How to Respond to Lol: Ultimate Guide (2022)

How to Respond to Lol
How to Respond to Lol

What Does the Meaning of LOL? 

 Lol represents laughing out loud or laughing uncontrollably. The abbreviation came during the 1980s, and by 1993 it had a setup used in early types of electronic conversations.

The maker, Wayne Pearson, invented the term during the 1980s and the expression became well known in messaging society since it’s a quick method for passing on a feeling. Lol has lost a portion of its edge throughout the year in the long term. At the point when people use it today, hardly anybody expects that they laugh out loud. It is bound to show a smile or small delight.

As a rule, messaging lol isn’t powerful. It can send a dry conversation considerably further to its death, similar to the two people in the discussion beneath: What does it mean when a girl responds with Lol or Haha? When you get a single word message like lol or haha, you may quickly imagine that implies she’s losing interest in you. (

Lol is an abbreviation of laugh-out-loud. It tends to be utilized as an interposition and an action word.

How to Respond to LOL in a Text? 

Essentially, LOL’s reaction will rely upon the meaning of this slang shortened form appropriate in a specific message and discussion. Since a straightforward LOL expression might have lots of various meanings behind it, one can think that it is somewhat difficult to find out which one of them should be utilized in a specific circumstance!

 So how to respond to somebody saying LOL to you in a text message? A fitting reaction to LOL should consistently hang upon the setting of your discussion, just as on the history of your messages. For example, assuming the individual you are messaging with the will, in general, utilize LOL habitually (like practically in each sentence!), then, at that point, there is no requirement for you to reach further. In any case, assuming this is not true, you should inquire whether everything is okay.

LOL, back to them 

It is totally fine to do this, assuming your past visit was generally fun and simple. For this situation, sending haha back to an individual will show the person in question that you find something comical too! As an elective choice, you might utilize an old-fashioned hahaha as well. Such answer will keep up the light tone of your visit and show your conversationalist that you share their energy. 

Send an emoji accordingly in response.

 It won’t be considered impolite since today, and emojis are a non-replaceable piece of any text discussion on the Internet. It means sending an emoji in response. Also, this is a practical choice for people who are worn out on consistent composing! Also, let’s not disregard their cute plans that will make your visit more customized!

Try to change the subject.

Your discussion can go bad sometimes, particularly if you see that a person on the opposite side of the screen set aside a serious long effort to answer with that, LOL. What will you do in such a case? You will move the subject and won’t cause the individual to feel guilty or uncomfortable.

End the discussion or conversation.

Indeed, in some cases, this can be the main way out. Particularly assuming you feel that the tone of your discussion is getting increasingly tense, and your answers are turning to threaten. For this situation, the ideal decision is to end it okay there with no regret. What would you be able to say to complete the harmful discussion courteously yet firmly? Snatch these ideas to make the conversation comfortable.

For example:

  • Unfortunately, we want to stop this visit. A debt of gratitude is for your time.
  • I think things are going excessively far for my comfort. I will see you sometime later.
  • Hello, I’m going to be occupied. See you sometime later.


That might sound like not the very polite method of finishing the discussion, however in some cases, this is the main conceivable method for receiving in return to stop a boring chat. Now and again, people you are visiting with are not worth your time, so in any case, if you feel like your conversation is going no place, end it not too far off. Try not to respond. Try not to answer. Just leave the page.

Always Consider Who you are Talking to 

Is it a dear friend, a relative, or your associate from work? Like this, you will realize whether composing LOL is a standard method of messaging for this person. The composing style might change, and in case you see that your friend unexpectedly changes from laughs to hahaha, it may be valuable to find out if everything is okay to start new conversation topics.

Look Back at Your Previous Conversations 

 Assuming you realize the composing style of this person from A to Z, you will know without a doubt where that LOL came from! Be that as it may, by and large, each piece of your conversation and context matters when you are attempting to unravel your actual conversation feelings.

Did you make a joke? Is it accurate to say that you were looking at something entertaining? Or then again, perhaps your visit transformed into something abnormal? Peruse your reactions and see what could make that LOL show up.

Study on How the Phrase is written 

LOL is defined as an interjection by the OED”. It is used chiefly in electronic conversations, to simply draw attention to a joke, or to show amusement”. It is both “LOL” where all the letters are pronounced separately. However, it is also normally “LOL,” where it is pronounced as a simple word.

What Does Context matter When Responding to LOL? 

