Why Did Kakashi kill Rin? Naruto Real Facts

Why did Kakashi kill Rin

Kakashi and Rin are the famous characters from the animated TV series “Naruto.” Naruto is a popular Japanese series. The series observed many seasons with the character of Naruto.

Why did Kakashi kill Rin

Naruto is a dynamic character who dreams of becoming the leader of the village – Hokage. Masahi Kishimoto wrote and illustrated the famous Japanese manga series.

Why did Kakashi kill Rin Episode?

Kakashi never intended to kill the Rin. Instead, Rin sacrificed herself, and she came in front of Kakashi to get killed by Kakashi. Rin wanted to save Leaf Village and Kakashi.

The unexpected events started after the story of Kannagi Bridge. After the death of Obito, Kirigakure ninja kidnapped Rin and imprisoned her into a curse seal.

The cursed ninja made her Jinchuriki of Isobu-a 3-tailed beast. Rin wanted to protect her village and its people from the destruction of the beast.

Rin asked Kakashi to kill her. Kakashi promised Obito to protect Rin. How could Kakashi kill Rin? Kakashi refused to kill her.

Later on, Rin suddenly jumped in front of Kakashi to get killed by his attack. Kakashi would never attack the enemy Ninjas if he had known that Rin would become a victim.

A furious Obito stooped to retrieve the corpses of them. Obito got the chance to kill Kakashi, but he intentionally left Kakashi. Later on, it gave birth to the 4th Great Ninja War.

Rin did ask Kakashi to kill her in order to save Konoha, her village. After a three-tailed beast was put inside her, Rin decided she didn’t want the beast to take control over her and destroy her home.

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Why did Kakashi Kill Episode & Series

Kakashi and Rin are the famous characters from the animated TV series “Naruto.” Naruto is a popular Japanese series. The series observed many seasons with the character of Naruto.

Naruto is a dynamic character who dreams of becoming the leader of the village – Hokage. Masahi Kishimoto wrote and illustrated the famous Japanese manga series.

Naruto was published in Weekly Shonen Jump – Shueisha’s magazine. It was serialized from 1999 to 2014 in the magazine. The epic side stories were serialized in two parts.

In the first part, Naruto’s late childhood stories were told. The second part of the series focused on teenage stories associated with the character Naruto. Nearly 172 volumes of tankobon – book form was released.

Pierrot and Aniplex produced the anime manga. Fans of the series enjoyed it on Japanese television from 2002 to 2007. Nearly 220 episodes went on air.

Due to increased popularity, the audience of cartoon Network and YTV also viewed the English dubbing of the series. Naruto possesses many accomplishments. It is ranked among the best-selling manga series in Japan.

It is among the fourth-best series sold out worldwide. Its 250 million copies were distributed globally. Out of 250 million, 153 million copies of the series were sold out only in Japan.

The epic tale attracts the audience through its suspense, action, and ideal graphics. Kakashi Hatake is the teacher of team 7. Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno are among the main characters of the series.

Madara planned to secure the worldly life. He wanted to create a peaceful world. Madara’s dream was the world where no one, specifically his loved ones, will ever experience death. He perfectly designed the plan and dragged Obito Uchiha into his plan.

After the death of Madara, his plan could not execute according to his will. But many projections of the program continued. Kakashi and his students were in great efforts to secure the Leaf village from mist ninjas.

In this effort, Rin was arrested by one of Mist Ninja. The cursed ninja transformed her into a 3-tailed beast. Rin loved her village and people. She wanted to secure her people from the destruction she could do as a beast.

Rin opts to die to secure her village. She intentionally came in front of an attack prepared for enemy ninjas. Though, the situation revealed that Kakashi killed Rin. But it was Rin who suicided.

She initially asked Kakashi to kill her. When Kakashi did not follow her, she came in front of her attack and was killed. Though it made the audience sad, it was the demand of the story.

What is Madara’s Secret Plan?

Madara Uchiha created the “Eye on the Moon Plan.” The purpose of the plan was to make such a peaceful world where no one can die. Though, Madara could not execute the plan as he scheduled.

But the end goal of all involved characters was the same to create a peaceful environment. Madara wanted to keep the world and its people from destroying itself. Through his plan, he tried to trap the world into dreams.

To execute his plan in practice, Madara instantly founded the Konohagakure that lead to the Senju government. But Madara soon realized that Konoha and Senju were failed in their plans.

Later on, Madara came to know about God’s tree and Godly powers. He intended to access natural powers by uniting Senju nad Uchiha.

When Madara learned about his shorter lifespan, he wanted to restore his powers and deliver them to someone who may act in place of him. He transformed his Rinnegan into a young Nagato.

The goal was to keep the powers from getting lost. He was in search of a person who will make Madara alive once again after his death. During the Shinobi war, Madara found Obito Uchiha as a trustable person.

