Advantages and disadvantages of 3D animation

Advantages and disadvantages of 3D animation
Advantages and disadvantages of 3D animation



The visual appeal of 3D can help you improve your marketing films and help your target audience understand your main messaging points.

You can now make photorealistic renderings of your animation thanks to technological advances.

Due to the beautiful animation style and complexity, your target audience may be more attracted to the total of your film, which is often a huge problem for video marketers.

It is also unique and surprising, which can help you keep your content distribution fresh for better reach and retention.


Because 3D animation takes place in a three-dimensional space, it allows more dynamic and visual storytelling possibilities and much more.

Your creative options are almost endless due to the superior technology used to produce 3D images while manufacturing them.

Using 3D animation to generate things that do not exist in real life or that are difficult to reproduce or generate in real life can engage potential customers and increase conversions.

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Higher movement

Because all actors and objects are created in 3D space, you can move the camera as you would in real life.

This allows you to move around the planet with greater freedom.

It also allows you to rotate your characters in 3D space without redrawing each image.

The animation process can be relatively fast once your character has been modeled, with the exception of texturing and rendering.

Reuse and popularity

After creating your character, you can reuse it in an infinite number of new projects, saving you time and money.

Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar have all contributed to the popularity of 3D animation on all platforms.

As this style of animation becomes more important in video marketing techniques, video production companies like VMG Studios become more efficient in generating this form of film and finding cost-effective solutions.

Benefits From A Positive Return On Investment

However, 3D is worth it because it is eye-catching, dynamic and can help improve the quality of your brand marketing materials.

Benefits From A Positive Return On Investment

You can do things with 3D animation that you could not do in 2D or in real life.

Returning to our example of driving, it is a perilous cascade to be carried out in the real world and difficult to recreate in a 2D universe.

Statistics show that video can help you improve your return on investment.

According to 89% of video or animation marketing specialists, each video offers a good return on investment.

In addition, since animated videos have a longer shelf life and are easier to update than live videos, your investment in an animated video will last longer.

Interactive Options

3D animations can be reused for interactive choices in the same way that 2D animations can be easily transformed into digital and printed marketing materials.

Any home renovation service is the best example.

It is therefore much easier to visualize what a 3D room could look like than from a 2D floor plan.

For example, the 3D models used in explanatory videos can be built as an interactive component on your website that allows buyers to see a complete picture of a renovation choice.

This realistic representation can be precisely what you need to turn a potential buyer into a paying customer.



Compared to the large number of styles that can be developed in 2D, 3D is more difficult to style.

There is a reason why most 3D animated characters have the same look.

When developing a video, the equipment defines you in a certain way.

When building a character, the platform has various limitations.


Compared to 2D animation, various elements are needed to create a 3D Animation, which complicates the process. 

Before you see what the final animation will look like when working in 3D, you must model the character, animate it, apply it to light and create textures.

It is an operation that takes time and requires a lot of computer processing power, and often help from professionals, like Kevuru.

There is a lot of work to be done even before you can see your video, which leads to longer waiting times.

An error at any stage of the process can be extremely costly. Facilitators must therefore give everything from the start.


Because not all animators are capable of 3D animation, it is rare for an animator to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Instead, you will probably have many animators specialized in various styles or techniques of 3D animation, such as character animation or special effects, modeling, lighting and texturing.

High-performance processors are also required to run the Cinema 4D, Houdini and Maya programs.

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