 As we have referenced, the setting of your discussion implies a ton when concluding how to answer to LOL in an instant message. A similar word might have entirely unexpected implications relying upon the given setting! There are people out there who truly use LOL, yet additionally, there are the people who use it to show their hardness in literal meaning.

It is why we propose you consider a couple of variables that will assist you with clarifying the importance of LOL in your specific case. Also what is anchor text.

FAQ – Meaning of LOL

Why Do People Say LOL

People use it today, and there is hardly something to be laughing out loud. It is more likely to indicate a cute smile or slight delight.

How to Respond to LOL from a Guy? 

Have you at any point puzzled over whether your haha answer relies upon who is sending this message to you? For example, will that LOL come from a person? Will your reaction was not the same as assuming a girl sends it? For example, if a person says today was lol, it in all probability implies that the day sucked; however, he is laughing at it. Then again, LOL from a guy might mean he is messing or joking with a remark. Also, it might have the exacting importance of him laughing uncontrollably with something!

So relying upon what was going on with your last visit, your answer can change from a grinning emoji accordingly (if you are looking at something entertaining) to inquiring as to whether his LOL implies he had an awful day or something to that effect.

How to Reply to LOL from a Girl? 

Young ladies or girls use LOL in their messages generally to show that they track down your message interestingly positively. However, how would you react to it? Will you proceed with the discussion? Or, on the other hand, is it she who should keep it going? To realize how to answer a LOL from a young lady, perceive how she utilizes this expression or the chat command.

Assuming that she is sending you laughs and isn’t associated with your visit, then, at that point, she is likely not keen on talking a lot. For this situation, you could inquire as to whether all is well.

Be that as it may, assuming her LOL is a reaction to your joke or something interesting you sent her, it’s alright if you make the discussion go further by fostering the point. Or, on the other hand, change the subject, assuming there is something else to examine.

How to Respond to LOL from a Guy? 

How to respond to who is this in a text message?  

Who is this?” its initial meaning is requesting that you recognize this person. “This” is a pointer word: you say it while highlighting a person.
The typical answer is “This is Judy” or “This is my mom,” not “It is.”

Here and there, “this” and “that” trade places. One individual might utilize one, and someone else utilizes the other, which means a similar person or thing. Both are pointer words. Answer the question.

Apple’s Tapback highlight permits clients to cover an approaching message, with their finger until it hacks up an alternate way menu of charming little images, each planned to some essential emotional response.

What does it mean when someone Responds with lol?

Assuming you send your crush an entertaining message or adorable image and react with a basic “lol,” that could be a sign. It shouldn’t imply that “lol” is a terrible reaction under all conditions. It simply implies your crush needed to compose something speedy, and it merits thinking about why.

Is LOL a conversation ender? 

 A great deal relies upon the setting of the message. Utilized haha as a way to, in reality, communicate humor, although this typically isn’t true.

Suppose they utilize it to end the discussion, embrace the way they present, and are not keen on talking with you. Try not to acknowledge that, therefore.

If someone replies to a text message with only a lol, how do you reply?

At long last, consider how that individual composed LOL. How they compose intensely affects the tone of their message and the literal answers.
A solitary haha with all lowercase could conceivably mean anything.

However, when you join that with a period, then, at that point, you realize something is off-base. You likewise don’t see individuals composing LOL with all covers that frequently. So in case you do run into somebody composing like that, odds are they may not joke about this.

Consolidating these three elements can give you a clearer image of whom you are managing. For something as basic as a 3-letter abbreviation, you’ll acknowledge exactly how complex its significance can be.

Fianl Words

It might appear that lol is anything but nothing to joke about, and we would not encourage you to take this shortening without any problem. Depending upon the setting of your discussion and your questioner’s character, just as yours, this expression might have unmistakable implications.

So to be certain that you will utilize this abbreviation effectively, settle on what means you provide for it in your instant messages. Compose LOL when answering an interesting joke that truly made you laugh.

You might utilize it with irony, yet provided that you are certain that your questioner will approve of that.

It is alright, assuming you use LOL to show to the person you are messaging that you are smiling right now at what the person in question said. For this situation, lol will mean your uplifting outlook and fun mindset.

At long last, lol is alright to be utilized as an indication of delight. Once more, you should be certain that someone else will comprehend that this is important! 

Try not to be relentless, hold fast to what they need, and make the discussion agreeable for both of you. Genuinely, it is more likely to use such short forms freely, if you are texting with a family member or a close friend please read this middle finger text art article too.

So now you have come to know a brief history of LOL acronym, and its significant meanings that people use nowadays in their texts. A brief guide is also provided, on how to use this expressions.

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