How Many Watts Does a TV Use? Explained (2022)

how many watts does a tv use

How Many Watts Does a TV Use? Here I’ve described all kinds of TV power assumptions according to specifications briefly.

how mant watts does a tv use
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How Many Watts Does a TV Use?

The number of watts consume by a TV depends on the hours it is in operation, screen size, and type of the TV.

In general, a TV is energy efficient and requires 50 to 70 watts to use the TV in routine. 

Electricity Use by TV Types, Technologies, and Power Consumption

It is observed that for centuries TV is a source of entertainment, displaying events and multiple other programs.

Multiple TV types are now available in the market and fulfill customer demand or as per preferences.

Technological innovation brings a change in people’s lives, with the innovation requires a power supply for consumption.

Here are the TV types and possible sources of electricity used by them for the operations:

Plasma TV 

The plasma screens works on the mode of the energy consumption produce through the plasma gas.

It will ensure the photons are released and travel through the path to show the picture over the screen.

In Plasma TV, plasma is gas travel and a source of conducting electricity or energy star. 


LCD Screens panel are getting popular; it works through the tiny light particulars comes in red, blue and green color.

The particles are responsible for the color picture display.

LCDs consume a minimal amount of electricity in the shape of electrons, making them energy efficient with respect to energy costs.       


LED is based on the light bulb made of LED that consumes a small amount of electricity and works effectively.

It consumes less electricity and costs less over the pocket that can check on energy consumption label.

The overall picture quality will stand well with the minimum use of energy.

Smart TV 

The Smart TV is one of the advanced development that provides the best entertainment facility.

However, it requires a connection with the internet for smooth operations.

Moreover, it is energy efficient, making it reasonable to consume energy perfectly with an electricity usage monitor.

Off-the-Grid: How Many Watts Does a TV Use?

In the standby position, most of the TV uses less than 5 watts of electricity.

If we talk about the widespread usage or utilization of the screen size, almost 32-inch screen is common among society.

It is because of the cost, lightweight interface, and energy efficiency.

The watts’ usage depends on the TV type and features it has or offers specifications like display, colors, or more.

The standard TV consumes almost 30 to 55 watts. 

How to find Your TV’s Actual Wattage and How to Power TV in Emergency?

In an emergency, it is essential to find out the actual consumption that TV consumes for the operations.

It is already mentioned over the package that how much a device uses energy for the processes.

The user can check the wattage mention over the box and multiply it with the number of hours the TV is in operation.

After that, divide the amount by the 1,000 watts/hour; it will help to lead you towards the cost incurred per day to run the TV power in an emergency. 

For example, the TV consumes almost 100W for 2 hours, then the

100 W x 2 hours = 200 W-hours 

200 Watt/1000 = .2 kWh

If the electricity cost $ 0.10 per kWh, then the cost is around 0.2 x $ 0.10 = $0.02  

TV Electricity Use and Vampire Energy

Vampire energy also refers to the energy used by the appliances and electronic devices in operation in the home.

It is also referring as the standby energy or power consumes by the electronics hours per day.

Whenever we switch off the appliances like TV and other they are at standby position and at that time still consuming some amount of electricity that refers the Vampire power energy.  

How Many Watts Does a TV Use When It’s Off?

When the appliances are off, they still consume some amount of energy or electricity.

Like the TV are at the standby modes usually have energy usage of 2.25% or 5% or the power.

So, if we calculated the amount in Watts, it is around 5 watts or less than that in a year.

No doubt it is not much but consider a loss to the appliances.

So, I suggested unplugging the home appliances once they are not in use. 

Factors That Affect TV Electricity Consumption?

According to the energy institutions, it is reported that some factors influence electricity consumption.

Here are the top factors that affect TV electricity consumption:

Demand – the one factor that influences electricity is the consumption demand.

Due to the various factor like economic and social changes the demand varies and bring change in consumption. 

Supply – supply of electricity is another impact that affects consumption.

The supply comes from the sources like coal, gas, and oil that use for the production of renewable energy.  

Weather influence – changes in the weather bring a massive change in the consumption of electricity—the weather influence the production of electricity, it’s pricing, and much more.  

Financial impact – the financial structure changes like the energy prices, transportation, supplies, and the costing will affect the overall consumption and cost of the electricity.    

Government policies – government policies and changes in the prices of fuel influence consumption. It changes the demand and supply of electricity. 

Gas storage or supplies – the change in the supply rates like the cost of gas, coal, and other sources that use to produce the electricity. 

Does Leaving a TV on Standby Use Much Electricity?

When you leave the device on standby, it will consume almost 2.5% to 5% of the electricity.

Moreover, it is hard to measure when it comes to evaluating the total amount of electricity waste by putting the TV on standby. 

