Does Walmart Convert VHS To DVD? Ultimate Guide

Does Walmart Convert VHS To DVD
Does Walmart Convert VHS To DVD

Are you attempting to hold onto the remaining traces of memories that date back a decade, such as your wedding or graduation? Are you annoyed that your outdated video player won’t play these memories for you no matter what you do? Does Walmart carry that out for you, then?

The simplest response is that the service of converting data from VHS to DVD is available at the most accessible and convenient retail location. Videotapes, movie films, pictures, and digital media can all be transferred to DVDs through a process known as digitizing.

S-VHS, VHS-C, and S-VHS-C are just a few of the several VHS formats that Walmart Photo Studio can digitize.

Walmart uses its own specialized hardware and software to transfer the data from a VHS tape and create a digital copy that can be accessed through cloud storage, DVD, or USB.

Does Walmart Convert VHS To DVD In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart’s Photo Departments will luckily convert VHS to DVD. You have two options: either visit a nearby Photo Department yourself or place orders online and mail your tapes. The cost of the VHS to DVD conversion service begins from $12.96 for 30 minutes of video and normally takes 3–4 weeks to complete.

How Do You Convert VHS To DVD At Walmart?

You can order the conversion of your VHS tapes to DVD format online or by bringing the tapes to your neighborhood Walmart Photo Department. After clicking “Start My Order” on, choose the dedicated option if you want to send and receive your order via mail.

Alternatively, you can print your online order documents and bring them to the store if you prefer to drop them off and pick up the order at your neighborhood Walmart Photo Department.

You can choose to add a USB drive to your order. It will also come with a digital copy and cloud access.

How Long Does It Take To Convert VHS To DVD At Walmart?

Typically, from the time you drop off your VHS at your local Walmart Photo Department (or send it in via mail), your VHS to DVD conversion order will take between 3 and 4 weeks to complete.

When your media is received, while it is being processed, or once it has been mailed back to you or your neighborhood Walmart Photo for pickup, Walmart will send you email reminders.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert VHS To DVD At Walmart?

The cost of conversion at Walmart depends on the volume of transferred media data. The amount you pay will depend on how much material you have, with a normal 60-minute or shorter video tape transfer costing $21.42.

Here is a complete price list for Walmart’s VHS to DVD conversion service:

  • ≤ 30 minutes—$12.96 
  • 31 – 60 minutes—$18.42 
  • 61 – 90 minutes—$23.88 
  • 91 – 120 minutes—$29.34 

There is a $7.46 fee for every additional 30 minutes of the converted video.

What Videotape Formats Can Be Converted To DVD At Walmart?

Accepted videotape formats include the following: 

  • Betamax
  • DV
  • DVC
  • Hi-8
  • MiniDV
  • S-VHS-C
  • S-VHS
  • VHS-C
  • VHS
  • Video8

Walmart also offers DVD conversion services for NTSC and PAL foreign tape standards.

Will You Get Your Original VHS Tapes Back After Converting To DVD At Walmart?

After conversion, your original videotapes and cases will be returned to you. All of your original media will be returned along with the filled order.

When Do You Pay For Converting Your VHS To DVD At Walmart?

You will pay half of the anticipated cost at checkout if you order through the online store and choose to mail your tapes. You will be charged or credited for the difference if the order changes when delivered, with either more or fewer media. You can see the amount on the shipping confirmation email.

Alternatively, if you choose in-store pickup, full payment is required when picking up your purchase from the Walmart Photo Department.

How Many VHS Tapes Can Fit On A Walmart DVD?

How Many VHS Tapes Can Fit On A Walmart

A 2-hour VHS tape will often fit into a single DVD. But if you choose an extended lower resolution, you can fit around 4 hours of VHS onto a DVD.

Ask a Walmart Photo Department staff for detailed information on how many hours of VHS content can be saved on each disc, as it will depend on other types of DVD storage and resolution characteristics.

Is DVD the best format for conversion?

The choice of DVD depends on the volume and nature of the data. 

How it works: the process to transfer VHS to DVD Walmart is quick and hassle-free.

Due to the Walmart photo services, data conversion from VHS tape to DVD is now easy and simple. Follow the three instructions listed below, and presto! You wouldn’t ever have to lose your head over the poor quality and lags of a VHS tape because your priceless moments would be just a click away:

  • Create an order: The first step is to generate the order. Place your can gather all the transferrable media and customize your DVD online or at your nearby Walmart Photo location with themes, images, or music.
  • Send your media: Now that you’ve gathered your media, you need to mail it or drop it off at your neighborhood Walmart Photo.
  • Get the VHS tape’s digital copy: The dispatched version of the prepared order is received. It will either be delivered by mail to your door or available for pickup at Walmart Photo.


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Even though it is possible to transfer this important data on your own, it is best to contact one of the companies mentioned before your VHS tapes become completely worn out and cease to function.

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