Why More Gen Z People Get Drawn into Vinyl Music?

Why More Gen Z People Get Drawn Into Vinyl Music?

Despite the convenience of music services online, vinyl record players are still under the radar of many music enthusiasts.

Why More Gen Z People Get Drawn Into Vinyl Music?

Vinyl records still hold as one of the prospering markets in the music industry. Eventually, vinyl is now finding its way into the hearts of more Gen Z. Thus. It begs the question: how can vinyl music charm the newest generation? 

Vinyl is the Book Version of Music

Music experience is one of those that shifted to the online world. Spotify subscriptions rose to close to half a billion this 2021, an eighteen percent increase from the last quarter of 2020.

But despite the massive online consumer count, vinyl records seem to be firm and unaffected by this market. Why is that?

There is a remarkable experience that online music services cannot give. There’s the excitement from unwrapping the package and the appreciation of the vinyl cover’s art with vinyl music.

Vinyl records provide a tangible experience other than the actual music. It turns out that vinyl records in music are like how books are to literature: it’s irreplaceable. 

Vinyl is a Specific Interest

Since its creation, the vinyl record player depicts a specific niche with a hard entry-level interest. Engrossing oneself in vinyl records requires a massive investment of interest.

There had been many other alternatives and substitutes for the music device. For example, the popularity of radio bloomed throughout the 50s up to the 70s, while the MTVs dominated during the 90s. 

However, unlike its contemporary music alternatives that come and go in trends, vinyl music maintained a strong community of enthusiasts.

This is because the niche houses avid users to hardcore players passionate about their line of interest, like any other subjects of interest. 

The Nostalgia of the Past

Gen Z has this thing to romanticize the idea of revisiting the past. This generation puts sentiments on artifacts and antiques that survived time tests.

For example, Xbox players would show fascination over uncolored Gameboys or how neo-teens spark a trend about tacky pants.

The sheer difference between the subjects can ignite curiosity and interest among their peers. 

Using items from the past, such as vinyl records, helps the generation get reacquainted with the nostalgic past technology of music.

The use of vinyl records also helps Gen Z appreciate the value of having to touch and operate physical products to play music.

Vinyl recorders also induce inclusion to this generation by disconnecting through the algorithm-based sites.

Vinyl is a Growing Culture

The community surrounding vinyl proves its resistance to music changes in trends, even going as far as becoming a special niche of its own.

It was just recently that a study concluded that there are 15% of the Gen Z teens who recently made vinyl purchases.

The percentage roughly coincides and equates to record stores’ $232 million worth of vinyl sales. The numbers meant one thing: a passionate and hardcore group of enthusiasts willing to spend money.

People thriving in this niche are fine with expenditures related to turntable maintenance and parts, such as the highly-praised Shure M91ED cartridge.

This cartridge enables a well-performing output that will match the enthusiasm of its user.

Vinyl Purchase is a Direct Support

Believe it or not, record artists still get support by purchasing their songs’ vinyl records. The most obvious support is how papers contribute to the artists’ revenue.

Vinyl purchase is a direct support

However small the royalties can be, a talent’s profit is still revenue, amassing ten to twenty percent of the record’s sales. 

When a generation purchases record discs, they also generate a trend of interest wherein label records can easily pick off. In that sense, the sales of vinyl records help cultivate artists’ promotion.

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