10 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Updated List)

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

When it comes to monetizing your blog’s traffic, there are various ways available in the market and one of the profitable ways is to monetize with the best PCC affiliate program.

Finding a PPC affiliate program can be overwhelming as there are many PPC Programs available in the market, but after trying the many PPC programs for more than two years.

In this post, I have shared the best affiliate marketing programs for publishers based on my own experience getting the highest ROI and converting clicks into profits.

But before giving you the list of the top-click affiliate programs, you need to understand the basics of the PPC Program.

What is a Pay Per Click Program?

Pay per clicks programs are the type of program that is helpful for bloggers and affiliate marketers to make a good income from their blog and build a sustainable business out of it.

In this advertising model, the advertisers pay publishers or search engines like Google whenever someone clicks on their PPC ads and they generally pay for every click they get.

But in this case, these publishers are generally bloggers and affiliate marketers who show their ads on their websites and earn a commission from them.

With this, the main motive of the advertisers for paying the money for cost per action or cost per click is to generate leads for the business or bring traffic to their site to make a sale and earn money from it.

10 Best Pay Per Click Affiliates in 2024

First of all, I know how hard it is to bring traffic to your site because I have been there and where my site is getting good traffic but still, I was earning pennies, and the main reason behind this because I had not selected the right and profitable click affiliate programs to earn money.

One of the most common things that I found in most online marketers or successful bloggers is that they don’t depend on one way to monetize their blog, they diversify their income.

If you are also a new affiliate marketing blogger, I will recommend you diversify your income with the below, click affiliate programs that pay good money 

 Here is the list of the top affiliate programs that you join and earn good money from your website traffic

1. Google Adsense

Google AdSense

When it comes to monetizing your blog the first option that comes to the mind of any new blogger is using Google AdSense there was a time when you could earn full-time income from Google AdSense.

But nowadays it’s not a good idea to depend on Google Adsense alone, the first reason behind this it’s become difficult to get approved for the AdSense program and second the RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) is low as compared to the early days of the google click affiliate programs.

But still, AdSense is the simple way to earn money by displaying ads on your online content of the website, most of the time the earning from AdSense depends on the type of niche you are working upon.

Note – If you are working in a niche where the advertisers are fewer then the chances are you will probably make less money, but if you work in a niche where the advertisers are high (like web hosting or the insurance niche), then you will make more money.

Pros of using Google Adsense 

As mentioned above for the beginner it is still one of the good ways to make money and here are some of the pros of Google AdSense that you can consider.

Free – Registering for the Google AdSense account does not cost you anything it’s free and you can start with zero investment.

No need for huge Traffic – As compared to the other affiliate program that pays per click which requires certain traffic and you don’t need too much traffic to get approval for Google Adsense and Google does not mention any requirement of the traffic for Adsense approval.

Payment threshold – Goole will pay every month once you reach the $100 on your Google AdSense account which has the payment threshold of $100.

Control over Ads – The best thing about Google AdSense is that it gives you control over the ads which means you can block the ads that you don’t like or you also change the location of ads on your website.

Automatic Optimisation – Another benefit of using Google AdSense is that they optimize your ads as per the device whether mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Cons of using Google Adsense

As you know the coin has two sides so let’s talk about the other side of the coin which is the cons of using Google AdSense

Account Block – google is very strict with their rules and regulations and if they find anything that you are doing wrong they will immediately block your Google AdSense account without any warning.

Ads Limit – This is the big issue of Google Adsense they add the limit on your ads account which means that you show a limited number of ads that directly impact your earnings.

Payment Threshold – As mentioned you cannot withdraw the money until you don’t cross the threshold of $100 which is very difficult initially for the new bloggers.

Now let’s jump right into the next pay-per-click affiliate program that will help you make good money and is better than Adsense.

2. Media.net

In the world of contextual and display advertising (media.net) is one of the most popular affiliate programs and they are known for providing better commissions to their publishers.

But for most newbies, google adsense becomes the default choice and they don’t have any idea that they double their income by using some other PPC affiliate network one of them is (media.net)

The difference between media.net and Google AdSense is Google puts ads from the Google Ads Network while media net pulls the ads from Bing and Yahoo networks.

In terms of RPM you will get better RPMs than Google AdSense, the good news is that you don’t have to remove your Google to enable the media net you can use both networks as they co-exist on the same website.

