New Backbone Mobile Gaming Controller For Android

The new Sony and Backbone controller for PlayStation Android has arrived on the market. Since its first debut, the original Xbox Android Backbone has been praised by many as one of the greatest mobile gaming controllers. Following that, the development team worked with Sony to produce the PlayStation Edition, which served as the first official iPhone controller for PlayStation. Now it’s time for the Android controllers. On Tuesday, Sony said on the official PlayStation Blog that it is “excited to now offer” the new Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android, which costs $99.99. 

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New PlayStation Android controller from Backbone

According to the company, the response to the Backbone iOS PlayStation controller that was introduced by Sony in the summer of 2022, “has been incredibly exciting.” “It has quickly become one of the most popular gaming features on the BackBone platform.” When the users of Android PlayStation began to ask for a controller for their mobile devices, Sony and Backbone decided to rejoin hands.

The colors, materials, and finishes of the Android version, including the transparent face buttons, are “inspired by the design of the DualSense wireless controller,” just like those of the iOS version. 

The most recent version of the PS Remote Play software for Android is compatible with the new PlayStation Android controller as well.

Note: Plug an iPhone or Android mobile into the Backbone One if you have a PS5 or PS4 console and access to broadband internet. You can then immediately start playing PS5 and PS4 games wherever you are in the house or outside with the help of the PS Remote Play software.

In the blog, it was also mentioned that users may download the “Backbone App for a customized PlayStation experience,” which includes “custom glyphs representing the iconic PlayStation shapes” and access to a huge selection of games. 

Android’s Backbone app unifies all of your games, including those from the app store and any compatible game streaming services. Players can also locate new releases and upgrades from PlayStation in a dedicated row inside the Backbone App.

Make your Android phone the best gaming console possible. Play any game or use any service that supports controllers by snapping in your phone, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, or stream directly from your Xbox or PC without any hassle. Use a pass-through USB-C port for fast charging while using the 3.5mm audio jack to listen with wired headphones. In a matter of seconds, you will enter a new world of quality gaming.

The new Backbone PlayStation Android controller is currently on sale on the Backbone website for $99.99. Amazon has not yet listed it there. 

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