How to Screenshot ffxiv? Video Guide

How to Screenshot ffxiv
How to Screenshot ffxiv

Do you ever want to capture scenic beauty images of your video game or important data but can’t figure out how to do so? With just a few steps, you can learn how to capture screenshots of games like Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re searching for some pointers, we’ve put up a useful guide that will show you where to find the FFXIV snapshot. You’ll also learn about FFXIV’s photo mode and how to snap snapshots on Windows.

how to screenshot ffxiv

Let’s take a look at how to take an FFXIV screenshot.

  • On Windows, click the PrtSc + Windows key combo to snap screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV.
  • To capture a screenshot using the PS4, tap the SHARE button.
  • To capture a screenshot with PS5, press the CREATE button.

How Do You Take a Screenshot in Final Fantasy XIV PC?

In FFXIV PC, use the Print Screen button PrtSc to take screenshots. To take snapshots of the Final Fantasy XIV game, press the Windows key + PrtSc keys together. You may also snap a screenshot by pressing Windows + Shift + S.

How to Take Screenshots on Multiple Devices

Use the following instructions to take snapshots on multiple devices, such as your smartphone or computer

  • To snap a screenshot on the phone, simultaneously press and release the volume up and power buttons.
  • Use the Print Screen shorthand key, PrtSc, to take screenshots on your PC. To take a screenshot, press PrtSc + Windows.
  • On a Mac, use command + shift + 3 to snap a screenshot.

How Do You Capture a Screenshot on Windows?

On Windows, there are two methods for taking screenshots:

  • To capture the full screen, use the PrintScreen + Windows keys shortcut.
  • Alternatively, use the Windows + Shift + S keystrokes to capture a section of the screen.

What Happens to FFXIV Screenshots on Steam?

The screenshots you capture of the FFXIV game in Steam are saved in the User data directory within the Steam folder on your local disk where it was installed.

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Where Do FFXIV Gshade Screenshots Go?

Unless you altered the place during the installation process, the Gshade shots of your FFXIV game are saved in the directory DocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn screenshots by default.

Where do you keep your screenshots?

When you take a screenshot on most devices, it is automatically saved in a folder called Screenshots. When you capture a screenshot in Windows, the image is saved to your computer in the Screenshots folder.

Where Do Screenshots Go in Final Fantasy 14?

By default, any Final Fantasy XIV snapshots you capture in-game are saved in the game’s folder on your local disc. The FFXIV picture location is in the FFXIV folder, along with another folder titled Screenshots, which keeps all screenshots taken while playing the game.

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How Do You Use Gpose FFXIV to Take Pictures?

On Windows, you may capture pictures of Final Fantasy XIV using Group Pose by pressing the Print Screen key PrtSc + Windows key. To capture a screenshot on the PS4 or PS5, tap the SHARE and CREATE buttons.

Is there a snapshot mode in Final Fantasy XIV?

By clicking the “Share” button on the PS4 FF14, you may snap screenshots. But how do you get to them after you’ve taken them? It’s as simple as going to the “Library” program from the PlayStation menu. Then select “Capture Gallery,” locate Final Fantasy: XIV, and you’re done!

What is the screenshot shortcut key?

It is on Windows 10. Depending on your hardware, you may be able to utilize the Windows Logo Key + PrtScn button as a print screen shortcut. If your device lacks the PrtScn button, you may capture a screenshot by pressing Fn + Windows logo key + Space Bar, which can then be printed.


Final Fantasy 14 is an MMO game, and FFXIV is an amalgamation of the aesthetics of science fiction and aspects of conventional Final Fantasy. Taking screenshots within the game is simple; simply follow the instructions outlined above. It is not too difficult, hope so this article will help you take screenshots on multiple devices. There is a comment box below, give your feedback. Thanks.

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