ChatGPT Ask Your PDF: The Perfect PDF Chat Buddy

ChatGPT Ask Your PDF: The Perfect PDF Chat Buddy

ChatGPT ask your PDF  is an AI tool to help you extract your desired information out of any PDF file. It works as a hassle-free solution to access the valuable data from your PDF files efficiently.

We all understand that PDF management is time-consuming and almost boring work. But you wonder how using ChatGPT ask your pdf plugin helps you simplify your workload and get more done in less time. This is an advanced method that uses smart technology to contour all your PDF-related tasks and makes it easier than ever. You get organized and efficient results with the help of ChatGPT ask your PDF.

Here is complete information on what is ChatGPT ask your PDF and the easy ways to use it for your tasks.

Explaining ChatGPT ‘Ask Your PDF’ Plugin

Explaining ChatGPT ‘Ask Your PDF’ Plugin

ChatGPT“Ask Your PDF” is a suite of multiple useful features that help you enhance your different tasks with PDF documents. Equipped with AI technology, this plugin brings its users the amazing benefit of uploading PDF files and interacting with content directly.

With this efficient plugin, you can convert your long and boring PDF content into some practical and useful data. This spares you from the tiresome scrolling and searching, to find out the relevant information within the long from PDF files.

Ask Your PDF: ChatGPT Plugin Checklist

Now when you are convinced with the efficient and smart capabilities of the ChatGPT ask your PDF plugin. Its time to understand what you need to access it. You need the following things:

1.ChatGPT Plus Subscription

To use the plugin you need to have a ChtaGPT Plus subscription. This subscription also enables you to access other premium, features of third-party plugins. 

2. Switch on the Beta Features

The other thing you need to use the ChatGPt to ask for your PDF is to turn on the Plugins Beta Features in your ChatGPT account. It works like a power that starts the actual power show. Login to your account and on your account and select ‘settings’. No move on to Beta features.

3. Install the Plugin 

Now it’s the last step to officially start using the AskYourPDF to your ChatGPT account. Click on ‘New Chat’, select the GPT-4 model, and then choose ‘Plugins’ from the list.

In case you are unable to see the AskYourPDF plugin, you can easily install it from the plugin store. 

Steps to Use ChatGPT“Ask Your PDF” 

If you are looking for some easy ways to use the ChatGPT ask your PDF plugin, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the ChatGPT site

Step 2: Open the settings and click on the three dots at the bottom left.

Step 3: In the Beta features section, turn on the options for web browsing and plugins. Now close the pop-up.

Step 4: Keep working with the Plugins by selecting the option named GPT-4 and then moving on to plugins.

Step 5: Install the ChatGPT and ask your PDF plugin

Step 6: In the ChatGPT chat box, type upload a PDF and click the upload document link.

Step 7: When the uploading is finished, copy the document ID.

Step 8: Now move back to the ChatGPT and here you can ask questions about your document using the document ID. 

How Does ChatGPT Ask Your PDF Help You?

It may help users in the following ways:

  1. Saves your time and you have to put in a little effort which is more than double in ratio while working manually.
  2. Helps you boost your productivity as it smartly extracts the required information which makes it easy to use for your specific purpose.
  3. Enables you to make informed decisions as it helps you analyze data by conducting thorough research.
  4. Refines your data for potential mistakes. It helps you find precise data by removing the chances of human mistakes. In this way, you can get what information exactly you are looking for.

All these things make the ChatGPT ask your PDF a perfect plugin for a seamless AI experience. You should consider one thing about Ask your PDF it offers a limited file size, you can upload a PDF of a maximum size of up to 50 MB. 

In case you need to upload PDFs of a larger size on ChatGPT, you’ll have to compress the PDF or divide the PDF content into two separate documents. 

Best Prompts for the ChatGPT Ask Your PDF

Best Prompts for the ChatGPT Ask Your PDF

The ChatGPT ask your PDF is useful for many people working in different categories. There are certain prompts to boost the productivity and efficiency of this plugin for certain professionals:

1. Investors

We see that the people working as investors have to struggle hard with long and figure-filled documents for market analyses. The ChatGPT ask your PDF plugin is very useful for this purpose. 

You can prompt ChatGPT like this:

  1. Summarize the market analysis section, including market size, growth rate, and competitive landscape.
  2. Find information on the target market, customer demographics, and market trends.

2. Students

The students can also find it a useful plugin for their long-form study texts and assignments. This helps them extract the exact information from lengthy texts and use it for their purposes. 

Students can use the following prompts to get the most out of this plugin:

  1. Summarize the main news story and its implications as presented in this article
  2. Identify the key individuals, places, and dates mentioned in the text
  3. List the key definitions and explanations of important terms within the text.

3. Legal Professionals

Legal documents are found in long-form texts full of case laws, and contracts. This plugin can serve as an efficient tool for such lengthy files to extract the relevant information for legal professionals:

  1. Extract the key terms and conditions from this contract, including payment terms, obligations, and termination clauses.
  2. Identify any indemnification or liability clauses in this agreement.

