Why do People call Walmart “Wally World”

why do people call walmart wally world

Walmart is one of the world’s largest retail markets and wholesalers. It is known for producing high-quality, low-cost goods. Walmart is known by many names, including ASDA in the United Kingdom, Flipkart in India, Seiyu in Japan, Wo Er Ma in China, etc.

why do people call walmart wally world

You may wonder why Walmart is known as Wally World? Continue reading this article to learn more about the history of Walmart’s name and other exciting facts!

Why Do People Call Walmart “Wally World”?

The term “Wally world” was popularized by the film “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” On July 29, 1983, this comedy film was released.

People began to refer to Walmart as Wally-world after seeing this film. The explanation is that “Walley World” is a huge store with everything you can find at Walmart. In the film, Walley World is depicted as a fictional park. It’s similar to Disney World, but it’s called Wally-world.

Walmart is a massive store with everything and a name that sounds close to “Wally”. Therefore, it was dubbed “Wally-world.” even though the film was produced in the 1990s, Walmart is still known as “Wally World.” However, there are no ties or references between Wally World and Walmart stores.

What Is Another Name for Walmart?

Along with the Wally-world, there are a few alternative names for Walmart. The original Walmart store was called “Wal-Mart Discount City”. It eventually changed its name to “Wal-Mart Stores Inc.” In 2008, the corporation changed its name again to “Walmart.” 

The store has over 60 different names for its outlets all across the world. Walmart utilizes several names in other regions to help consumers recognize their businesses. Here is a list of Walmart’s several exciting names in different countries:

  • Walmart in USA & Canada
  • Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica or Walmex in Mexico & Central America
  • Flipkart Wholesale in India
  • Toda Dia in Brazil
  • ASDA in the UK
  • Seiyu in Japan
  • Trust-Mart, Supercenter in China
  • Econo in Chile
  • Pali in Costa Rica
  • Massmart in South Africa
  • Dispensa Familiar in Guatemala
  • Changomas, Supercenter in Argentina

Does Wally World Exist?

Wally World is not a real place. Walley World is a fictional amusement park from the film National Lampoon’s Vacation. It provides a base for this popular slang word for Walmart. The Griswold family pays a visit to this famous park while on a disastrous family road trip from Chicago to California.

What Does Walmart Stand For?

Walmart is most likely an abbreviated form of its founder’s name (Sam Walton) together with an abbreviated form of Market. That’s why Walton’s Market became Walmart.

What Was Walmart Called Before it Became Walmart?

With the name Wal-Mart Discount City, Sam Walton launched the first Walmart store in Arkansas in 1962. When the company was founded in 1969, it was named Wal-Mart Stores Inc. In 1992, Walmart officials replaced the hyphen with an asterisk. 

When the new logo was designed in 2008, it was completely removed, leaving only Walmart.

What Does Walmart’s New Logo Mean?

Walmart changed its logo in 2008. It adopted a friendlier, more down-to-earth font and added a yellow asterisk at the end.

The six yellow sparks that make up the asterisk signify six facets of the business that added to its success.

Why Did Walmart Change Its Legal Name?

In 2008, Walmart revealed its intention to drop the hyphen and the word “stores” from its name. The company’s attempt to rename and refocus its aim in light of the increase in online shopping began with this move.

The corporation aspired to position itself as a major participant in the internet purchasing sector, moving away from heavy reliance on physical stores. Walmart also intended to reflect its expanding prominence by changing its legal name from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. to Walmart Inc.

The name change, which went into effect on February 1, 2018, was intended to demonstrate to customers that the company could meet their shopping demands through online sales, mobile shopping, or pickup and delivery.

It was not the first time Walmart had renamed itself. Wal-Mart, Inc. was the company’s legal name when it was founded in 1969, but it was later changed to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. What time does Walmart service desk close.

What are nicknames for Walmart

 Walmart has different nicknames. Here are some common nicknames for Walmart:

  • Balls-Mart
  • Wally World
  • Grubby
  • Walfart
  • Wally
  • Hellmart
  • Fat Farm
  • Walbags


The name Wally World comes from Walley World. It’s a fictional theme park from the 1983 National Lampoon’s Vacation film.

As with many slang expressions, it is impossible to track the origins of their usage completely. Nonetheless, it is thought that during the early 1990s, the name Wally World was widely recognized as a funny nickname for Walmart.

It implies that the film considerably impacted popular culture, which still persists. What does Walmart return policy without receipt.

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