Pros of using the media.net 

Support team – The best feature of media.net is that they will assist in setting up the ads account and guide you to edit the themes and styles of ads without any hassle.

User-Friendly Dashboard – As compared to the dashboards of the other network, the dashboard of the media net is user-friendly, and newbie bloggers can use and earn money without any issues.

Add on multiple websites – Another good thing about the media net is that you use one account on unlimited sites.

Responsive Ads – The things that I observed that most of the ad networks slow the site and are not responsive but this ad network is responsive and does not impact the speed of the site.

Cons of using media.net 

Requirement of the traffic –Just like another ads network you also get paid per click but one of the major disadvantages of this network is that you require 5000 monthly traffic to get approval from this ads network.

Limited payment Options – Another major drawback of media.net is that they only pay in the US dollar and not in any other currencies which means some of the users might face difficulties in the money exchange process.

Method of payment – They majorly pay through PayPal or Transfer Wise so must need to have an account with any of these to get the money.

Traffic from Tier 1 countries – If you want to make money from this program, then you have to drive the traffic from the Tier 1 countries that’s the only to get approval from the media net.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic is another PPC affiliate marketing program that emerged as the competitor of Google Adsense back in years 2010, but after a decade this program became one of the most popular choices, especially among the content site owners, the reason behind this they pay better RPM than the google adsense and the media.net, you can earn an RPM up to $15 on the 1000 visitors and they offer many popular programs.

Pros of using the Ezoic 

Advanced Testing – The first thing that you will get in adding the ezoic to your site is the advanced features of testing and running your experiment with the different ads without installing any other plugin or software.

A unique system of tracking – The biggest advantage of using the Ezoic program is that they have added one feature in their add network which will help you identify how many times users have visited your sites and what times they have visited your site which will significantly help you improve your income.

Control over Add – You will get control over the placement of the ads which means that you change the placement of your site as per your preferences.

Cons of using the Ezoic

Confusing interface – The interface of the ezoic is a little confusing, it will take time for the users to understand the function of every option.

Inconsistent user support – After talking with a few ezoic users I found that their customer support is not that good and you can expect a prompt response.

Slow down the speed of the site – Another thing that I have noticed after adding the ezoic on one of my sites is they add some changes to your site which ultimately slows down your website speed although you can improve it.

4. Mediavine

If you are looking for click affiliate programs in 2024 that can help you make full-time earnings from the blog, then choosing Mediavine would be the best decision for your blog.

It is the highest level of the above-mentioned network and perfect for those who are getting significant traffic on their blog and it is one of the best PPC affiliate programs.

Another good thing about this network is that they are very selective in choosing the publisher if you want to get the approval of this network the minimum need of the visitor is 50000 and if you have this much traffic you can easily make $1000 -$1500 from this network.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of using the Mediavine network on your blog.

Pros of Using Mediavine 

High-Paying advertisers – They are mostly known for having good relations with the top and high-paying advertisers which means that the potential of earning is awesome.

Exceptional Support – They provide you an expectational support system which means you can get the assistance where you need it from their side.

High RPM – As it is the premium network for the publisher it gives you the highest RPM and you can earn up to $30 per thousand visitors, overall you can generate decent income from it.

Cons of using the Medianvine

Traffic Requirement – The requirement of traffic is the biggest issue in this PPC program, but this is the one step forward from the normal add networks.

Long Approval Process – As mentioned before they are very selective in choosing the publishers which is the reason they have a long approval process.

Strict Ads Placement – Like the other PPC programs, you cannot place the ads where you want as they have a very strict policy.

5. Adsterra


It’s one of the most reputed PPC affiliate programs that you can use to monetize your website traffic both for desktop and mobile users and the biggest reason behind this is that they offer a referral program.

You can 5% off if someone opens an account from your link on and it will the lifetime earning which means you will get consistent income from it.

Opening an Adsterra account is not a long process, you just need to fill in the necessary details so you can join their referral program and in this, you also get paid for each click

Pros of using the Adsterra 

User Friendly interface – The interface of Adsterra is simple and easy to use which means you can any new blogger or affiliate marketer can use it without any issues.

Variety of the ad formats – In the adsterra the best thing is that you get the various ad formats that you can add to your website.

Competitive CPM (cost per mile) – They offer high payouts as compared to other ad networks that’s the reason many people use it.

Cons of Using Adsterra

Low Rates in some Regions – As mentioned before they pay good rates but in some regions, their rate is low especially when you are getting traffic from Asian countries so make sure you target the right country.

