Can You Drop off UPS Packages at Staples In 2022? Explaiend

Drop off UPS Packages at Staples

Multiple drop-off sites are only one of the many options that UPS offers customers to make shipping as simple as possible. So, is it possible to drop off a UPS delivery at your neighborhood Staples? If so, what are the necessary steps? Continue reading if you want to find out more!

Can You Drop off UPS Packages at Staples In 2022?

If your location is included in the UPS Access Point program, you have the liability to drop off a UPS package at Staples. You can drop your UPS parcels, which are pre-labeled and pre-paid, at Staples during business hours. But it's better to arrive between an hour after opening and an hour before closing if you plan to print your label there.

What is the UPS Drop-Off Procedure at Staples?

First and foremost, make sure your local Staples is a participating location in the UPS Access Point program before you drop off a UPS delivery there. 

A UPS Access Point is simply a retail establishment. It is like a pharmacy or grocery shop, that serves as a convenient spot for UPS package pickups and deliveries. You can visit the UPS website’s map tool and enter your zip code or allow your device to utilize your location to see if the Staples location closest to you accepts UPS package drop-offs.

On the left side of the screen, the map tool will then provide a number of sites that accept UPS package drop-offs close to you. The Staples that participates in the UPS Access Point program near your house can be found there if you find a UPS Access Point site with the label “Staples.” Visit this link where you can use the “find a store” option. It is the red button that usually appears on the left side of the screen. You can also locate a participating Staples shop there.

The majority of the UPS Access Points only accept pre-labeled and pre-paid items. However, Staples also provides assistance with packaging and shipping an item while you are shopping.

It’s also crucial to remember that no shipment can weigh more than 20 kg (44 pounds) when it is delivered to a UPS Access Point, which includes Staples outlets. They are likewise limited to a length of 80 centimeters.

All that’s left to do is deliver the box once you’re assured it can be delivered to an Access Point location like Staples. If the package is pre-paid and tagged, you can just drop it off at the counter or in the designated UPS container. You can visit the counter where a staff member will help you if you need assistance printing a label or choosing a shipping option.

What is the time to drop off a UPS package at Staples?

If you’re delivering a pre-labeled, pre-paid UPS package to Staples, you can do it any time the store is open for business.

Most of the Staples locations are open for a minimum of 11 hours, usually from 9 am to 8 pm. But some stores may have different operating hours. You try not to visit at the end of the day. The reason is that your delivery box will be delayed to the next business day. In this case, your package will typically be delivered late.

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Does UPS Shipping From Staples Cost More?

There is no additional cost to use Staples as a UPS Access Point site if you print your labels at home and simply drop off the UPS shipment there to be dispatched. However, if you decide to ship straight from Staples and use their packing services, you may anticipate paying for the goods at the specified retail price in addition to the shipping cost. It doesn’t appear like Staples has any additional costs for printing the UPS label. But you can always phone your neighborhood shop to inquire about their pricing policy.

You can also choose to charge your shipping costs from Staples to your UPS account rather than paying for the label in-store if you have a free UPS My Choice account. It is a component of a partnership that UPS and Staples launched in 2015 to help small company owners ship more easily. This program’s goal was also to reduce the number of pointless bills.

Will Staples accept UPS packages?

Yes, you can drop off your UPS package at the nearest Staples store. But here is the condition. The store must be a part of the UPS Access Point Program. Moreover, Staples will charge no fee if your package is pre-paid and pre-labeled.

Does UPS offers printing services?

In addition to electronic file access (such as CDs, emails, and USB drives), black-and-white copies, color and black-and-white digital printing, collating, binding, and laminating are just a few of the printing and finishing services available at the UPS Store.

Does Dollar General allow UPS drop-offs at its store locations?

Yes, you can drop off the UPS package at Dollar General during regular business hours. But the time does differ by location. You can drop off an outgoing package at the counter or have one redirected to a Dollar General while you wait for the alert that it's ready for pickup!

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What services does UPS provide?

Franchises of the UPS Store provide consumers and small companies with a variety of goods and services in one location, such as domestic and international shipping, packaging, printing, mailbox services, post office services, drop-off shredding, moving supplies, and other small-business services.

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If your nearest Staples store is part of the UPS Access Point program, you can drop off UPS packages there. You can check the UPS or Staples websites to see if your neighborhood Staples is a UPS Access Point.

You have the option of dropping off pre-labeled, pre-paid UPS shipments or having a Staples employee assist you with shipping your package, albeit the former is free of charge and the latter might be more expensive.

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