8 Best Places to Improve your Rocket League Skills

It might not have the same esports pedigree as games like League of Legends and Dota 2, but Rocket League is closing the margin quickly. Since it was released in 2015, this quirky combination of soccer and vehicular madness has become a firm favorite with the gaming community. It’s now available on almost every platform, while Epic Games made it free-to-play in late 2020 after it acquired Psyonix.

This move led to an influx of first-time players, attracting more than 147,000 concurrent users on Steam alone. But with so many rookies around, the need for training resources became obvious. Thankfully, the internet was on hand to provide. Below, we’ll explore 8 of the best online destinations you should check out to improve your gameplay and rank up in no time.

1. r/RocketLeagueSchool

No matter how niche an online community you’re looking for, Reddit never fails to disappoint. However, the r/RocketLeagueSchool subreddit is hardly a small collective, with 53,000 members and growing. This is a valuable online resource for anyone looking to brush up on the basics, although players of any level are welcome. This subreddit is one of the more accessible Rocket League resources out there, covering everything from in-game mechanics to in-depth guides. Whatever question you’ve got, you’ll find a willing audience here waiting to provide you with the answers you need.

2. GamersRdy

Not every Rocket League resource out there is free but sometimes, it pays to go premium. GamersRdy is one of the many platforms out there you’ll have to pay to access, but it does offer a huge range of resources that will help you improve your performance. Want to master advanced mechanics? You’ll find a guide for that. Looking to supercharge your speed? There are training packs focused entirely on that. With so many tailored resources available, even an experienced Rocket League player will find something useful here.

3. Rocket League Garage

The first Rocket League fan site in the world, Rocket League Training is one of the more comprehensive online destinations out there. Along with news, updates, and other essential information, you’ll find an exhaustive section dedicated to training.

4. Rocketeers

Rocketeers is another rich resource for anyone looking to improve at Rocket League. There’s a real focus on esports here, so expect plenty of coverage of the

Rocket League Championship Series. Delve a little deeper, and you’ll find useful spotlight articles and a video archive, not to mention a whole section dedicated to training. Looking to set a benchmark so you’ve got something to aim for? Find the latest Rocket League stats here.

5. Rocket League 101

Psyonix actively endorses this YouTube series and it’s not hard to see why Rocket League 101 has become so popular with online audiences. YouTuber SunlessKhan has put together a fantastic playlist of beginner-friendly videos, covering everything from how to choose a car to mastering aerials and power shots.

6. Rocket League Coaching Discord

While RLCD.GG isn’t the largest Rocket League community on the internet, it’s hardly a small collective with more than 5,500 players. What’s more, more than 160 users with Grand Champion status are part of this expanding network. Designed to allow players to connect with each other and share tips, this Discord server welcomes all skill levels.

7. Rocket League Help

Find a wealth of free resources to help you rank up quickly at Rocket League Help. Along with detailed guides, there are handy screenshots and in-depth videos for reference. Learn the secrets of reviewing replays, including which tools you should be using to do so. There are also training packs for players of every rank. You can even connect with coaches for one-on-one training sessions.

8. r/RocketLeague

Let’s cap things off by heading back to Reddit. More specifically, we’re talking about r/RocketLeague, the official subreddit for the game. With more than 1.3 million members, this online destination is always busy, with thousands of users online at any one time. You can talk about the latest news and developments, access tournament highlights, or discuss the latest updates from Psyonix. You’ll also find a willing audience for any gameplay query you might have.

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