How Long Does It Take to Get a Tan Safely in the Sun?

How long does it take to get a tan safety? Here I’ve explained the answer of this query. So, read the whole article.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Tan

How Long Does It Take to Get a Tan Safely [How to Tan Fast]?

Tanning can be achieved faster in multiple ways. It also depends on what time is faster for you. You can get a nice tan under the sun if you stay there for a few hours.

It also depends on your skin color, if your skin color is on the darker slide then the tanning will be a quick matter for you. However, if you have a natural light skin color then you will have to wait for a few hours.

Tanning under the sun exposure is safe if you use the right amount of SPF otherwise there is risk of sunburn.

Another way to get a tan is getting it done at the tanning center on a bed. It would take roughly 2-3 sessions to achieve a nice tan through that.

How long does it take to get a tan Outside?

Tanning outside depends on different factors. If you have a sort of darker complexion, then tanning will be much faster than white skin. The skin with more melanin will be nicely tan in two to three hours.

If you are a person with a light skin tone, then you might need to take a holiday and spend a few days at the beach to get the tan you wish for or use some bronzing lotions.

You can get tan in your own backyard too but there are certain factors that affect the sensitive skin.

At a beach, the sun rays are perfect for tanning but on higher altitudes, the sun rays are so harsh that they can burn your skin.

So choose a nice space and give some time to your body in the sun and you will have a nice tan or choose cool showers to avoid dead skin.

How long does it take to tan safely in the sun?

It revolves around where you are trying to get tan or brown skin.

If you live at a high altitude, then you should not even try to get tan in the sun because your skin damage chances raises and most probably you get burned.

However, if you live in a humid environment where there is a lot of sunlight then you lie down in the sun every day for a few hours and you will have tan skin in 3 to 4 days.

You need to apply SPF as per type of skin before lying under any sort of sun rays. Direct sun rays can harm your skin. With SPF anywhere around 30 to 100, you can get tan safely in the sun but necessary to choose right time of day.

What About in A Tanning Bed and How to prepare for your tanning bed session?

A tanning bed is a convenient option to acquire tan shade on your skin.

It does not require you to lie under the scorching heat of the sun but you need to prepare your skin for a tanning bed. Your skin should be clean and moisturized.

Tanning beds do not work well on dry skin. Remove all the extra hair that can disturb the tanning in light-skinned people.

Take a bath and exfoliate the whole body before you go to your tanning bed session. Make sure when they apply tanning lotion, you do not have any other makeup product on you.

The better you prepare for the tanning bed session the better results will be shown in minimum sessions without using solar radiation.

How long does it take to get a spray tan?

The spray tan will give you results after around 12 to 14 hours. This is the time it would take to develop tan on your skin by avoiding damaging effects.

How long does it take to get a spray tan?

So you have to wait for this much time after getting the spray tan done or use body scrubs. Although you can hardly mess up spray tan it is better to prepare your skin before you go.

Do not take a hot shower after using self-tanning products because it will open the pores on your body.

The spray tan will end up giving you brown dots in summer season that will stay for around a week until the pores settle down. So, with perfectly prepared skin, your tan will be fully developed in a day and you can flaunt it.

How Long Does It take to Get a Tan with self-tanners?

Self-tanners are not too difficult. You can apply a self-tanner or tanning products on your whole body and it will show you the result in six to twelve hours.

You need to let it stay on your skin for these hours. The results can be better if you take a cold bath and exfoliate your skin.

The time of tanning can be increased or decreased according to the natural skin color or type of tanning as per skin. Another thing that can affect tanning is your skin condition.

If it is dry, then you might need to wait for more. It is advised to keep your skin hydrated before you go for any skin tanning procedure.

What is the best alternative for self-tanners?

You can try other skin tanning methods, for example, bronzers. Bronzers are the quickest fix to achieve tanning for a short while especially for fairer skin types.