Account suspension – They have strict rules and regulations if they find anything that violates their policy and it can be challenging for new people who are not aware of all the features of Adsterra.

6. Infolinks


In the list of popular PPC, companies infolinks claims to be the 3rd largest PPC company, and the thing that sets them apart from the other ad networks is that they first analyze your website traffic in real-time and serve the ads that are suitable for your visitor.

However, their RPM is not as good as the Mediavine and Ezoic but still a great addition for people who are just using Google AdSense it is the best affiliate program for beginners and you can withdraw money by eCheck, ACH, and Payoneer. The minimum threshold in the case of Western Union is $100.

Now let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of using the info affiliate program on your website.

Pros of using Infolinks

Intent-Based Targeting – As mentioned above they analyze the traffic of your website before serving any ads which means they will served based on the intent of your visitors.

Use another network at the same time – The biggest advantage of using Infolinks is that you can use another network with it at the same time without any issues.

Payment Threshold is low – The payment threshold of the infolinks is low which means that you don’t need to wait a long to receive your payout and their threshold is $50.

Cons of using the Infolinks 

Limited control over the Add – You will have less control over the types of add will show on your website which can be problematic if don’t align with your brand and niche.

Low CPM – As compared to the other networks Infolink gives you a lower CPM than any other ads network especially when your traffic is not from tier 1 countries.

Limited targeting options: Infolinks offers fewer targeting options compared to larger ad networks, which can limit your ability to reach your ideal audience.

7. Skimlinks


Skimlinks is one of the oldest pay per click affiliate programs out there which you can use to monetize the content of your site without any hassle.

All you need to simply install their script on your site and they will provide you the link to the recommended product link that you add to your content and make money from it.

The revenue system works in the 75/25 split ratio on all money earned through commissions and they also offer you the referral program which can give you 35% on your referral for the first 12 months and you earn it as referrals affiliate income.

Pros of using the Skimlinks 

Easy to use – The interface of the Skimlinks is easy to use, and any blogger or new person can understand all you need to just simply copy and paste the code and you are good to go.

Network of merchants – This network has over 60000 merchants on their platform so there is good potential for making money for your blog and you can join their affiliate very easily.

Customer support – The customer support of the Skimlinks platform is good and you will get help from their representatives whenever you need them.

Cons of using the Skimlinks 

Take cut from your earnings – As mentioned before they cut 25 % from the total commission you have earned from this platform which is a good chunk of money.

Limited control over Ads – This platform provides you limited control over the ads that appear on your website, so it can be an issue when the ads or product is not related to your brand.

Slow in releasing the payment – Skimlinks usually takes 90 days to give you the commission which means you need to wait for 3 months to receive your payment.

8. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits

This affiliate program is different from all the programs that I have mentioned above. The main difference in these programs is that you get paid when someone clicks on any ads and completes the actions. It is similar to the traditional affiliate program where you refer the product and get paid once they have finished the purpose from your link.

The system of RevenueHits is unique in that they don’t care about the traffic; what they care about is the quality traffic that achieves the purpose of sale or signs up for the product.

Pros of using the Revenue Hits

Lower Payout Threshold – The threshold of this network is less as compared to other ad networks which have a high payout threshold, which means that you can get your money at a lower threshold.

Automated earning transfer – You don’t need to manually request the payments because they automatically send your earnings at the end of the month, which simplifies the payment process and also ensures you get payment on time.

Unlimited ad inventory – They have thousands of ads and deals added daily, which means that you never run out of opportunities to monetize your website traffic which results in consistent income potential.

Cons of using the Revnue Hits 

Slow Customer Support: when it comes to customer support the response of the support takes a long time sometimes it becomes so frustrating especially when you are stuck on something.

Limited Analytics: This platform provides you access to limited analytics which sometimes makes it difficult for the publisher to know how many visitors have purchased from their link.

9. Bluehost Affiliate Program

BlueHost Affiliate Program

My experience with the BlueHost affiliate program has been quite rewarding and I have been part of their affiliate for a long time.

 I received a unique affiliate link and banner from BlueHost, which I integrated into my website. The process was straightforward, and I found it easy to promote BlueHost products to my users.

One of the key advantages of the BlueHost affiliate program is the commission structure. With every sale generated through my affiliate link, I earned a commission ranging from $65 to $125. This provided an incentive to actively promote BlueHost products on my site.

