Microsoft Edge Made Security Improvements And Updated PDF Policies In The Latest Version

The most recent stable version of Edge has been made available by Microsoft. The updated version, 113.0.1774.35, offers Microsoft Root Store, a new EdgeUpdater for macOS, and enhancements to Edge’s improved security mode.

Here is the complete changelog:

Feature Updates

Updates in Enhanced Security Mode: An additional layer of security is provided while using the enhanced security mode to browse the internet and access foreign websites. Consolidating the security level settings to Balanced and Strict mode is one of the enhancements in this release update.

Switch to EdgeUpdater for macOS from Microsoft Autoupdate: A new updater called EdgeUpdater will start being used by Microsoft Edge for macOS. On macOS, only Microsoft Edge is impacted by this update. To stop future automatic updates, you must switch to the new EdgeUpdater UpdateDefault policy before Microsoft Edge 113 if you utilize Microsoft Autoupdate update settings to stop browser updates. 

Updated PDF View Settings policy: Administrators can manage Microsoft Edge’s PDF View Recovery using the RestorePdfView policy. If the feature is turned on or the policy isn’t set up, Microsoft Edge will resume the last state of the PDF view and take users to the place where they left off reading during the previous session.

Updated Microsoft Root Store policy: Microsoft Edge Versions 113 and 114 will now support the MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled policy. In Microsoft Edge version 115, it will be eliminated. 

Policy updates

Here are the new policies:

  • RestorePdfView – It restores the PDF view.
  • EnforceLocalAnchorConstraintsEnabled – It checks whether constraints specified in trust anchors loaded from the platform trust store will be applied by the built-in certificate verification.
  • ReadAloudEnabled – It enables the read-aloud feature in Microsoft Edge.
  • ShowDownloadsToolbarButton – It displays the Downloads button on the toolbar.
  • TabServicesEnabled – It enables the Tab Services

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