The Best 3 Pdf Compressing Tools For Free Conversion

The Best 3 Pdf Compressing Tools For Free Conversion

An excellent free pdf compressor will let you compress pdf files without any degradation to the quality and resolution of the pdf.

If you are looking for some free pdf compressors, then we have several options for you.

The best 3 pdf compressing tools for free conversion

You can utilize online compression tools for free to reduce pdf size or some desktop version of compression as pdf size reducer. 

Some best free pdf compressors are as follows:

Let’s start with one of the best picks for pdf compressor software. makes pdf compression simple and easy to use, featuring a familiar ribbon-style design.

This will be a breeze for you if you have ever utilized Microsoft Office software. 

Every task is simply a click away, as this is the best part of it. You can end any process you need, including pdf compression, with a few clicks.

You can find a number of features, including view, comment, edit, convert, share, form, protect, etc.

For example, you can arrange your pages by clicking on the pages section.

The pdf compressor tool lets you split, delete, merge pages and more functions.

Every other section is followed by the same intuitive design.

On top of all, is a reliable and affordable software for pdf compressors.

Three different pricing plans are there, including standard, pro and business.

The price is relatively less than Adobe Acrobat DC and other similar competitive software.

You, at a price you can easily afford, get a wholly-featured software to reduce pdf size.


Different features of involves:

  • Good reading experience with perfect functions of scrolling, zooming and loading pages. 
  • Modify and edit PDF content easily, as you are on a word processor.
  • Sign PDF with hand-written signature and digital signature. 
  • Create and convert PDF files to or from different popular formats.
  • Cooperate with other team members and accumulate feedback rapidly. 
  • Extract data and information easily PDF form fields. 
  • Secure your document with permission passwords, redaction areas and open passwords.
  • Execute OCR to generate a scanned PDF file searchable and editable.


  • One-click tasks.
  • Reasonable price.
  • PDF association member.
  • TrustRadius, is regarded as a top-rated document management system.
  • Intuitive and simple user interface.

Adobe Acrobat DC

The latest product by the company that created the PDF format, Adobe Acrobat DC, is the most completely-featured PDF compressor you can discover.

But the profusion of features sometimes can be dazzling. 

The PDF producer comes with a price but with a more or complete range of functionalities.

Adobe Acrobat DC is on the spectrum with a costlier end.

You have professional-level tools for converting, creating, managing, editing and viewing PDF files.

Some say the software is simple to use, and it also has an intuitive design. But two sides to the story are there.

Many of the users of Adobe Acrobat DC complain about the product’s complexity.

Adobe can assist you to customize your toolbars for unique features. You can set and dock them any way you need and want.

For example, you can make the product or tool simpler by hiding the functions you do not require anymore.

Touch-enabled functionality is another exceptional feature. This lets you get to mobile platforms through an easy approach.


  • Able to customize toolbars.
  • Highly versatile tool.
  • Perfect for accomplishing government tasks.
  • Touch-enabled features.


  • Difficult search function.
  • You might require moving to the original document for graphic modifications.
  • Sometimes overwhelming features.
  • High costs.

For secure and fast PDF solutions, Foxit is one of the leading software givers.

One of the most commonly utilized software, offers three pricing plans, including standard, education and business.

The education pricing plan is developed for education professionals and students.

Foxit Phantom lets you work securely and greatly improves work productivity with different forms and documents.

The multi-functional permits you to convert, create, view, edit and open PDF documents.

You get some advanced OCR and cloud like storage and all the standard functionalities. 

The ability to work with different documents simultaneously is one of the signature functions.

You can split pdfs into different tabs. To use the same font as the font of the original document, you can also utilize the font matching function.


  • Familiar interface and is easy to utilize.
  • Great sharing functions.
  • 41 languages supported
  • Capable of working with multiple files simultaneously. 


  • Impotence to get different footer and header.
  • OCR issues reports
  • You need to download the particular OCR module.
  • Outdated interface looking.

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