Neji Hyugas’s abilities as a characteristic virtuoso were obvious because he was the major player. Even considering the high requests of the Hyuga faction. His dad accepted that Neji’s ability could permit him to outshine the wide range of various Hyuga. Furthermore, the third databook says he did it by the time of section two. 

Outside of his group, Neji moved on from the Ninja Academy at the highest point of his group, which persuaded Rock Lee that Neji was the strong competitor in the Chūnin Exams of the initial segment. 

Even though he was not advanced after finishing those tests, he was the main Konoha 11 to turn into a joint during the time skip, while the vast majority of the others figured out how to accomplish the position of Chunin. Indeed, even in chaotic circumstances, he was, for the most part, quiet, a quality that Tsunade said made him a decent leader.

So Kishimoto killed Neji. Why? 

Leading not in that scene. You previously had the passing of a different cast of characters. Possibly not as large as Neji; however, they were as yet significant. They were essential to the conflict than Neji as it were. Kishimoto didn’t kill Neji. He was about to save naruto from the attack. It was an accident, but later on, the writer has described his death to make Hinata closer to naruto.

Additionally, would call to attention that Neji merited a preferable death over that. This great shinobi got brought somewhere near a branch. Not in some epic one-on-one fight but rather a branch because Hinata committed an idiotic error and an imbecilic error. One can trust this reveals some insight into things. 

Why do people blame Neji’s death on Hinata?

Why do people blame Neji's death on Hinata?

Hinata assumes the fault for Neji’s passing because of a meeting by Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto. He obtrusively brings up that he killed off Neji to open up a chance for a contacting scene to be held among Naruto and Hinata. 

So Neji died, so it could appear to be more useful than Naruto and Hinata wound up together because until that point, he had done very little to foster an association between the two characters past Naruto protecting her honor years past in the Chunin Exams and afterward Hinata announcing that she cherished him in the fieriness of the Pein fight.

It demonstrated significantly superfluous because of The Last appearance us that Naruto disregarded Hinata generally after the conflict and the impetus for them experiencing passionate feelings for was something irrelevant to Neji, however assuming you ask the creator, he will say that Neji did truth be told they bite the dust for Hinata. 

With a decent fanbase disliking Naruto X, disliking Hinatas character, or simply appreciating Neji more than Hinata, this is viewed as a legitimate motivation to despise Hinata. Hence they fault the passing of a seemingly fascinating person Neji on Hinata. Excerpt from the Interview Transcript 

On Neji’s demise, Kobayashi remarks that there were numerous losses during the conflict. However, he was astonished by regard to Neji and asked Kishimoto for what valid reason picked him. Kishimoto clarifies that since he chose to make Hinata the courageous lead woman some time back, he utilized Neji’s passing to unite her and Naruto. 

He proceeds to clarify that even though there is the scene where she rises to Pain, he needed to make an opening for Naruto to intentionally understand that she is close by and express gratitude toward her for that, so he utilized Neji’s death. Kishimoto says that Neji assumed the job of cupid for the two of them in this manner.

From the start, Neji was displayed as an individual, the person of fixed believes, and one can never transform it. It was a direct result of the revile imprint and his dad’s demise he reached that resolution. However, during the Chuunin exams, naruto discredited him and caused him to comprehend that one changed his destiny. 

Neji is a genius by birth, he was a captive to the branch house, yet he outperformed each Hyuga part coming from a side branch, as it were. Naruto anime referenced that revile mark is put to secure the primary family without wanting to regardless of whether it implies forfeiting their own lives. 

Presently since Neji has found the reality of his dad’s demise through his uncle, who said that his dad picked the passing of his own will, Neji at long last left his resentment against the principal branch which he believed that his dad was killed forcibly, in any case, I need to inquire as to whether his uncle is so kind of Neji or side branch why didn’t he eliminate the seal. Alright, let’s say there is no chance of eliminating it whenever it is put. 

Continuing, Neji kicks the bucket, ensuring Hinata, which many have referenced as a powerless assault to bite the dust; however, Kishimoto referenced he killed Neji to bring Naruto and Hinata closer.

Seriously Neji’s death was so Pathetic in many ways. Why? 

He passed on securing Hinata, the fundamental branch part. Regardless of whether he passed on at his own will, like once his dad did, it was as yet lamentable. 

It resembled showing regardless of the amount you accept you can make your destiny, in possession of revile mark you are as yet going to forfeit your life for the primary family, you might call it the opportunity of your own will or not, it is something very similar, your end is the demise by forfeiting for the principle family. 

Indeed, many individuals contend that Neji forfeited his life at his own will and is currently free like a bird. Kicking the bucket at a young age and having’s even done anything for the side branch, you kill off a person to advance a romantic tale which could likewise be advanced in numerous alternate ways yet show the finish of Neji with a bird flying in the sky holds no significance. 

It could be wistful outwardly with exchanges, however, looking at this logically. Eventually, it never changed destiny, and it needed to pass on for the primary branch part. Presently you might say it as killed as a sibling and a companion; those are simply words for you to fulfill his demise so the fans won’t feel terrible. Yet, he is dead; he is gone, the same thing that occurred as he once told naruto in Chunin tests. 

What might be great if Neji isn’t dead, you might say it had affected naruto’s inspiration in battle? It had importance for naruto. 

During the conflict, even Itachi, Tsunade, and Raikage have guided naruto that he will have the help of his shinobi and doesn’t need to battle alone or feel remorseful for people group’s lives forfeiting for him. And still, after all that, Obito said a couple of words to naruto’s losses, and he lost his certainty, and Neji needed to be killed to bring it back.

Was Neji’s death necessary or not?

Whether Neji was kept alive, they might have shown his person how he quit putting the revile seal as a side branch part. 

He had his own family and got away from destiny by trusting what naruto once said in Chuunin exams. It could be displayed as the legend methods of the Hyuga family, and you might have accomplished everything if you didn’t kill him. 

Why did they kill off Neji? 

Assuming you have asked why Neji was killed off, you are not alone. Fortunately, the Naruto franchise has clarified why he felt the passing was important. … Indeed, Kishimoto clarified that he had decided to make Hinata a main courageous woman in Naruto for a while back. Neji’s death carried her nearer to Naruto. Neji’s death in episode 364 of Naruto wasn’t his last appearance.

What are the side Effects of Death? 

After his sibling, Neji, forfeited, we need to ask what Hinata added to the Hyuga family instead of Neji. They showed anything in Boruto till now. All Hinata is demonstrated to be a decent spouse. In particular, I intend to have her as a person to be a decent wife that Neji was killed, and it was unimportant. 

What Episode does Neji die in Anime? 

Neji died in Episode 364 of the Naruto Shippuden Anime Series. He forfeited his life while saving Naruto and Hinata from 10 Tails.

What Episode does Neji die in Anime? 

What Chapter Does Neji Die in Manga? 

As Neji Hyuga is a Naruto fan top pick, killing him off was certifiably not an exceptionally famous move with the anime’s being a fan. Neji’s death is in episode 364 and chapter 614 of Naruto. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, Neji death was so Hinata could wed naruto, regardless of how often we close his passing like a bird getting away from an enclosure or free selection of his own because he was living a life of servitude, regardless of the amount you put sweet explanations for this, the truth of the matter is same. His passing is a similar destiny he once anticipated. Neji died as a branch family and couldn’t get the opportunity to change the unethical laws. Over time we have seen lots of deaths in naruto. Also read why did kakashi kil jin and how old kakashi.

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