Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay? (Explained 2022)

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the simplest ways to shop because it makes paying with your phone as simple as tapping it and walking away.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay

Because of its simple and user-friendly interface, many individuals prefer to use Apple Pay as a checkout method for products they buy. Some retail stores, however, do not accept these methods of payment.

So the main question is, “Does Dollar General take Apple Pay?” or “Does Dollar General accept Apple Pay in their stores?”. Keep reading the article to find the answers. 

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Dollar General Corporation does not accept Apple Pay. According to TechCrunch, the brand expressed its support for Apple Pay on social media in 2020. But they later apologized and stated that they have no plans to implement these methods of payment in their businesses.

Can I pay with my phone at Dollar General

Yes, You can pay with your mobile phone at Dollar General. It offers an iOS and Android app called DG Go that allows you to scan items on your list while shopping.

Only a few retail locations accept this mode of payment, so double-check whether your local store takes it.

How Do You Use Apple Pay At Dollar General?

No, you can’t use Apply Pay at Dollar General. 

How Do I Pay With My Phone At Dollar General Using DG Go?

Following simple steps will allow you to pay with your phone at Dollar General:

  • Download and install the DG Go app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Check whether your local store accepts DG Go payments using the app’s store locator. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go to a store that does.
  • Add a credit card, gift card, or bank account as a payment option.
  • Check for any available digital coupons and save them to your app before heading to your store.
  • Scan the product barcodes with the app and add them to your shopping cart.
  • Go to the designated DG after you’ve completed shopping. Go to one of the Dollar General’s self-checkout terminals and use the dedicated checkout tablet. Click “I’m ready to checkout” on the app.
  • Scanning the barcode that shows on the checkout screen with the app will complete your payment. Self-checkout machine will send you an electronic receipt right away.

Why Doesn’t Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Dollar General could have a few reasons why it hasn’t used Apply Pay yet.

Some of them are listed below.

Lack Of Interest

Dollar General is a chain of discount stores where people go when they need low-cost items, and it is targeted at persons with a specified household income. As most of its customers are bargain hunters, not everyone owns an Apple devices or an Apple Watch, and that’s why they aren’t interested in Apple Pay.

  • DG GO

DG GO is the mobile payment app of Dollar General which offers a contactless payment method to the customers. You can use it to scan products when shopping, and you can even pay for your purchases with your phone once you’ve finished shopping. Its goal is to make shopping and standard checkout process more efficient and convenient.

Dollar General does not want its customers to use a competitor’s app because they want them to use theirs instead. 

  • Processing Fees

The fees connected with Apple Pay are another reason Dollar store chain does not accept Apply Pay.

Apple Pay does not charge any fees to its users or clients. But companies do charge a fees with credit card. Depending on Apple’s relationship with the credit card company, the cost could be rather expensive.

Dollar grocery stores must keep its operating costs low to keep its prices low.

That’s why it has to limit the card costs. They can save a significant amount of money on contactless credit card and processing fees.

Refusing to accept Apple Pay is a cost-cutting measure. As a result, the store may continue to provide reduced prices to its clients.

What Payment Methods Does Dollar General Accept?

What Payment Methods Does Dollar General Accept

Dollar General accepts the following methods of payment at this time:

  • Cash (USD)
  • Major Credit cards: Visa and MasterCard debit and credit
  • Debit cards: Visa and MasterCard
  • Dollar General Go

Does Dollar General accept Google Pay?

Dollar General does not offer any modern payment method, for example, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

How To Use PayPal On Dollar General’s Website

It’s very simple to use PayPal to pay for your online stores purchases at Dollar General.

Choose “PayPal” as your payment type on the payment screen when checking out online. Then, as usual, finish your order with delivery information and other relevant information.

The Dollar grocery store chain website will connect you to to complete your payment once you’ve completed your order.

Finally, you may use your PayPal account to make a safe payment without using your credit cards, debit cards, or bank account credentials.

Can You Use Your iPhone To Make Payments At Dollar General?

Yes, you may make purchases at Dollar stores using your iPhone.

Even though Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay, you can still get the DG GO app for your iPhone.

The only thing you need to know before shopping with your iPhone is whether or not your local Dollar General allows DG GO. You won’t be able to shop with your phone if it doesn’t. You can scan things and make a payment using your iPhone and the DG GO app if it does.

Conclusion Dollar General Take Apple Pay

Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay or any other major smartphone payment apps (Google Pay or Samsung Pay), and there are no plans to add support for these apps in the near future.

It does, however, have its own app, DG Go, which allows you to scan things while shopping and pay with your phone at select stores using a QR code.

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