Best Ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash

Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is the world’s biggest online store that practically sells everything globally, and their service is the best in the world. Therefore that is the reason why their gift cards are famous and in demand. Before we jump deeper into Amazon Gift cards, I want to clarify how Amazon works.

If you are a customer, and you want to sell something it could be groceries, furniture, accessories, and pretty much anything. So what you do, you send your product to Amazon.

They store them in their warehouses. When a customer orders your products, Amazon packs, ships, and tracks the order. They also handle returns and refunds.

Want to Sell Amazon Gift Card to Cash?

Amazon offers gift cards to there customers; these cards contain a unique code using that code you can buy stuff according to the price of the gift card. Amazon gift cards are available in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations at participating grocery, drug, and convenience stores throughout the U.S.

Well, thank god we are in the twenty-one century, and the wonder of the internet and technology is uncountable. There are many ways anybody can change these gift cards into cash. There are many ways to sell gift cards; some below are trusted by many users.

Now, the question is how to earn money by selling gift cards?

Amazon has a positive image in the market, their gift cards are high in demand. Because of that, you can sell an Amazon gift card, whether the Card you used or not. There are many platforms through which you can sell amazon gift, which I will discuss in this article.

Why Does Anyone Want to Sell an Amazon Gift Card?

Suppose you have an Amazon gift card. But there could be instances when you have gifted an Amazon gift card that you don’t really want – for whatever reasons – and would much prefer to get its cash equivalent instead.

So what would you do in that situation?

Thanks to the technology flexibility, you can sell amazon gift card instantly and get money instead. Or some people sell an Amazon gift card for the profit. You may think about it that;

How someone earns profit through gift card?

Now what Amazon does, it provides 5 to 10% cashback on gift cards every 10 to 15 days. People brought those cards at that time, and when the offer ends, they sell those gift cards in profit.

Best Ways to Sell Your Amazon Gift Card for Money:

Where there is money involved, some scammers jump into that to steal the money. Selling Amazon gift cards, there are few platforms on which you can blindly trust. These websites never disappoint their customers.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to sell Amazon gift card, depending upon the situation or demand. Many people willing to buy a card as long as gift card details are accurate. These are helpful gift card websites for all.

Sell on Reddit

The most popular side for gift card exchange is Reddit. This website has a dedicated subreddit (thread) that allow the user to sell Amazon and another gift card.

The method is simple if someone has an Amazon card on display and wait for a suitable offer. Here he can find how much he could get from gift card by watching other sellers’ demand. This site does not have any seller protection. Be aware before going ahead; please read all applicable rules.

Raise is an excellent website that enables third-party sellers to sell new or used Gift Cards on a fixed-price online marketplace alongside Raise’s regular offerings. All you have to do is to enter your Gift card number.

Raise will verify your gift cards that whether the Card you used or not. After all the verification is done, display your Card for sale, you will get paid as soon as a buyer buys your Card.

Gift Card Granny

Everyone wants more than one way on a single platform; this popular website offers several ways for a gift card.

This website has a fantastic customer. Here anybody can choose a top website and pick the best offer for himself he wants and cash his money.

He can get cash up to 90%(Price estimates) of your card value. Also, he can exchange or trade his card with other gift cards having the same value. is the best choice if someone wants to buy or sell a variety of top brand popular gift cards. Buy or sell amazon, apple, and other total brand gift cards in one place. This site buys or sells both physical and e-gift cards. 

Here is a tip for using this website: Want fast cash, then offer as high as 90% of the gift card. It has two payment options: the first is email, and the second is a proper paper sent to the seller house by mail.

Both are the smoothest transaction system. This website has a potential buyer for Amazon e-gift cards.


It is another famous website where he/she sell or purchase not only Amazon gift cards but also other reputable gift cards mention above. This website also has an app.

If he/she sell their gift card, then money will be credit into the Gameflip wallet. Withdraw is accessible from PayPal or Bitcoin. is another website where somebody can sell unwanted cards. On this website, Sell gift card up to 90% to 92% value. This website has a list of retailers, and a person can sell the card to major retailers on site.

This website has many savvy shoppers all across the country. Also, exchange Amazon gift card with other brands’ gift cards.

Payment option of getting money via PayPal, Check-in mail, and some more popular options. is beneficial for exchanging amazon gift cards for cash and giving the user some fantastic deals. There is some other feature for the seller if he wants to sell Amazon e-gift card, he has to fill a detailed form about the gift card, and it will show the estimated price of the gift card.

After that, the user can get the price to sell it from the option provided. Here user can get the average gift in approximately 8.5% of its value. Mean if the value of the estate is $ 10; the user will get 8.5 $.

The payment way is straightforward; there are many ways to get money, like PayPal and Western Union, and also the seller will get a paper check mailed.

Card Kangaroo

CardKangroo is a very reliable online platform for Gift Card Exchange that is used by many of us. It is a secondary online gift card site worldwide. Where a needy can sell or exchange gift and get money.

This website provides the seller with an online form to get some questions about the gift card. Then this site tells, according to record, the estimated price of the gift. The website provides its visitor approximately 92%, according to the actual value of the card.

