Sang Heon Lee Biography – Age, Height, & Instagram

The Netflix teen series XO, Kitty introduces viewers to a variety of interesting characters. One of these characters is Min Ho which is played by Sang Heon Lee.

In the film XO, Kitty, teen matchmaker Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) travels to South Korea to meet up with her long-distance boyfriend and learn more about her native country and her late mother.

Kitty chooses to enroll at KISS, a prestigious boarding school in Seoul, in order to be close to her boyfriend Dae (Choi Min-young). However, Kitty didn’t pick this school just for this reason. Her mother also attended KISS during the junior year of high school studies. Kitty intends to gain more insight into her mother’s life while attending the same school as her mum.

At KISS, Kitty meets Min Ho, a wealthy student who exudes excessive confidence and is almost smug. She and Min Ho do not get along right away, although Kitty is in no way to blame for this. Min Ho just doesn’t like Kitty and finds her annoying for some inexplicable reason. However, things between them start to alter once they have a heart-to-heart.

Let’s now discover more about Sang Heon Lee, the actor that plays the role of Min Ho.

Sang Heon Lee’s Age

Sang Heon Lee was born in May 1996. His precise birthdate is not known. Daniel Sang Heon Lee is his full name. On May 18, he was estimated to be 26 years old, and we will soon be turning 27. Since he was born in May, either Taurus or Gemini would be his zodiac sign. In addition, Lee was raised in Hong Kong, China while being born in Seoul, South Korea.

Sang Heon Lee’s height

Lee’s precise height is also unknown. He appears to be a few inches shorter than his XO, Kitty co-star Anthony Keyvan, who is said to be 6 feet tall. A lot of media publications have stated that he is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He has dark brown eyes.

Sang Heon Lee’s Instagram

This handsome and well-formed actor has Instagram. On social media, he is accessible under the username @sangheonleesh. He has around 60 posts and 122k followers as of right now. On his profile, you may discover a little bit of everything, including selfies, pictures from his travels, modeling sessions, friends and family, and the projects he’s worked on. 

Sang Heon Lee’s movies and TV shows

People are blown away by Lee’s acting in XO, Kitty. But you might be surprised by knowing that it is his first professional acting gig. The next time you see him will be in the movie version of the Gran Turismo video game. It is announced to premiere on August 11, 2023.

Who is Sang Heon Lee dating in 2023?

Sang Heon Lee doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now. He hasn’t revealed whether he’s dating anyone or been linked to anyone publicly. On his Instagram, you won’t discover any hints about whom he might be dating. Therefore, we assume that he is single.

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