You can use serums too to get the face tan. This is the thing with alternatives that with alternatives you cannot get a full body tan and you have to settle for face, legs, and arms tan.

Bronzers are amazing if you want to go tan for an event or want to compliment a dress with a nice tan complexion to all fairer skin types.

You can use bronzer while doing the makeup. If you do not want to use any product, then the best alternative is to tan in the sun. it would not cost you anything and with applying sunscreen you can avoid burns too.

How long does it take to get a tan naturally? And when will it fade?

You can get a delightful tan by lying under the sun for a few hours every day depending on your natural skin color or fairer skin types.

If you have a darker skin tone, then you might be able to achieve an amazing tan in a few hours too. It is all up to the melanin level in your skin.

The naturally achieved tan would stay on your fair skin for a good 10 to 15 days. After this period, your skin starts to exfoliate itself and removes the outer thin layer.

So you will start to see the fading of natural tan after around ten days. You can enjoy your most vacation with the tan on.

Natural tan is good if you do it at a nice altitude that does not burn your skin or cause dead skin cells.

How Many Times Do You Have to Indoor Tan Before You Get Color?

It would roughly take three to five sessions at a good tanning space before you get the required tanning. The final results of indoor tanning also rely on your skin color or darker skin types you are looking for.

You need to take this into account while expecting results.

Another factor that plays a role in the number of sessions is the bulbs used for tanning. If the center is using high voltage bulbs for UV rays, then the sessions can be fewer.

A lot of indoor tanning centers take your opinion on what tanning bed you want and how many sessions you want to take for tanning.

With low voltage tanning bulbs, your tanning session will increase. Low voltage bulbs with more sessions are better if you have light skin because more UV rays can easily burn your skin or cause dead skin cells.

Is indoor tanning a smart idea or worth it?

Indoor tanning is a good idea for skin health if you want to get the tanning done in a place where you do not get good sun.

Is indoor tanning a smart idea

All you need is to find a good tanning salon. There are few things to look for before you get the tanning done. For example, the experience of staff and hygiene of the place.

Also the quality of equipment matters too. Do proper research and if everything is fine then you are good to go, procedure safety for healthy skin.

Not everyone can go to the beach for a tan and the sun is also a luxury in certain regions so it is perfectly fine to sign up for indoor tanning. It would cost money but the results will be totally worth the experience of lighter skin.

Tanning risks and other Factors that influence tanning

Tanning is highly influenced by the melanin level in the skin. People with more melanin take a small time.

There are certain risks in getting the tanning done, for example, sunburns. Indoor tanning places do the tanning in a controlled environment to lessen the risk factor.

Your skin condition also induces tanning. If you have dry skin, then there is more chance of burns and slow tanning as per layer of skin. Hot showers before tanning can also impact the tanning in the wrong way.

A hot shower will open the pores in your body which will cause uneven tanning and if you are doing it under the sun then you can get acne problems too. moreover, there are high risk of skin cancer with having encounter with wrong procedure. 

FAQs about How Long Does It Take to Get a Tan?

How do you choose a tanning salon?

Choose a tanning salon based on these conditions.
All of these are very important things to look for. You need to give a visit to the tanning salon before you sign up for a session. Check their sanitation conditions and the products they will be using on you according to the shade of skin color .

What is the tanning process and Can I get a tan after one session?

Tanning salon staff will apply tanning lotion all over your body and you will be asked to lie down in the tanning bed.

After that, the bed will be closed and you will stay in there for a few minutes.

The results after one session depending on average time, your natural skin color and the voltage of the bulbs used in the tanning bed.

How often should I tan and When shouldn’t I tan

Every tanning session has average time of 3 to 4 days between them.

Once you have achieved the tan after completing the session, you have to maintain the tan.

For maintenance, keep tanning every once or twice a week as per skin layers.

If you are on any medication, then ask your doctor or a pharmacist about the safety of tanning during that medication. Few medicines can cause reactions during tanning period of time so it is a necessary precaution.

How many minutes should I tan the first time?

