Sam’s Club Dress Code 2022 (Makeup, T-Shirts, Attire)

Sam’s Club Dress Code
Sam’s Club Dress Code

Sam’s Club has more than 600 warehouses nationwide and employs thousands of workers. With so many locations, the Sam’s Club is probably hiring close to you. However, you could have questions concerning Sam’s Club’s dress code before applying. There are some clothes you are allowed or not allowed to wear while working, just as in any other profession.

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Sam’s Club Dress Code In 2022

According to Sam's Club's dress code, the staff is permitted to wear denim or khaki slacks and shorts with a specific length. Employees may also wear hoodies and any type of footwear with closed toes. Employees are not allowed to have brightly colored hair dyed or to have facial piercings.

Does Sam’s Club Give You A Uniform?

Employees are permitted to dress however they feel most comfortable. It is quite lax compared to Sam’s Club’s rivals. But you get a tag with your name and a vest which is consider as your uniform when you work for Sam’s Club. The purpose of the Sam’s Club vests is to make personnel more noticeable to customers. You may wear any other clothing you like as long as it complies with the company’s dress code, in addition to the name tag and vest that are given to you.

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Can You Work At Sam’s Club While Wearing Shorts?

Sam’s Club staff can wear khaki shorts or jeans. But shorts must have a specific length. To stay calm and cool in the summer season during the work, Sam’s Club advises cart runners to wear shorts. Only management assistants and personnel handling food are prohibited from donning shorts on the job.

Is Colored Hair Allowed at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club gives its employees a lot of flexibility on what they want to wear at work. But they are still expected to present a professional image. Therefore, you are not allowed to tint your hair in any striking hues. Examples of these colors are pink, green, red, blue, and purple.

Can You Work At Sam’s Club While Wearing Hoodies?

Hoodies are acceptable during work according to Sam's Club's dress policy. Specifically, if your duty is in the freezer department or you need to work outside, you can wear hoodies. 

To maintain a harassment-free workplace, hoodies containing unpleasant or indecent graphics or statements are not permitted.

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Is It Legal To Pierce Your Face While Working At Sam’s Club?

The majority of facial piercings worn by staff are prohibited at Sam’s Club. But the management of your shop may allow you to wear specific styles of earrings. However, many of them forbid wearing earrings while working. 

Sam’s Club strictly prohibits other facial piercings such as lip, eyebrow, and nose piercings.

What Styles of Shoes Are Acceptable at Sam’s Club?

Employees are permitted to wear any style of closed-toe sneaker following Sam’s Club’s dress code. Sam’s Club forbids staff from wearing flats, heels, or sandals since they are dangerous to them.

You should wear closed-toe or non-slip sneakers if you work at the Sam’s Club Cafe. The reason is that the kitchen floor is slicker than the sales floor.

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Can You Work At Sam’s Club While Wearing Ripped Jeans?

Employees of Sam’s Club are not allowed to wear jeans with patches, jewel and sequin embellishments, or stains or discolorations of any kind. Furthermore, torn or torn jeans, as well as jeans with any ragged edges, are not allowed.

Does Sam’s Club Have A Specific Dress Code for Food Prep Associates?

Employees who have duty in food area at Sam’s Club must follow a different dress policy than those who have duties in the sales department. Employees at cafes are required to wear a different uniform because of the food. 

Sam’s Club strives to maintain its kitchens sanitary and germ-free. As a result, Cafe staff members are required to wear gloves, skid-resistant shoes, their hair pulled back and in a hairnet, as well as black jeans or pants.

Do Walmart and Sam’s Club employees adhere to the same dress code?

You might be asking if there are any distinctions between the two dress standards given that Walmart is Sam’s Club’s parent corporation.

Sam’s Club and Walmart often follow the same lax dress guidelines. But there are a few slight variations. For instance, Walmart staff members are allowed to wear baseball caps with the Walmart emblem and have facial piercings. But they cannot wear shorts while they are working.

Can Sam’s Club employees wear nail polish?

You won’t likely be told to take off your nail polish if you work as a cashier or on the sales floor. However, if you work in food preparation or service, you’ll be requested to take off your acrylic or nail polish. Also, acrylic nails will likely need to be removed for safety reasons from any positions that include lifting, stocking, or loading.

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What if I do not follow the dress code at Sam’s Club?

The management of each store decides what actions will be taken if a customer violates the dress code.

Is there a dress code for customers at Sam’s Club?

Customers at Sam's Club are not required to adhere to a dress code.


Sam’s Club has a permissive dress code compared to many other workplaces, providing their staff members discretion over what they choose to wear to work. Some associates may have slightly different dress codes, such as cafe workers or management jobs.

Typically, Sam’s Club wants you to wear jeans, a suitable t-shirt, and sneakers with closed-toe.

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