Madara wounded the Obito, and while treating him, he attached a clan curse along with him. Thus, Obito would not go against the requirements of Madara.

When Obito recovered, Madara manipulated the background story and illustrated him fake events. Madara got successful in realizing that Obito, his lover girl, was killed by his best friend.

Madara did so to break all links of Obito with a previous life. It was the time when Madara was satisfied that he would proceed with his plan.     

Does Rin love Kakashi? And Why did Rin love Kakashi?

Why did Rin love Kakashi

Yes, Rin loves Kakashi. Though Obito likes and cares for Rin greatly, Rin never cared for Obito’s feelings. It will not be wrong to say that Rin was unknown to Obito’s likeness.

The series shows many moments when Rin gets attracted to Kakashi. Whenever Kakashi needs support, Rin helps him. She gets blushed on having compliments from Kakashi.

After the death of Obito, Rin immediately reveals her feelings to Kakashi. Only ten minutes ago, Kakashi and Rin saw the corpse of Obito. It was a terrible time.

But she discloses her attachment and emotions to Kakashi. Kakashi knows that Obito used to love Rin. It is the reason Kakashi rejects Rin. Kakashi was to protect Rin from Iwagakure Shinobi.

Why did Kakashi kill his lover?

Kakashi never intended to kill Rin. When team seven and other main characters were in the hidden mist village, Rin was captured in trouble. Mist Ninjas arrested her and made her a 3-tailed beast.

In hidden leaf village, the exact manga reveals that Kakashi Hatake kills Rin. But, it all happened suddenly. For Rin, Kakashi was an innocent person.

Rin asked Kakashi to kill her. She wanted to save her hidden mist place from mist ninjas and the destruction of the 3-tailed beast. But Kakashi refused to kill her.

When Kakashi was aiming at the ninja, in-sight, Rin came between the two. It was the time when Rin was killed.

After the fatal death of Obito, it was another tragic death for the audience. The info about the village told that beast inside hosts moved away or died after the host’s death.

The explanation from the manga series is true and logical. Rin had a great crush on Kakashi. Kakashi knew but ignored her emotions. Obito was in love with Rin.

But Obito and Rin could never come to a close love relationship. Kakashi knew that Obito takes love interest in Rin. It was the reason he never encouraged the emotions of Rin.

Kakashi posed as a caring and loving teacher with his students. Every team member of Team 7 liked Kakashi for his techniques and teaching skills. But he never progressed to anyone.

Rin always used to blush and got impressed by Kakashi. When Kakashi and Rin experienced the fight among fog ninjas and saw the corpse of Obito, it was a terrible time.

But, Rin confessed her love for Kakashi, in the flow of emotions. Kakashi refused her and focused on his mission plan. Kakashi promised to protect Rin. He could never kill Rin.

Rin tried to suicide, but when she failed, she asked Kakashi to take her life. Kakashi did not listen to her. 

Why did Kakashi kill Sakura?

Kakashi never killed Sakura. Sakura gets trained in Sannin Tsunade. She recovered her weaknesses and became a medical Ninja. Through her healing abilities, Sakura became a worldwide famous medical ninja.

The act of Kakashi was to save Sakura from an attack that appeared to look like he killed Sakura. With a lethal blow, he made sure to threw Sakura away from the attacking zone. 

Why Did The Hidden Mist Want Rin?

Why Did The Hidden Mist Want Rin?

Hidden Mist had a purpose behind having Rin alive. When Rin and Hidden Mist were on a mission together, something happened that took invisible Mist’s interest.

The Hidden Mist ninjas got Rin at that time and seal the t tails Jinchuuriki into her. It was their strategy to seal it in Rin so they could successfully bring it to the village.

They were conspiring about taking the three tails’ Jinchuuriki back when Rin return to village. Ninjas were determined to undo the seal at that time and get 3 tails’ Jinchuuriki by killing Rin. Later they wanted to rampage it on the Hidden Leaf.

Keeping Rin alive was never an ultimate will that Hidden Mist had. Only the three tails’ Jinchuuriki made them ensure Rin will live until they reach the village. But, things didn’t go well, and Rin got herself killed.

Reason Why Rin Got Herself Killed and How did Rin kill herself?

Kakashi never intended to kill Rin. It was Rin who wanted to end her life. She was not running away or having any depression, but she intended to protect her village. Rin knows that she was now a Jinchuuriki having three tails sealed in her.

Hidden Mist played on her and sealed the Jinchuuriki in Rin. They had a plan to bring Jinchuuriki with the help of Rin to the village and then break its seal in the town to take revenge on the villagers. But, Rin was aware of their ideas, so she chose to die over her life.

Though Kakashi did not want to kill her and tried to rescue her simultaneously, it was not possible. Rink knew the reality; she cannot undo the Jinchuuriki characteristics from her body. So she made sure to end her life.

