How to Choose a Wedding Concept in 2022

How to Choose a Wedding Concept?
How to Choose a Wedding Concept?

How to Choose a Wedding Concept?

Admire other couples’ weddings? Do you not understand how the lovers managed to make them so astonishing and integral? How to find an idea and implement it so that the guests say “Aw”? We decided to tell about choosing a wedding concept and implementing it in reality so that the celebration looks like a magazine cover.

Decide What Story You Want to Tell

Do not create a wedding from a set of generally accepted traditions and clichés. Think about what celebration will reflect you as a couple and what will be “alien,” not yours. To do this, together with your bride from Ladadate — date brides online give answers to the questions:

● What does each of you like? What are your hobbies and what do you love to do?

● What are you and the bride dreaming of?

● How would you describe the relationship in your couple?

After answering:

  1. Decide which of these will form the basis of the wedding concept.
  2. Do not choose an idea or detail for a celebration just because it is in vogue.
  3. If both like the city and want to escape from outdoor recreation as soon as possible, do not arrange a rustic wedding in a country cottage.

Or, for instance, if the bride and groom are dreamers, the celebration should be appropriate for them.

How You See Your Wedding

Think about what kind of event you want to organize. What should it be? How will you describe it in a few years? What do you remember? And how will it remain in the memory of your close ones? Do not be afraid to dream because you can always implement incredible ideas at first glance. The main thing is to realize your ideas so that they are ad rem, looks stylish and unusual. In this case, a thoroughly chosen team will play a key role since their imagination and hands will do all the work for you.

Personalize Your Chosen Wedding Concept

Having decided on what the celebration will be like, do not try to adhere to the idea strictly, but do everything to make it yours. Everything should tell you — from the chosen venue to the smallest detail. Even a themed wedding can be different from others with the same theme. For instance, at an Alice in Wonderland wedding, you can use several recognizable details for the decoration and fairytale characters at the welcome — the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. The rest of the celebration can tell the couple’s story, carefully weaving the chosen theme into it. Even at the ceremony, the Red Queen can act as a interior designer.

Personalize Your Chosen Wedding Concept

The Right Team to Choose

Implementing a wedding concept requires professionals, the right venue, and attention to detail. Choose your team carefully — a wedding planner, decorator, photographer, master of ceremonies, and other key people. Look for people who think outside the box and have their signature style. They will be ready to implement all your ideas. Also find out how to respond hey.

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