How to get Pay Stubs from Walmart?

How to get Pay Stubs from Walmart

Walmart, a retail company, operates a series of the large-scale discount department store, supermarkets, and grocery shops. In addition to having an online store, Walmart runs over 10,500 locations throughout 24 nations.

How to get Pay Stubs from Walmart

Around the world, it employs 2.2 million people. It includes almost 1.6 million of those people working alone in the United States. So, the question “How can I get my Walmart Paystubs?” is one that employees frequently ask.

It may be challenging for Walmart to manage payroll and paystub data. But Walmart has set up a number of locations where you may get your pay stubs. Keep reading the article to know more about paystubs at Walmart.

How to get Pay Stubs from Walmart?

Your Walmart paystubs can be found in several locations. You can: 

  • Check your mail 
  • Speak with the payroll or HR department 
  • Or log in to WalmartOne. WalmartOne is a paystub site.

On payday, Walmart paystubs are often mailed or given to the employee. So, check your mail as soon as possible for your pay stubs. The Walmart Paystub Portal is the next place to check if you don’t have pay stubs.

Walmart Paystub Portal – WalmartOne – The Associate Money Network

The employee portal for Walmart store employees is called OneWalmart, formerly known as WalmartOne. It contains all the information you will require while working at Walmart. Personal data, pay stubs, time cards, and other data are included.

Here is the procedure to get a paystub from Walmart Paystub Portal:

  • Enter your Member ID and Password to log in at the Walmart One website. You can reset your password if you’ve lost it by getting in touch with your boss or the HR department. 
  • For your WalmartOne Account, you might need to set up a 2-step verification.
  • To access your paystub after logging in, choose My Money. 
  • You may view all of your payroll information on WalmartOne. 
  • Click the “Print Paycheck” or “Print PayStub” option to print your paystub.

Check Mail for Walmart Paystubs

Checking the mail is another technique to obtain Walmart paystubs. Paystubs are typically sent by the employer to the address on file.

If you have not gotten your pay stubs and your address has not been updated. Ensure that the organization has your most recent address. You will consequently get your future Walmart pay stubs on time.

If you have not received your pay stubs within 10 days, the first place to reach out is the Walmart HR department. In case of any discrepancy on the paystubs, you can also contact the payroll department.

Walmart Paystubs from HR Department

You could ask your manager or the human resources division for your paystubs if you didn’t receive them on time. You can call 1-800-925-6278 to get in touch with the HR division. On the other hand, you can also contact Walmart HR if you need help logging in to the Walmart Paystub interface online.

Below are the phone and email numbers for Walmart’s human resources division:

Walmart HR Department Contact Number: 1-800-925-6278 Walmart HR Department Email: Support Email (1-800-WALMART)

On Walmart’s help page, you may also find the department’s contact details.

How to get paystub from Walmart after quitting?

If applicable, speak with the representative of the Human Resources department of your prior employer. They will tell you who to contact for help, what procedures to take to get copies of some of your previous pay stubs, and how long it will take to process your request for copies of your payroll information.

How do I see my Walmart paystub?

You can see your paystubs online at Walmart One if you have a Walmart ID and password. If not, you might have to call or come in person to the Payroll Department to acquire your Walmart pay stub. 

By entering your Member ID and password on the WalmartOne portal, active employees can access their Walmart Paystubs. Go to the Financial Statement page and select Paystubs.

How to get Walmart pay stubs after termination?

Walmart may have already mailed your last paycheck and pay stubs to your home address or the last address you registered. You can get your termination check stubs online if you haven’t received your check yet. Click “Print Termination Paystub” after logging into the WalmartOne pay stub site online. Some of you don’t have access to WalmartOne to obtain your Walmart pay stubs. In this case, you can contact the payroll division.

How can I check my pay stub online for Walmart?

Using WalmartOne, you may check your pay stub online. With your Member ID and Password, you may log in. You can ask your manager for your member ID and password if you can’t find them. Alternatively, you can phone 1-800-925-6278 to get in touch with customer care.

How Do I Access My Walmart Paycheck Stubs?

Fortunately, Walmart employees now have quick and easy access to their pay stubs via the dedicated OneWalmart home page.

Users have the option to click on the paystub link once they have entered the OneWalmart home page. Users can access and print their most recent pay stubs from this page.

Users have access to all of their previous paycheck stubs, making it quick and easy to maintain track of their pay records.

How Do I Access My Paystub While I Am At Work?

Dedicated training rooms and personnel offices should be present in the majority of Walmart locations. The touchscreen computers that let you view your employee information via the OneWalmart homepage are accessible to Walmart employees in these areas.

In the event that this isn’t possible and you don’t have access to a computer at home, you should be able to speak with a manager or supervisor to obtain a printer copy of your pay stub.

Can I Get A PDF Of My Walmart Paycheck Stub?

You may very easily retrieve your paycheck as a PDF if you want to. You will have the opportunity to print your pay stub when logging into the OneWalmart portal from home.

You will also have the option to save the print as a PDF when you choose to print. To save the pay stub directly to your computer, you can select the PDF option.

How Else Can I Access My Paycheck Stubs?

You may access your employee information whenever or wherever you are using the exclusive OneWalmart smartphone app, which also allows you to access your pay stubs.

How do I check my hours worked at Walmart

Due to a dedicated app, you may download to your phone or access your schedule at the store, which displays your calendar for the next three weeks. In this way, you are able to calculate the total hours you work before you work them. All information about the time clock is readily available.

How to get a copy of a pay stub from Walmart

You can get your pay stub by simply visiting the OneWalmart website at

What is the website for ex-Walmart employees’ paystubs

As a former employee of Walmart, you are well aware that your information in the company database is deleted after a specific amount of time. It now depends on how soon after leaving your employer you require a paystub. Therefore, it’s conceivable that your data and credentials have not yet been deleted if you just resigned and then attempted to log onto Walmartone.

If you try this and are still unable to log into the portal, you should try another method to obtain your paystub.

As for the website, it is advised to use stubbuilder’s official website since it offers a free check stub generator online. Your paystub will be available for download in a few minutes after completing a few simple actions in this program.


Pay stubs are frequently used documents for an income. As a result, they must be available at all times. You can obtain your Walmart paystubs in a number of ways.

You should check the mail first because it typically arrives after payday. Ensure that the organization has your most recent address as well.

You can get in touch with your boss or Walmart HR if you haven’t received your paystubs within ten days.

However, we advise you to use the WalmartOne paystub web or app to access your pay stubs. Utilizing the WalmartOne app is a terrific method to handle other worker inquiries, examine your pay stub, and manage your benefits. The WalmartOne paystub mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

The HR division or your manager may need to be contacted directly if you were unable to use the Walmart paystub site or if you need help.

Sometimes you have no choice but to get in touch with HR. You can get assistance from the HR division as you proceed. They are there to assist, after all. Walmart College Program,

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