Does Subway Have Drive-Thru In 2022? (Other Options)

Does Subway Have Drive-Thru
Does Subway Have Drive-Thru

Subway Have Drive-Thru?Subway is a very popular fast-food restaurant. There is probably a Subway nearby because it offers a wide range of options, cooks meals quickly, and has over 37,000 locations worldwide.

The drive-thru service is among the most practical features that many significant fast-food businesses provide. You might want to know if Subway has a drive-thru. Read the article to know if Subway offers drive-thru option and how it operates.

Does Subway Have Drive-Thru

Yes, Subway offers drive-through option in the United States. About 10% of Subway shops offered a drive-thru option in 2017. The drive-thru at Subway naturally takes a little longer than at other fast-food restaurants because everything is made fresh. 

However, Subway’s drive-thru is still expanding, with the procedure and timing getting better every year.

How Does Subway Drive Thru Work?

Similar to how most drive-thrus for quick food work, so does the Subway. Customers might go to the speaker system and speak what they want. Then they go to the next window to pay the bill.

After that, customers drive to the third window to pick up their orders. Subway requests that customers move to a dedicated collecting parking bay if the food isn’t yet ready.

The length of time was initially the main drawback of the Subway drive-thru. For example, when you order your meal over the speaker system, it can take some time. Or staff members may overlook items when you request  meat, bread, sauce, and toppings. Because of this, some Subway locations include touch displays in addition to drive-thrus for ordering. There were just 200 Subway locations with touchscreens in 2017. But, the number is gradually increasing.

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How Fast Is Subway Drive-Thru? Review

In general, ordering through a Subway drive-thru can take longer than at other fast-food restaurants like McD’s. The ordering process at McDonald’s is typically quick and easy. The food is already prepared to be delivered right away. But the ordering process with Subway might take a long time as you have to choose every thing of your sandwich, including the protein, toppings, bread and sauces. So, you will have to wait a little bit longer than at McDonald’s after placing your sandwich order.

How Many Subways Have A Drive-Thru?

Over 2,000 Subway shops provide a drive-thru option as of 2017. About 10% of these sites feature touch screens for placing orders.

The number of stores with a drive-thru will continue to increase if Subway can find ways to increase the speed of the ordering process.

What Other Ways Can You Order At Subway?

The drive-thru is still a relatively young business for Subway. So, there are other ways to get meals from Subway. The best option for you is to visit a Subway location, place your order and select your bread, toppings and sauces. Then pick up your sandwich. However, there are some other ways to order from Subway:

  • Use the Subway mobile app to place an order. When you place your order and select your sandwich filling, bread, toppings, and sauces, the app will let you know when it is ready for pickup.
  • Use a food delivery app to place an order (UberEats, DoorDash). A delivery man will pick up your meal from Subway and deliver it to your house after you place your order on a delivery app and select all your ingredients.
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What Does The Future Look Like For Subway Drive-Thru?

The Subway drive-thru is still in its initial stage. Despite this, there are still not many Subway locations with a drive-through system, and even fewer locations have touchscreen ordering to expedite the procedure. Therefore, the next stage needs to be to introduce touch screen ordering at all Subway locations having a drive-thru. Then increase the number of Subway drive-thrus.

It is crucial to have touchscreen ordering as a common feature at Subway drive-thrus because it not only expedites the procedure but also makes mistakes less likely.

What other options do you have if you want to order at Subway?

What other options do you have if you want to order at Subway?
Beyond the standard drive-through, Subway offers several other ways to place your meal order. You can use the Subway mobile app to place an order in advance. You can also order meal in person by going into a store. You can use a food delivery app like UberEats or DoorDash to get your sandwich delivered.

Regardless of how you decide to order, you can choose the bread, sauce, and toppings for your sandwich.

What’s the maximum number of drive-thru’s that a subway can have?

Over 2,000 Subway stores offered drive-thru service in 2017. As the sandwich company searches for ways to speed up the ordering process and cut down on customer wait times, this number is anticipated to increase in the upcoming years. Touch displays are one way to do this. But there are other approaches as well, like streamlining the menu and buying new kitchen appliances.

Subway is also looking at the potential of offering a delivery service, which would make things much more convenient for customers. Subway is one of the most well-liked fast food options in the world because of its price and convenience.

Is the Subway Drive-Thru restaurant quick?

The Subway drive-thru is much slower than other restaurants. Ordering from Subway can take longer than ordering from McDonald's since customers must select each component of their sandwiches individually.

Additionally, because everything at Subway is made according to the order, there is typically a five-minute delay after placing an order. Even though there may be a long wait, many individuals value the personalized choices that Subway offers. Customers can make a truly fulfilling sandwich by taking the time to select their preferred components. The McDonald’s drive-thru would be a better choice for individuals who have less time.


In 2017, over 200 Subway locations have touch screen ordering, accounting for about 10% of all locations with a drive-thru. At Subway, the drive-thru takes longer than ordering in store. But, Subway’s drive-thru is still expanding. The process will be easier and quicker with more touch screens installed.

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