What does A Sword Fish Taste Like? (Explained)

What does A Sword Fish Taste Like
What does A Sword Fish Taste Like

Swordfish can be a good choice for those who have never eaten any fish. Its taste is mild and slightly sweet.

What Does A Sword Fish Taste Like?

A swordfish contains sweet flavored meat, which is very gentle. Swordfish meat is very moist and tender, along with sweetness. If you want to enjoy its meat, you may grill it or broil it, and it has no harm on your health and on its nutrients too.

There are all sorts of people who have never tried any fish. So if you haven’t ever tried fish meat, then Swordfish would be a great choice for them. It is not like the normal fish, which have a bad odor and savor. Instead of these, the swordfish meat is mild, sweet in taste, and pink in color, which is very pleasant to see. The pink meat turns beige after being cooked.

One of its significant features is its moisture. It remains very moist even after cooking, unlike other fishes, which become very hard. You can make traditional steak with its meat. Another feature of its meat is that its meat is very oily. One filet contains 30 percent oil, which is not present in other fishes, even in the same part.

So it’s a good choice for those who don’t like fish or have never eaten fish. So if you are a food lover and want to enjoy seafood, then Swordfish will be best for your tongue. 


The smell of Swordfish is not like other fishes. Its smell is clean and easy to bear.

If you got a stale fish, its smell would be like it in the dockyard, but if you get a fresh piece, its smell would more likely be from the ocean.


It has a very dense and moist texture. Its texture is mostly compared to beef steak. Swordfish would be a great choice for those who don’t like fish as their priority.

Basic Taste

Its basic taste is soft, more likely to be mild, and a bit sweet. When it is raw, its meat is white, pinkish, or maybe orangish. It turns beige after being cooked. Swordfish is considered the best tasty fish in the whole world because it can satisfy those who don’t like fish.

Cooking Techniques

The traditional cooking method is to fry it in a pan, i.e., pan-fry and some black pepper-like beefsteak.


It would be best to have a grill and black pepper to make a juicy and moist grilled swordfish steak. The fish will be well-browned from one side and pinkish from the inside. But it will be cooked by itself till it reaches the table to be eaten, so don’t worry. It will flake easily with a fork, and the firmness will remain.


Steaming is another option you can go for. So you can steam it easily. No oil is required to avoid any sticking. Cooking a 3-ounce filet could take time but not more than 5 minutes.


Swordfish is a chunky white fish. You can cook it in a variety of ways. Pan-frying it with simple parsley and lemon Swordfish are one of the chunkiest fishes. You can cook it in a whole variety. You may pan-fry it with some black pepper and parsley along with lemon, which tends to be very delicious. So frying a Swordfish thick piece would be a great thing to enjoy.

How to Know If a Sword Fish Has Gone Bad?

Knowing the quality of Swordfish, whether it has gone bad or still is good, then all you have to do is smell it and look at the condition. 

You can store fish for up to days in the coldest part of the refrigerator. You can wrap it up tightly and then store it in the freezer for more than 2 months.

After two days, you can toss the fish kept in the refrigerator. Raw meat can’t stay for long in the refrigerator, and it starts going bad really fast from the sell-by date.

So please search for the sell-by date and put it accordingly. If more than 2 days have passed after the selling date, you should throw the fish. You can add some black pepper and grill it.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Eating Sword Fish?

what are pros and con of eating sword fish


Swordfish are enriched with nutritional benefits. So here are some of them.

A Rich Source of protein and omega-3

It has been proved that Swordfish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is very good and an essential element for humans. Essential means that a body requires a good source of Omega-3.

It provides a great amount of such fatty acids, which are very important for human health. It’s one serving provides almost 1 to 2 grams of Omega-3.

Swordfish provides two essential Omega-3 fats, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Both are very important for one’s health and are found in this fish.

A Rare Natural Food Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that is very important for our bones, and it functions as a hormone in our body. You can obtain it from the sunlight, but Swordfish is another source of vitamin D. As we know, this fish has a high oil content, so we can use it in our diet to get Vitamin D.

Source of Selenium

Like vitamin d, Selenium is also an essential nutrient for our body. Swordfish can be a great source to obtain it, as it has a high concentration. Swordfish serves 78mcg of Selenium per serving, equal to 142 percent daily.

Selenium performs a lot of functions in the body. But the very important function is that it is important for the immune system and immune health.

There are enzymes known as selenoenzymes, which are dependent on Selenium and play a very important role in the human’s antioxidant system. 

Some Sword Fish Are High In Carotenoids

Carotenoids are pigments, usually occur in orange color. They are mostly found in salmon, fish, carrots, and sweet potatoes. It has been proven that carotenoid antioxidants are very important for health.

They are also important for the eyes’ health, as they protect them from harmful rays of the sun and protect skin from UV damage. It all depends on the diet and intake of swordfish meat, and it provides a good quantity of carotenoids.  


As we all know, if there are benefits of something, then there must be some drawbacks of that thing as well. So here are some of the drawbacks of eating a Swordfish.nefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider about swordfish.

High Mercury Content

Swordfish is a predator. It preys on other fishes. Hence it is a predator, and then it means that it preys a variety of creatures and loves for a very long time, so it contains a high amount of mercury in it.

There has been a study on the mercury content of Swordfish, compared with 123 humans, but unfortunately, Swordfish had a higher amount of mercury in the blood.

Then another survey was conducted by the national marine fisheries service survey; they evaluated that mercury was 0.99 PPM, which was the highest among other seafood species.

Its amount of mercury was 20 times more than the Atlantic mackerel, i.e., 0.05 ppm, and it was 70 times more than sardine’s mercury level, which was 0.013 ppm.

Hence, it has the highest mercury levels, so U.S doctors recommend avoiding its usage by pregnant women. It can be a lot of danger for them.

Swordfish Is Expensive

Swordfish are one of the expensive fishes in the world. It is very difficult to catch, but it is a commercial fish, that’s why it is high in demand and expensive.

People like to buy it for its nutritional benefits instead of its taste. So people recommend taking its alternate, i.e., sardines. Sardines also offer the same benefits as Swordfish, but it is easy to buy. 

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sword fish taste good than tuna

FAQ – What does A Sword Fish Taste Like

Does Swordfish taste better than tuna?

As compared to tuna, its flavor is quite strong.

Does Swordfish taste good?

A swordfish contains sweet flavored meat, which is very gentle. Swordfish meat is very moist and tender, along with sweetness. If you want to try seafood for the first time and are afraid of the bad odor of fish, then Swordfish can be a good choice for you.

Choosing the right Swordfish

While buying a Swordfish, you should find it at least 1 ¼ inch thick or even more thick than it. You can marinate it before cooking.

Does Swordfish Taste Like Chicken?

Its taste is not like chicken, but it does taste like tuna. Newbies can try it without fear. It is a good fish to grill.

What fish is comparable to Swordfish?

Sardines can be compared to Swordfish in health benefits. It is as low in cost but healthy as Swordfish. Fresh halibut, shark, or dogfish are also its substitutes.

Final Words – What does A Sword Fish Taste Like

So finally, you can see that Swordfish is a good choice. It is enriched with nutritional values and benefits. Whether you are new to eating seafood, you should try Swordfish first. It will surely satisfy you because it does not have any bad odor. 

If a thing has a lot of benefits, then it must have drawbacks. So it has a bit of drawback as well. You just have to take care of when to eat and how to eat it. More please visit my previous post what does whiskey taste like?

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