How Much does Dead by Daylight Cost on PS4? (Price & Market Value)

How Much does Dead by Daylight Cost on PS4
How Much does Dead by Daylight Cost on PS4

Dead by Daylight is the multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight in which one player assumes the character of the vicious Killer while the other four players take on the roles of the Survivors, attempting to flee the Killer without being discovered, captured, or murdered. Third-person survivors have the benefit of having superior situational awareness. In today’s article, you will learn about how much cost does dead by daylight on ps4. It means how much you pay for this horror game. Keep reading to learn more. 

How much does dead by daylight cost on ps4

Behaviour Interactive designed the symmetrical multi-player online game Dead by Daylight, which has a survival horror concept. The PlayStation Store charges $19.99 for the four-player, online multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. However, “Dead by Daylight” is currently FREE on the PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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Will there be a sequel to “Dead Light 2”?

Although there is no official word that a Dead Daylight 2 is in the works, it is possible. The initial game’s creators have indicated an interest in creating a sequel because it was a commercial success. Fans can dream, but there are no firm plans as of yet.

Do PS4 and Xbox One support DBD co-op?

Crossplay for Dead by Daylight is now possible, allowing you to play with other players on other platforms. As a result, you may try to survive together whether you play on a Switch, PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. Whatever technology you use, playing with pals is always enjoyable.

Does DBD require PS Plus?

Do I need PS Plus to use PS Now to play online games? No. Without an active PlayStation Plus membership, you may play any game in PlayStation Now online. Consider this to be an added benefit of a PS Now membership.

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What is the DBD code entry process?

Launch the game in Dead by Daylight and go to the Store menu to redeem codes. After that, you can click on the Button for Redeem code that is shown on the right side of the screen. Put the code directly as it comes in our listing above in the text field. Once you’re certain that you typed it incorrectly, click Redeem to receive your prize!

 Does DBD is playable on the Switch?

Since August 2020, Dead By Daylight is playable on the Switch. As a result, there is a greater choice of gamer to play with, wait times are less, and there is some fascinating console versus PC discussions. The game is accessible on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and Steam.

Voice chat is available in Dead by Daylight?

Unfortunately, voice chat is not yet available in Dead by Daylight, nor is it expected to be added very soon, if at all. On their official Twitter, Behaviour Interactive stated in response to this well-liked request from 2020 that “we have no intention to introduce a voice chat.”

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What Does PS Plus Cost?

Members of Sony’s PS Plus membership program get access to premium functions and material for their PlayStation consoles. Depending on the nation you live in, PS Plus might cost anywhere from $50 and $60 each year. Free games every month, online multiplayer, and special savings on PlayStation Store purchases are just a few advantages of PS Plus.

What games are available online without a PS Plus account?

You can use the PSN account even if you don’t have a PS Plus membership. This indicates that it is still possible to purchase games from the PS Store and download them for offline play. But you are unable to play online games without a PS Plus subscription.

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Do DBD games last a long time?

Regardless of whatever side wins, it takes me 12 to 15 minutes on average, however, the Ruin build is changing that a little bit because it messes with gen rush. Based on 25 games, I estimate that a game lasts between 16 and 18 minutes. My games usually go for five to ten minutes.


 Dead by Daylight is a horror multiplayer game that everyone wants to play either single or with a player. Hopefully, the above information related to the cost of the dead by daylight on ps4 is helpful for your queries.

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