What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover 2022? Explained

What Does Walmart Protection Plan
What Does Walmart Protection Plan

As the client, you want to ensure that your purchase is protected from harm or technological malfunction.

Because of this, it is useful to understand what Walmart‘s protection plan covers and how this will make your purchase more secure. What precisely does it cover, then? Read on to find out.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover In 2022?

Walmart’s protection plan covers normal wear and tear, electronic faults, external damage, repairs, and replacements if the item is unfixable. TVs, phones, laptops, sporting goods, jewelry, and general merchandise are among the product categories covered by this plan.

What Items Are Covered Under Walmart’s Protection Plan?

According to Walmart.com, the following categories of goods are covered by the Walmart protection plan:

  • TVs
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Outdoor Power Equipment and Patio
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • General merchandise

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For TVs?

Walmart’s TV protection plan is a fantastic choice for people who want to ensure their investment is safeguarded because it covers many issues. The plan covers: 

  • Screen failure 
  • Remote failure 
  • Won’t power on 
  • Speaker failure 

It’s crucial to remember that the protection plan does not include coverage for loss, intentional damage, accidental damage, or theft. It implies that you won’t be eligible for a replacement TV from Walmart if your TV is stolen or irreparably damaged. 

Walmart’s protection plan is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants assurance about their TV, but it’s crucial to know what is and isn’t included before buying.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Mobile Phones?

You have a few alternatives when it comes to securing your mobile phone. You have the option of buying insurance from your carrier. It’s a warranty from the product’s maker or a protection plan from a merchant. Walmart’s mobile phone protection plan covers: 

  • Cracked screen 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Touchscreen failure 
  • Charging port failure

However, the plan does not cover theft, loss, or intentional damage. If you choose Walmart’s protection package, you may easily and quickly have your phone fixed or replaced. Additionally, customer care is always available if you need assistance with the procedure.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Laptops?

For laptops, Walmart offers a protection plan that includes coverage for:

  • Cracked screen 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Battery failure 
  • Hard drive failure 

The plan also provides coverage for theft, intentional damage, and losses. The protection plan is a supplemental service that can be added at the time of purchase or within 30 days afterward.

The protection plan price is $4 per month for three years, $8 per month for two years, or $12 per month for a term of one year.

Bring your laptop to any Walmart location or call the customer service number shown on the back of your membership card if you have a protection plan and your device needs to be fixed or replaced.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Tablets?

It’s crucial to consider what kind of protection you’ll need for your new tablet before making the purchase. Since tablets are pricey, fragile, and prone to breakage, they should be treated with care.

Walmart, fortunately, provides a protection plan that might assist you in protecting your investment. The approach addresses many problems, including:

  • Cracked screen 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Battery failure 
  • Touchscreen failure 

However, per Walmart’s policy, any loss, theft, or deliberate damage is not eligible for an exchange or replacement. To secure your new tablet from harm, pick up a protection plan from Walmart if you intend to purchase one.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Outdoor Power Equipment and Patio?

The protection plan offered by Walmart for patio furniture and outdoor power equipment is extensive. It covers:

  • Mechanical & electrical failures 
  • Power supply failure 
  • Failures from normal wear & tear 
  • Motor failure

This protection plan does not cover accidental damage, intentional damage, product loss, or theft. Consequently, even if Walmart has you covered for a lot, some situations could void the warranty.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For Jewelry and Watches?

Jewelry and watches are among the goods Walmart sells. The protective warranty plan offered by the retailer covers:

  • Mechanical failure 
  • Liquid damage 
  • Broken or defective components 
  • Breaks due to normal wear & tear 

You can bring your jewelry or watch to a Walmart store for a replacement or repair if something does happen to it.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover For General Merchandise?

Walmart’s protection plan covers a wide range of potential problems with your general merchandise. The plan includes coverage for:

  • Mechanical & electrical failures 
  • Power surges or supply failure 
  • Failures from normal wear & tear 
  • The power will not turn on

The plan does, however, have some exclusions. The Walmart protection plan does not cover any purposeful damage, unintentional damage, thefts, or product losses.

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to read the fine print of any protection plan so that you are fully aware of what is and isn’t covered.

How Long Do Walmart’s Protection Plans Last?

How Long Do Walmart's Protection Plans Last

You can extend Walmart’s security plan for as long as you wish. You can select a warranty for up to a year.

Some protection plans for particular products will last the lifetime of the product (or until you decide to stop using it or it is irreparably damaged).

You may browse the warranty plans online at Walmart.com to compare the various protection options and select the best one.

How Can I Make A Claim Under The Walmart Warranty Protection Plan?

You can submit a claim online and receive a prompt response on Allstate Protection Plans’ website. You must have both the item and the item’s receipt on hand.

Even while claims are typically approved immediately, a qualified expert will advise on what to do next if yours is not. Alternately, you can contact your neighborhood Walmart by phone, and they will assist you in filing a warranty claim.

Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover Theft?

No, the theft of your product is not covered by the Walmart protection plan.

How Much Is Walmart’s Protection Plan?

Prices for Walmart’s protection plans vary based on how long the warranty is purchased; a one-year warranty will be less expensive than a two-year protection plan. The worth of the goods also influences the price of the protection plan.

Suppose we have a protection plan for a two-year guarantee that covers electronics priced between $100 and $199.99. This particular plan is only $16.

How Do I Purchase The Walmart Protection Plan?

You can use the browser at the top of the Walmart homepage to search for and purchase the protection plan. A 2-year protection plan is ideally included.

You can also ask a staff member in person for help. They will be pleased to help! Walmart order never arrived.


In conclusion, Walmart’s protection plans help customers feel more secure because they offer a wide range of warranty coverage.

You can cover your purchases under these extensive warranty options to guarantee product lifetime and safety. These can be acquired for a low cost and last a lifetime, or at least the product’s lifespan. Walmart competitors.

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