Pros of using the Bluehost affiliate program

Lucrative Earning Potential: One of the major pros for me is the attractive commission structure. Earning anywhere from $65 to $125 on each sale provides a high incentive, making the effort put into promoting BlueHost products worthwhile.

Simple and User-Friendly Setup: Setting up and using the BlueHost affiliate program is simple and anyone can set up an account without any issues this simplicity made it easy for me to start earning without any unnecessary complications.

Flexibility for Scalable Earnings: I appreciate the flexibility in earning potential. As my website’s traffic and reach grew, so did my earnings. This scalability is a significant advantage, allowing me to maximize my revenue based on the success of my promotional efforts.

Cons of using the Bluehost affiliate 

High Payout Threshold: The minimum payout threshold of $100, while reasonable for some, may be considered high for others, especially those with lower website traffic. Waiting to reach this threshold before withdrawing earnings could be a drawback for some affiliates.

Varied Commission Rates: The commission rates range from $65 to $125 per sale, while lucrative, can be a bit unpredictable. The inconsistency in earnings per sale might make it challenging to estimate potential income accurately.

Competitive Niche: The web hosting market is highly competitive, and promoting Bluehost products can have huge competition from other hosting affiliates.

10. Semrush PPC Affiliate Program

Semrush PPC Affiliate Program

SEMrush is widely regarded as one of the most popular affiliate programs among bloggers, and it can be a lucrative source of income. The average commission rate for SEMrush affiliates is an impressive 40%, which is notably higher compared to other networks. You can leverage this affiliate program to generate substantial earnings, particularly if your audience consists of business professionals or online marketers.

Pros of joining the Semrush affiliate program

  • High commissions: Earn $200 per sale, plus $10 for trials.
  • Proven platform: Promote a trusted tool used by millions, including Fortune 500s.
  • Easy promotion: Leverage pre-made marketing materials and dedicated support.

Cons of joining the Semrush affiliate program 

Competitive niche: SEO/marketing affiliate space is crowded, requiring strong audience targeting and content strategy.

High ticket product: Converting free trial users to paying customers for a premium tool can be challenging.

Strict program rules: Be mindful of limitations like self-referrals, misleading claims, and PPC keyword restrictions.

Looking for the best pay per click affiliate program? Here we have shared the top affiliate marketing programs to earn more money in 2024 with less traffic.

Mistakes to Avoid in Starting PPC Affiliate Programs

  1. Promoting the wrong products.
  2. Avoid promoting faulty products.
  3. Always choose the right affiliate program.
  4. Be careful about the traffic and use ways to increase traffic.
  5. Invest money on trustful websites. Always focus on the quality content.
  6. Promoting low-cost products  Having a poor quality website.

Pro Tips to Earn Money by PPC Affiliate Program

Create an Account on the Beneficial PPC Affiliate Site: You should have an account on the Adsense, and you must have to know about the marketing strategies, then you will earn money through PPC.

Increase your Social Media Network: Increase your social media network by just making accounts on Social media and get connected with your clients.

Wait to Get increase in Ranking: Show patience in this program as the main moto of this service is getting clicks. Adopt the way of getting clicks; it all depends upon the quality of content.

Be Honest: Promote the right things to your users that really give benefits to them.

Right Platform: Choose the right platform.

Target Languages: Choose the right Language and the right country for which you are targeting.

Avoid Using too Many ADS on your WebSite

Avoid using many Ads on your website as it affects your site. Too many ads is a cause of poor user experience, Which decreases traffic organically. Too many ads disappointed your daily users, and they leave your site.

Your Website Traffic Sources Matter A Lot in PPC Ads

Your website traffic source matters a lot. If you have organic traffic, then you earn through ads. So keep focusing on the increase in traffic organically, not just on ads. The niche of your site maters a lot if your website provides quality content, and the users are satisfying then you can easily earn from the affiliate programs.


From my experience making money from the blog or Youtube can be a lucrative business but you can only make money when select the right and top affiliate programs for your website. You can earn money through PPC Affiliate. You can even make $25000+ in one month if you have a website or blog with good traffic.

Consistently post quality content to your site or blog and you will be able to make money by marketing techniques of PPC Affiliate programs which I’ve told you in the article.

Above are the best affiliate programs that pay high and can boost your affiliate income and you can earn more money with less effort.

But if you still have any questions or queries, you can let me know in the comment section.

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