How to Black Text on 4Chan? Spoiler Text

How To Black Text On 4chan

Firstly, we will talk about 4chan spoiler text. It is an unknown online platform that enables you to post your opinion about any videos, films, and pictures.

You can write about anything like: Games, Politics, Movies, Anime.

How to Format Black Text on 4Chan?

To format your text as black on 4chan, you can use the following formatting code:

[black]Your black text here[/black]

Simply replace “Your black text here” with the text you want to appear in black.

Note that some boards on 4chan do not allow text formatting, so this may not work on every board. Additionally, it’s important to follow the rules of each board and not use formatting or language that is prohibited.


It was originated by Christopher Poole in 2003. It is a great site for those who want to be social and have their own opinion on any topic.

The best thing about this platform is that the people who are reading don’t have any idea about the identity of the person (writer). So, there is no shame in what you are writing. This unique and specialized culture makes it more trustworthy.

It also provides users access of using different formats. The writer can write in his own style by using colors of his/her choice. There is also an option of changing the font and size according to your will. But, one thing should be kept in mind the format should be correct.

Now, let’s talk about the spoiler. When people have their opinion about any medium like films and other books, they post it on 4chan. Also, they give some huge hints about that specific movie that the twist in the movie is released.

So, they are called spoilers. If anybody knows about the main point of the movie, he/she loses some interest in watching the movie. Then, they don’t want to experience that book, movie, or video.

Then, spoiler tags were introduced to keep privacy on movies of videos. The spoiler tags have a specific black background so everyone can’t see that information.

The black background can hide the plot points.  Behind the black background, there is written text which can spoil the whole movie. The black background can only be visible when the reader selects the cursor on the highlighted text.

What are Spoilers?

Spoilers are information about any TV film, book ,or series. We can guess by the name that it shows the spoliation of any interesting thing that is occurring in film or series. If any person has not seen the specific movie, by reading the spoiler, he/she will lose interest.

There is a specific format to apply blackout text on 4chan. The format which should be used is written below:

[Spoiler] Specific Text [/Spoiler]

In this way, the specific text can be hidden. It is covered by a black background. It can be only seen by clicking on the text. This method is used to keep spoilers in the posts of 4chan. Sensitive or adult information can also be hidden in this way.

It is important to note that different boards on 4chan may have their own specific rules or conventions for the spoiler text, so it’s always a good idea to check the rules and guidelines of the board you are posting on to ensure you are using the correct format. Additionally, it’s important to use spoiler text considerately and only when necessary to avoid spoiling the experience for others.

There are also some controversies about this platform. The immoderation feature makes it a little difficult to use. There is also some adult content which makes it censored. The graphic Images are also a part of this. There is also some fun content available on this platform so that people make it for entertainment.

There is a large number of people that are using this site as a viewer to get updated about the latest movies. It is prohibited in some places due to its obsessive language. This online platform assists its users to share their thoughts on anything.

How to Black Text On 4chan? Spoiler Text (Step by Step)

Here are the steps to format your text as black on 4chan:

Step 1

Open the 4chan board you want to post on and click on the “New Thread” or “Reply” button to start a new post or reply to an existing thread.

Step 2

Type the text you want to format as black inside the post box.

Step 3

Surround the text with the following formatting code:

[black]Your black text here[/black]

Replace “Your black text here” with the text you want to appear in black.

Step 4

Preview your post to make sure the formatting looks correct.

Step 5

Click on the “Submit” button to post your message with black text.

That’s it! Your text should now appear in black.

Note that not all boards on 4chan allow text formatting, so this may not work on every board. Additionally, make sure to follow the rules of each board and not use formatting or language that is prohibited.

Quick way to Black Text on 4Chan

1.	Open a web browser.
2.	Find out the 4chan website.
3.	Select,” Boards” from the specific listing area.
4.	Then, select the, “ Reply” Link. It is present next to the first comment on any recent post.
5.	After this, enter your name in the displayed texts. You also have to mention your, Email and Subject to proceed further.
6.	Now, enter, “[spoiler]”In the section of comment. It will help you to open the tag of the spoiler.
7.	Then it’s your choice to see the spoiler text. For this, you have to write the words that you want to see from the black background.
8.	After this, you have to close the spoiler tag by typing “[/spoiler]”.
9.	At the end, submit the post for completion.

It is a very easy method. You have to go through all the processes. The navigation of the 4chan website is an important task. After opening the site, the one thing you can do is simply type whatever you want. For example: if you type, “” You will get the board that you want.

The composition of the post is very important. It depends on you whether you want to provide some information or just comment on something. The format should be same as per instructions. As there is a special code for formatting. The most commonly used is, “>>”. The quotes are not necessary. This is the method that you can use for formatting.

After doing this, you must preview it once. It is done to make sure that everything is done in the right way. There is a button on the site that is, “Preview”. You just have to tap on it. At last, submit your post so that other users can also find your opinion about any film.

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The one thing that should be kept in mind is adding two symbols before and after. Other than this, the whole process is simple. All the steps are written above, you have a look at them and must try to black out the text on the 4chan spoiler.

Some Other Question Asked by Spoilers

Here are some questions I’ve covered that you’ll be thinking while searching for spoilers:

What if anybody read spoilers text?

It is okay to read spoilers. But sometimes it is also annoying as it tells the main twists of the show. In this way, your focus is disturbed and you start doing other things.

Is there any specific symbol for writing a spoiler?

There are spoiler tags that are used to write a spoiler text. In this way, everyone cannot see what is written on the black background. You can write a spoiler in this way:


How many steps are there to black out a spoiler on 4chan?

Five basic steps are written below:

  • Navigation of 4chan browser.
  • Composition of the post.
  • Formatting.Preview of the post.
  • Submission.

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