To kill herself, Rin threw herself on Kakashi’s Chidori when he was fighting with Hidden Mist. Kakashi was not pointing his Chidori towards Rin and was in complete control of it. Even at Rin’s request, he did not make a move to kill her. What does it meant by third degree murder?

But, Rin took the opportunity and threw herself on Kakashi’s Chidori. He was unable to take prompt action, and eventually, Rin dies. She did this to secure her village from a disaster if she remains alive or reaches the village.

Why did RIN choose to die? And Was Rin a Jinchuriki?

The reason behind Rin’s decision to die was to secure the village. She knew her reality of turning into Jinchuuriki. She knew when she would get back to the town; the Hidden Mist would unseal the three tail Jinchuuriki inside her and destroy the village.

Even in that case, she was supposed to die at the hands of enemies. So, she considers taking her own life in the hands of a friend Kakashi.

She made a calculated decision and made sure she will not survive. Though, Kakashi was intended to save her and willing to find a way out of the situation.

Rin was not a Jinchuuriki from the beginning. She was a warrior with her specialties. Her purse, soul, and heart were with the goodness.

It was the Hidden Mist that poisoned her with some spell. Eventually, she turned into a three-tail Jinchuuriki from the inside.

Her Jinchuuriki mode was sealed and not showing to everyone out there. It was only Rin who knew what has happened to her. She asked Kakashi to kill her and save the village

Kakashi instead thought to keep her as well. He refused to kill her and look out for aid or a solution back at the town.

Rin didn’t want to go back to the village as she knows the intentions of Hidden Mist. So, she took charge and killed the bodily host to end the tail’s rampage.

What Happened After Rin’s Death, and What Episode does Rin Die?

After Rin’s death, Kakashi was broken, seeing his friend and loved one died of his own Chidori. Even if he did not want that, Rin took the bold step.

He lost a devoted person, and many hearts of people were bleeding. On the other hand, three tail beasts get back to the beat world and stuck there.

The beloved character of Rin died in episode number 345. The cover of the chapter was “Kakashi Kill Rin.” It made many people curious about the episode and took a lot of views

Why didn’t Rin wait for Reinforcement instead of choosing to Die?

Rin had the option to wait for the reinforcement. Kakashi was there protecting her from Kiri-nin. There was a mention of reinforcement coming to the rescue.

Possibly, the reinforcement rescues Kakashi and Rin at the same time, and lately, they could find a solution to help Rin. But, Rin knew nothing would work to get the three tail beasts out of her body.

Moreover, if she reaches the village, the seal will break, and three tail beasts will be there. It could be more lethal and dangerous to everyone. So, she preferred to kill herself instead of waiting for reinforcement or any rescue activities.

Was Kakashi DIDN’T kills Rin?

Yes, Kakashi did not kill Rin at all. There is no doubt that Rin was killed due to Kakashi’s Chidori, but there is a spoiler alert for those who have not watched the episode.

It is not your all-time Favorite Kakashi who took the life of Rin. In fact, Rin is the one who preferred killing herself to save everyone back in the village.

It is not fair to mention that Kakashi Hatake Kill Rin when it is not true. He only became a source for Rin to take her life on her own.

She could not kill herself, so she needed an external source, and Kakashi opened this opportunity to her as the warden kills Tommy in the Allen Greene movie.

Where Did Three-Tails Go After The Death of Rin?

Where Did Three-Tails Go After The Death of Rin?

Rin was a host for Jinchuuriki but not the bodily host. So, when she dies, the tails rampage, Jinchuuriki turned back to the beast’s world. The three-tailed Beasts remain there until these get back to a new host.

The three tail beasts cannot get back to the world from Beast land until any previous precautions were taken to get them back to this world. Lately, the new host for these beasts sealed again in Yagura.

These were not directly transferred to Yagura from Rin. But she had to wait for the right time and conditions to get back to the world.

Final Words: Why did Kakashi kill Rin

Many people think that Kakashi killed Rin on their way back to the village. But, it is a wrong understanding of the events. Kakashi never wanted to kill Rin at any cost.

But it was her fate or probably the misfortune that she was tempered by Hidden Mist and turned into Jinchuuriki. Now she was not in a position to undone the damage. So, she prefers to kill herself on her own.

Kakashi did not intentionally kill Rin; in fact, he was surprised when Rin forced herself in front of his Chidori. At that point, Kakashi was not able to move his Chidori or do anything to save Rim.

However, he had intentions of helping her to break the seal and reverse the actions of Hidden Mist. But, Rin knew that nothing could help the situation.

Knowing the fact, she decided to take her life. Eventually, with her death, things turn out a little sentimental for everyone. Not only the story characters but also its followers were in utter shock.

The unexpected move by Rin left everyone in tears for sure. Many viewers are curious to know what is coming forward and how things will take a different turn in the story. Sidney Applebaum was killed or died by natural death read the article.

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