What is Title Tag ? How to Write SEO Optimized Title [Updated 2021]

Title Tag in SEO

The Title tag is like the title of your book, which tells about which type of content the book will contain. Simply it summarizes the entire content of a web page just in a single line.


The title tag is an HTML element that used to define the title of your web page. It plays an essential role in SEO because it helps the crawlers and users to find the exact thing they are searching for.

How to Declare the Title of a Web Page?

Html code to declare the title of a specific web page <head>< title>This is the title of my web page</title></head> the content inside the title tag will show as the title of your web page.

For Example, I am writing an article about Best Ice Cream in Boston then I give my web page as title Best Ice Cream in Boston | LSI Keywords | Brand Names.

Places where a Tag Appear

Result of web searching

Title Search Result

Social media posts

Title in Social media posts

Browser tabs

Title in Web Browser

Importance of Title Tag in SEO

Title tags are significant because they help readers that on the specific page they are clicking, have what type of information? So it is clear the ranking of your article based on the effectiveness of your title. Titles are essential for the search engines as the ranking of the particular page based on it,

Titles Tell All

For Example, I want to search for Digital Marketing when I type Digital Marketing Google will show the web pages having title Digital Marketing. So it turns out that the better your title, the better the Search engine results will be. If Google doesn’t like your title tag, it may change it, but it is the rare case, it also depends upon the content in your page.

Titles are significant because the real readers and professional people just read the title. After the content of the article, the title is another essential factor which improves the SEO (search engine optimization).

Formats of SEO Optimized Title

There are the most effective formats that helps to rank quickly:

  1. [Targeted Keyword] | [LSI Keyword] | [Brand Name]
  2. [Targeted Keyword]: [LSI Keyword] [Brand Name]
  3. [Targeted Keyword] – [LSI Keyword] | [Brand Name]
  4. [Targeted Keyword] | [LSI Keyword] [Brand Name]

You can use any of from above formats, Honestly i use only 1. and 2. method that worked for me. But you can use any one, all are legal formats and loved by Goolge.

Always use your primary keyword or targeted keyword of a page first in a title then use secondary keywords. Do not use keyword twice in a title it confuses Google and it will never shows your actual title on a search results.

Improve the Title Tags for Better SEO Practices?

  1. Length of Title
  2. Uniqueness in Title.
  3. Use of Action words 
  4. Avoid using of Stop words 
  5. Use of Keywords in Title 
  6. Eye-catching headings 
  7. The appearance of the title tag in Google

Length of Title

The range of your title must be between 50 to 60 characters. If your tittle tag has more than 60 characters, then Google may cut-off it from the middle. So keep avoiding too much lengthy titles. Too many lengthy titles are not good because the readers avoid clicking on these. Don’t write all capital letters in your title.

Uniqueness in Title

The words you are writing in your Title are Golden words, so please use powerful and unique names that are helpful for the users, and more and more users visit it. For Example, if you are generating an article on Marketing, you should have to write an attractive title of your title.

Don’t use Home, Profile as title name instead use the article name or your product name. The primary purpose of Unique Tile is to increase the Click Through Rate.

Use of Action Words

Always use action words for titles i.e. Get, Take, Best, Tip and like these words that seduce people to get click on the title.

For the titles as most people use these words for searching, it will increase your CTR. For Example, the name gets a keyword that shows that something is available at a fair price, etc.

Avoid to use Stop Words

Don’t use A, Was, The, So, and etc. Words like these in your titles as these words create confusion.

Use of Keywords

Use of Keywords

As it writes that the title tells about your page’s content, Use your primary keyword in your title. For Example, your page is about Animals feed; you should use title Animal food for better growth. So it is essential to use keywords in your title.

The Appearance of the Title Tag in Google

Title shows as Blue line in the Google Search Engine so makes this line easy for the user not too hard that the user cannot understand it and too much simple so that the crawlers ignore it.


The title tag is one of them many things that are part of an intuitive SEO program. The title tag is not essential information in terms of space, but working in context and interacting with all the other things on the same page and in concert with all the web pages can contribute to the success of getting more traffic.

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