4. Healthcare Professionals

The ChatGPT ask your PDF is also good for healthcare professionals. They can use it to quickly go through medical reports, research articles, or pharmacological data sheets. The following prompts may help them:

  1. Provide an overview of the recommended clinical guidelines or protocols for a specific medical condition or procedure.
  2. Identify the steps and best practices for patient care as outlined in the document.

5. Journalists

If you are a journalist and you need to extract information swiftly from press releases, reports, or other resources try this plugin. You can use the following prompts to accelerate your work: 

  1. Summarize the main news or announcements provided in this press release.
  2. Identify key quotes or statements from company representatives.

What are the Alternative AI Tools to Chat with PDFs and Documents?

What are the Alternative AI Tools to Chat with PDFs and Documents?

If you are not satisfied with the performance of ChatGPT ask for your PDF  or want some extra features, go for its alternatives. You can find several alternative AI tools offering different features in this connection. Some of them offer more advanced and useful features than others. You can get help from the list below:


This tool is introduced by TextCortex as a conversational AI. It uses advanced language models such as GPT-4 and Sophos 2. You can use it as both a web application and a browser extension. It requires internet connectivity and you are all set to chat with your PDFs anywhere. This is a wonderful tool to support as a browser extension with over 4,000 websites.

The feature in ZenoChat which supports chats with PDF is known as the “Knowledge Bases” feature. This helps users to upload various documents in different formats like PDF, DOC, PowerPoint, and CSV as data sources. You only need to visit the TextCortex’s web application and upload the document you want.

When the file uploading is complete, change the data source in ZenoChat to “Your Knowledge Base.” Thats it! Now, you can easily chat with your PDFs using ZenoChat.

It offers some more things like the Individual Personas feature. Using this amazing feature you can alter the personality and tone of ZenoChat and get chat exposure.


This is a ChatGPT-based PDF and file reading assistant to go through the documents and serve you relevant information. You need to create an account on this platform to get started and start uploading your desired PDF files.

This whole procedure may seem boring to many users at ChatDOC. This is so as it works a bit slow and takes the time of a few minutes to go through your PDF documents.  If you are in a hurry, you might find it useless for you.

The best thing about the tool is its recommended questions feature about your document. If the document is new to you completely, the recommendations made by ChatDOC are very useful for you. In a free version, you can only upload 2 documents up to 20 pages.


ChatPDF is an AI tool that is essentially useful for students, and AI lovers. The tool is easy to use. You only have to upload your PDF file from your device or type the URL of any PDF and the rest is done by this ChatPDF.

The tool after uploading the document, goes through it deeply and guides you to the chat area. Here you can ask questions regarding the documents to get answers from your PDF. here you will find the options to divide your PDF into three parts or convert it into a summary. Sharing and exporting these divided parts of the document is also easy and you can forward them to your teammates or friends to boost your productivity.

4. Unriddle

This tool uses the GPT-4 language model to chat with your PDFs and documents. It also has the same procedure for its operation as we have discussed in the tools above. It supports PDFs, DOCXs, PowerPoint, and Excel document formats.

When you are done with uploading, you are ready to move on to the chat box. Here you can ask questions regarding the information within the PDF file or you can get a summary of your document using Unriddle.

Unriddle offers three pricing plans: Free, Pro, and Premium. In its free plan, you will get a 120-page limit and 5 question credits. The Pro plan provides a 2000-page limit and you will get 100 question credits for $20 per month. The Premium plan provides a 4000-page limit and 250 question credits for $50.


PDFGPT IO is an AI tool that is a useful alternative to ChatGPT asking for your PDF. You just have to upload your file and start asking your questions. It will analyze your documents and create responses according to them.

With its free plan, the users get 10 question credits per month and up to 120 pages of PDF upload. If you want more question credit, you need to subscribe to pro versions. The advanced version offers 1000 questions per month for $9.99, the ultimate version serves 2000 questions per month for $19.99. The users with premium plan access will get 4000 questions per month for the payment of $49.99.


The ChatGPT ask your PDF plugin is a useful addition to the list of ChatGPT plugins and extensions. It helps professionals from all fields like researchers, students, writers, etc. Use it for your research paper summaries, data extraction for market analysis, or important points for your medical thesis. You will find it useful in all these situations.

This helps a lot in boosting your productivity and saves your time and effort more smartly. The plugin has made it a breeze to upload the long boring PDF documents and find out the specifixc piece of information within the document fastky and accurately.


1. Can ChatGPT help with PDFs?

No ChatGPT can not help you work with your PDF documents directly, Instead, you can use its alternatives or its plugins which provide the feature of uploading PDF files.

2. Is it possible to use ask your PDF in ChatGPT?

The ask your PDF works well in ChatGPT. The plugin works by uploading the PDF to its server and then using the document id to ask PDF-related questions in ChatGPT.

3. Is FileGPT free?

Yes, there is a free trial available for FileGPT users. You can upgrade your account for more usage. The paid version offers more useful features at affordable prices.

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