Is Zoot A Scrabble Word?

Is Zoot a Scrabble Word?

Zoot is a valid word in some Scrabble dictionaries. But you should check your dictionary to make sure before using it. Here is a list of Scrabble Dictionaries and the validity of the word “Zoot” in them.

Offcl. Scrabble Pl. Dict. & Offcl. Scrabble WordsSOWPODSInternational / UK / AustraliaYes
NASPA Word List 2020NWL2020USA / Canada / ThailandNo
Tournament Word List 2016TWL16USA / Canada / ThailandNo
Collins Scrabble Words 2019CSW19International / UK / AustraliaYes
Offcl. Scrabble Players DictionaryOSPD4USA / Canada / ThailandNo
Australian Primary SchoolsOWL2AustraliaNo

Scrabble Points of Zoot

The total points of Zoot in Scrabble are 13. The letter score is as follows:

  • 10 points for Z
  • 1 point for O
  • 1 point for O
  • 1 point for T

List of The Highest Scoring Words with Zoot

WordsScrabble Points

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