Planet Fitness Bench Press Bar Weight (Everything to know)

Planet Fitness is one of the largest American franchisors that operates thousands of fitness centers in the United States and all over the country. Members at Planet Fitness can use free weights, ellipticals, rowing machines, treadmills, and other types of gym equipment. Several machines for the arm, core, legs, stretches, and weights are available. They have a Smith machine bench press for larger weights.

Are you looking for what is the weight of a bench press in Planet fitness clubs? This is the right place for you. In today’s article, you will learn about the Planet fitness bench press bar weight and other related questions. Keep reading to learn more. 

planet fitness bench press bar weight

The Planet Fitness bench press bar weight is about 15 to 20 lbs. Some planet fitness clubs have bench press bar weights ranging from 30 to 35 lbs. Many factors impact the load you feel while unracking a smith machine bar. These factors include the bar’s size, weight, and kind, as well as the technology the smith machine uses to guide the bar.

When you go to the gym for a workout, and you don’t know which bench press has what weight, then check out the tags on the smith machine. This can help you to find out the weight you want. 

For a new beginner, you must be trained in lower weights and complete training with planet fitness staff because it sometimes injures untrained beginners during workouts. 

That’s not to suggest that beginners can’t use a bench press; it simply takes some getting used to the warm-up routine, getting used to the weight of the bar and picking up proper technique, as very well Fit explains.

Is there a Bench press at Planet Fitness?

Squat racks and free-weight bench presses are not available at Planet Fitness clubs. You can use smith machines to do workouts. 

The main reason Planet Fitness does not provide these free bench press weights is likely due to liability and insurance issues. When using a Smith machine, there is a far smaller risk of injury than when trying to bench press heavier weights.

Not having a bench press is like a weakness of planet fitness; it is not so popular in building muscles. The Smith machine has gained popularity among those who enjoy using weights to build muscle but are frightened by free weight lifting. They now have the chance to quickly and safely lift weights thanks to Smith machines.

Why is a bench not available at a planet fitness?

The main reason the bench is unavailable at Planet Fitness is due to insurance and liability. Planet Fitness wants their customers to come to their centers and become healthier, more robust and fit, not injured or getting hurt by their equipment. Sometimes the reason for the price difference is simply because their insurance coverage is a little more expensive because of the kind of equipment they have.

Gym owners must keep a close eye on several overhead costs, and insurance and liability are significant.

Is Lunk Alarm is suitable for everyone?

Not at all, luck alarm is annoying for bodybuilders at planet fitness. The goal of Planet Fitness is to offer a gym for people who prefer a calm environment in which to exercise. Because of this, they stay away from tools like punching bags and use the lunk alarm. If they hear or observe such noises while working out or lifting weights, some people could feel intimidated.

Is it preferable to work out at any other fitness center instead of PF?

Yes, a workout at any other fitness center is preferable in some conditions. You might want to avoid Planet Fitness if your goal is to build muscle and a particular amount of muscle exercises. Here, your options are pretty limited, and the bar weights are not pleasing.

What are the smith machine exercises?

There are four types of smith machine exercises:

1. Smith machine squats: 

The arms, pecs, core, hip flexors, and calves are worked during the Smith machine front squat in addition to the glutes and quads.

2. Smith machine shrugs: 

The Smith machine shrug is an exercise for the upper body that targets the traps. It is often done as part of a shoulder or trap-focused training session for moderate to high repetitions, such as 8 to 12 reps per set or higher.

3. Smith machine lunges:

A form of the lunge that is great for targeting the leg muscles is the Smith machine lunge. It is best for bodybuilders. 

4. Smith machine bench press:

This is the best machine for your workout. Developing your lifting talents safely and securely is possible with the smith machine bench press. Bench presses are excellent exercises because they give your triceps, shoulders, and chest a fantastic workout.

Do the chest press and bench press vary from one another?

The chest press is often done in a set movement pattern and with lesser weights. On the other hand, the bench press is often done in a free range of motion and with higher weights.

Are deadlifts permitted at Planet Fitness?

The standard barbell deadlift is not permitted at Planet Fitness. Fixed barbells and a smith machine are provided by Planet fitness. You may carry out both the smith machine and Romanian deadlifts with free weights.

Do you include the weight of the Smith machine bar?

It would be best if you counted the bar without the need for a doubt. You need to know the weight of the Smith machine bars to know precisely how much you are lifting because they can weigh anywhere from 6 to 40 lbs.

Is the Smith machine’s weight accurate?

The Smith machine is accurate weight, but it shouldn’t be compared to a barbell lift with free weights. The Smith machine will not create the same sense of load since the stability criteria are removed from the equation. However, if you want to use a Smith machine routinely, you’ll want to increase the weight gradually, so knowing your starting weight is essential for growth.

Does the Smith machine reduce the weight?

The weight is also reduced using the Smith machine. For instance, the typical barbell weighs 45 pounds; however, the Smith machine decreases the weight by 10, 15, or 20 pounds; the precise number is unknown.

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A variety of gym equipment can help you gain muscle. The bench press is probably the most well-liked equipment for assisting in the growth of upper body muscles. Hopefully, the above article is beneficial for you. If you have any other questions, feel free to put your queries in the comment box. Have a good day.

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