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Every Married at First Sight cast member has certain expectations for their future spouse that are non-negotiable. And Kirsten is the same in Season 16. In an exclusive conversation, Kirsten discussed her former engagement experiences, what she most hoped to find in her future husband, and more.

So who is Kirsten from Married at First Sight, and what motivated her to submit an application for the program in the first place? She is introduced to the audience in the Season 16 premiere, where it is shown that she is adamant about getting the husband she wants and would not accept anything less. And to be honest, that is to be anticipated. But that doesn’t mean Shaquille, her new husband, satisfies all the standards she has set.

Who is Kirsten from ‘Married at First Sight’?

Kirsten is ready to find a partner, wed them, and begin a life—possibly a family—with them. At least, that’s how Married at First Sight’s new season begins. Because of her success as a real estate agent, she doesn’t want her new spouse to feel threatened by her. It remains to be seen if Shaquille is like that or not. She does, however, distinctly understand what she seeks in a spouse.

I decided to give this experiment a chance because I knew the person I would be matched with wanted a committed relationship,” Kirsten told in an interview.

She didn’t have a particularly difficult time discovering that in the real world, but she does have a failed relationship in the past that she had hoped would result in marriage but didn’t. Kirsten decided to take matters into her own hands by appearing in the show.

What Role Religion Plays in Kirsten’s life “Outside of “MAFS?”

On the show, Kirsten states that she’s seeking for a “Godly man” to spend the rest of her life with. And she told that when she spoke to the MAFS specialists, that was a major issue for her.

She said, “Religion is important to me and it was a deal breaker for me, ss a child and as an adult, I pray daily and attend church. I want my future family to be raised in a Baptist church.

Kirsten Married at First Sight Instagram

Married at First Sight

Kirsten Married at First Sight Instagram

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