How to Stop Your TV From Using Energy When It’s Not Used

It is essential to understand that the TV consumes power and electricity when it is not in use.

According to the electricity provider, on standby, even the TV consumes electricity and much more.

So, important to reduce consumption and avoid waste by putting the TV off when not in use.

In addition, it will help to keep the device safe and secure the power or electricity.  

Energy Efficiency Tips for Your TV and Examples of Popular TVs and Their Watt Usage

While using the TV, people face the only concern about the screen, its usage, and watt consumed by the electric device.

Here are some tips that will help to reduce the energy consumption on TV usage: Choose the brightness adjustment setting 

Shut off the TV by plugging out the power bar use the energy-saving mode that will save electricity. 

Check the electricity usage and energy consumption while choosing the TV. Use the standby mode that reduces electricity consumption.

Moreover, it is suggested to use the TV type that consumes less power, like the LED, LCD, or smart TV.

This is because they are the latest and helps a lot in saving electricity.    

How Many Watts does a Flat Screen TV use, and How much Electricity does a PC use in the USA

When it comes to measuring the electricity use by the flat-screen TV, almost 80 to 400 watts’ electricity is consumed in routine.

On the other hand, if we talk about the electricity use by the PC or TV, it is obvious that the TV consumes less energy and electricity than the PC or other screen type.  

In the USA, PC standard PC usually uses around 100watts, and this consumption is equal to 0.1kWh.

How many Solar Panels do You Need to binge Your Favorite TV Shows?

Solar panels are in series and provide complete support to utilize solar energy to generate and consume electricity that is an efficient power model.

how many solar panel you need to run tv

If you want to run your favorite TV show over the screen, then essential to look for the best solar panel size.

To run the TV, you need to install almost 200 watts’ electricity potential solar panel.

The solar panel that produces nearly 300 watts is enough to watch your favorite TV show; it will support the TV in the running for almost 7 to 8 hours.  

FAQs: How Many Watts Does a TV Use?

How many Kilowatts Per Hour of Power Does a TV use?

The electricity consumed by the TV depends on the type of TV.

For example, if you have 24 inches TV, it consumes almost 40 to 50 watts in a day.

For 32 inches TV, the consumption raises to 50 to 70 watts.

how many killowatts a tv use in two hours

How much Solar Energy is Required to Watch your Favorite shows?

If you want to install the solar panel to run the TV, the panel of almost 300 watts provides the best support to enjoy your favorite TV shows. 

How Many Watts does a 32 inch LED TV use, and How many Watts does a 45 inch TV use?

TV with different sizes and screen display technology consume different electricity levels in watts.

In general, 32-inches TV consumes almost 18 watts of electricity. Moreover, 45-inches TV consumes 31 to 35watts of electricity. 

Do big screen TVs use a lot of Electricity , and How many Watts does a 55 inch LED TV use?

Yes, TV with big screen sizes indeed consumes more electricity because of resolution, features, and screen display.

The 55-inches screen size of the TV consumes almost 60 to 90 watts.

These models are famous for the clear and big screen that create home theater effect.

Do TVs use a lot of Electricity, and How To Know Your Television Wattage?

People consider that a new TV consumes more electricity at the start while running.

You can learn more about the wattage that the TV consumes.

It is easier to calculate the amount of electricity consumed by the TV through the multiplication of the electricity bill with the number of hours that the TV in operation.   

How to Calculate the Amount of Energy used by each Appliance?

To calculate the amount of energy consumed by appliances in a day, you can use the formula.

It is multiplying wattage with the machines use per hour in a day and divide it by 1000. 

how to calculate the amount of energy used by each appliance

TV Power Consumption and How many Watts does a 12v TV use?

When it comes to using the TV with the 12v battery, it requires almost 30amps to run.

Therefore, it is considered that the 12v TV consumes less electricity, but on the other hand, it requires nearly 12watts. 

How many Watts does a TV use on a Generator?

It is safe to use the generator to run the TV but make sure to use the almost 1000-watt generator to make the TV in operation.

How many Watts does a LED TV use, and How many Watts does a Laptop use.

In the case of the LED TV, almost 40 to 60 watts’ electricity is required; it depends on type and size of screen.

On the other hand the laptop consumes 50 watts on average to run smoothly.

How much Electricity does a TV use in a Day?

In a day, Tv requires almost 60 watts to 150 watts of electricity for the operation. It depends on the power, screen size, and features. Moreover, the average hour’s TV is in operation for a day.

Conclusion – How Many Watts Does a TV Use?

The watts utilize by the TV are dependent on multiple factors.

It includes the type of the TV, model, screen size, and features as well.

Generally, the new TV with a large screen size consumes more electricity due to the wide display and other features.

New appliances like LED, LCD, smart TV, and Plasma TV options are more efficient in energy consumption than the flat screen traditional TV.

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