The first tanning session should not be with maximum time of six to ten minutes. After this session, you will have to stay to observe if your skin shows any reaction to the tanning.

Do not insist on a long first tanning session to get a tan quickly then average time because it can be harmful to you. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Sunburn?

Give your skin a rest. Do not go out with degree of exposure in the sun at all before the sunburn settles. Also, use natural methods first to deal with it.

Aloe Vera is a good solution to soothe sunburn. Take a cold shower or drink plenty of water. You can also use a cold compress on severely sunburned areas.

What are the proper procedures for a long lasting tan?

Here are a few steps you should follow to achieve a proper and long lasting tan.
Keep your skin hydrated
Take cold baths
Exfoliate your skin properly

After following this routine, you need to lie down in the sun for a reasonable amount of time or sign up with a tanning salon.

This will help you have a nice long lasting tan. make sure to not do it quickly but also consider session per week for best results.

Can I tan in the nude and Do you still get tan if you wear sunscreen?

Yes, you can tan nude but you need to slowly expose the sensitive areas to avoid any reaction.

Slowly remove clothes from the unexposed areas and give less time than other bodies.

Sunscreen would slow the tanning process but it surely will protect skin against harmful impacts. It is better to apply sunscreen and wait longer than getting burned with hot water.

Can you tan in 30 minutes and Can you get a tan in 2 days?

You can get tan in couple of minutes like 30 minutes under the sun if you have a dark skin tone.

However, if you have a light skin complexion then if you lie down under the sun for a few hours or two days you can get some tan.

If you get the tanning done from an indoor place, then it will be controlled and would take more days. but in case of the brown complexion consider the proper procedures to avoid skin burn.  

What do UV Index and tanning have in common?

The UV index of a place will decide how much time you can safely spend in the sun.

You should always check the UV index from the proper tanning procedures of the region before you go out in the sun for tanning.

For example, the UV rays have a clear environment on the higher altitudes and they can burn your skin. So it is not suggested to tan there or to follow 20-minute procedure.

How long does it take to get a tan if you’re pale?

The tanning time will be more for a pale skin tone or less for dark complexion.

Although, you can get a tan in the sun and the tanning bed, you need to take a lot of precautions.

Pale skin is very prone to sunburn, so make sure you have hydrated skin and apply good sunscreen before you expose yourself.

Do you tan faster in water or laying out?

Tanning is possible underwater but the rays will take more time. Hence underwater tanning is a slower process than laying out on the beach or poolside.

Laying outside in the sea will give you much faster results depending on your natural skin complexion. However, if you are fine with slow tanning then you can spend all the time in the water and enjoy tanning too.


The time duration of tanning relies on the method, proper procedures and skin type.

Tanning does not work the same way for everyone. it requires special care and protection with the use of special soaps. It will help to overcome premature aging or keep the skin safe from dead cells, damage.

Tanning in the Sun: If you have dark skin then you can get tan in less than an hour in the sun with tricky procedure. However, if you are a person of light complexion then it would take a few hours every day to achieve the tan with intense heat.

Then there are other factors that can impact the time of tanning. For example, the health, hydration of the skin and summer heat or intense heat. Hydrated skin will get a better tan than dry skin. You should also apply sunscreen before exposing yourself to the harmful UV radiations.

Indoor Tanning: it is done in a controlled environment with balance UV radiation and there are much fewer harmful UV radiation impacts. But it comes with more time.

At an indoor tanning place optimal protection is required, you will need to take 3 to 5 sessions with UV radiation. It will be slow and much more effective to tan in direct sunlight. It would start with a session of 5 to 10 minutes and then gradually increase up to 15-minute bath.

Your skin would be tested for any harmful effects reactions and if everything remains fine, you will get the proper tan in a few more sessions with complete guide of is ddosing illegal? The products to apply to the body to keep epidermis layer healthy will also be suggested by the salon. You may also like to read about can you freeze cottage cheese?

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