The second step is to submit a valid gift card after the transaction is complete; the card retailer will get money from PayPal.

GiftCash provides its clients with a snappy and simple approach to sell unused gift vouchers for up to 93% of their assumed worth in real money.

Gift cards remain one of the most popular items on wish lists, regardless of whether it’s a gift voucher for Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and so forth, they buy it. It is the best way to avoid inactivity fees or find yourself stuck with expired gift cards. website is also very well known to sell gift cards for cash or exchange. Moreover, its method is straightforward for the user.

First, fill the form about the gift card, and then this site will tell the estimated price of the gift card.

If their offer is accepted, the User has to write or share more detail about the gift card and add some PayPal details and email; after all, they will verify the account.

This website also very well-known, and it provides discount offers on a gift card to over 1300 popular brands.

There are many ways of selling Amazon cards and getting a discount on brands, and anybody can trade by the value of the gift card. The person will get 92% on the actual card value.

The method of payment is straightforward. The seller can get payment by PayPal after verification of the account.

There are many online Gift Card Websites for selling gift cards, but I prefer this one. It is a handy website ever seen. Visitor can see many national or international buyers or sellers here. Visitor can get Popular Gift Cards as Well.

The seller will have to fill a form about the gift card, and then this website will show the list of buyers. For a good deal, you have to deal with each other politely.

Most get up to 92% of the actual gift card price. This site mostly pays by PayPal after verification of the account.

The setting off their page is very simple; first, click on the sell tab, then they will show the estimated price of MGC that will be according to Amazon gift card. If the person agreed to it, then he or she has to click on the ok tab. After this, he will get money.

Find Buyers to Sell Amazon Gift Cards on:

Other than that, you can also sell your gift cards on some other platforms where you did not have to pay even a single penny to the broker/ third parties.

Find Buyers on Facebook

Most of us aware of Facebook and its function. There many groups on Facebook where a user can sell a gift card. Post a card for sale with demand, but be mindful of the scammer.

The second option is to put a post on a personal profile and share this with family and friend. It is a quick way to sell gift cards, and even user can get up to 100% value of our gift card.

Find on Twitter

As we know that Twitter is a very famous social media for trends and hashtags. Anybody can put a post add some hashtag (with little research).

If he/she is lucky, he/she will some good buys. It is a very time taking process; also, be aware of the scammer.

Find on Instagram

Instagram is also among the most prominent social media where anyone can sell their gift card; they need to contact a person selling and purchasing gift cards on good value.

He can sell his gift card with their help, but he has to know that he or she will take their margin. He can get up to 85% value of his card.

Find on eBay

It is a very famous side for Gift card sales, purchases, and exchanges. This website has a popular application.

Be aware before posting demand; please read its term and condition. I cannot write all, but anyone can read all on the official website. This website has a transaction fee.

Find on Letgo

It is not a website but an app, and the good thing about it is that the user can find buyers close to him. The fuss is very minimum; that is one of the major befit of this app.

With this app, he could get the buyer in the neighbourhood. It means anyone can get thousands of buyers near. The user needs to give some information for buyer satisfaction and seller protection benefits.

Some Frequent Asked Questions about Selling Your Amazon Gift Card for Cash

How to sell gift cards for cash safely online?

There are some websites like Cardpool and Raise where anybody can get up to 92 per cent cash. There are also some ways or popular cards like iTunes, Walmart, and Target, where he will not get total value.

Can I sell e-Gift cards on Amazon?

Can I sell an e-Gift card on amazon? It’s a common question. Many of us want to know about this question. The answer is Yes, you can sell e-Gift cards on amazon.

The next question raised in mind is, can you sell them safely without any scamming by buyers? The answer is Yes.

Why Does Anyone Want to Sell an Amazon Gift Card?

When somebody gifts an Amazon card instead of money, and the person want cash, and Amazon will not pay for a sack of gift card.

Amazon only allows buying a product having value as a gift card. 
For example: The person has to pay the bill and have an gift card but cannot exchange them directly for money from amazon. 

How do I redeem my OpenTable Points for an Amazon Gift Card?

You can choose your article to trade in OpenTable points to get an Amazon gift card. This option will be available under the point section of’s profile. 

You cannot reserve Amazon redemptions. You must have to sign in at on the WEB. It can’t be redeemed by the OpenTable app. You can only Redeem Amazon gift cards in only the United States, Australia, and Germany.

What if you paid a scammer with a gift card?

Well, it is on the chance that the company might pay you for your scammed gift card. It’s simple after being scammed you must have to act quickly and contact the company, tell them a whole story with evidence, and ask them to refund your money.

If money still existed on your gift card then the company can pay you money for that. If it is used then the company cannot do anything. 

Final Words on Selling Your Amazon Gift Card for Cash

Overall, if a person is a needy person and has an Amazon gift card and wants to sell it for cash, it is not tricky to read all the above options.

However, be aware do not become fool, Read carefully terms and conditions of all above mentioned websites to get your desired rate.

Some ways are quick, and some are risky; it depends on seller choices. Please suggest me about other ways if you; It would be great for my visitors.

There are some other ways to get money like android apps that pay you and online tutoring jobs for teens and much more discover on our blog.

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