Famous Snapchat Story Games to Play for Joy in 2024

Snapchat Story game Question

Snapchat is a popular mobile messaging platform. Thousands of people share photos, videos & text via their Snapchat accounts. It has too many features that make it noteworthy. You can upload selfies, pictures, travel pictures, nature photos, pet animal clicks, foods, soft drinks, or whatever you want.

One of the interesting elements of Snapchat is Snapchat Story Games. You can play countless games with your friends, relatives, and other Snapchat users. The games may include guessing games, how much you know me, who I am for you, I will tell you about you, 15 questions about you & much more. These games are fantastic and never make you feel boring.

You can also draw pictures, add text, video calls, video notes, and face swap in Snapchat. Furthermore, you can entertain your friends through the “Stories” feature. 

Here are some of the best story games to play with your friends and family: 

Guessing game

It is one of the most gripping games on Snapchat. You can play the guessing game with anyone. In this game, a collection of emojis represent a meaning like a movie name, song name, hero name, heroine name. The other person will have to guess them. It’s a very general game. Everyone likes it too. 

You have to put only the emoji list. Your friends will guess the name of the respective thing.

How much you know me

Although it’s a good game to spend time on, play it with your close friends. If you ask these questions from random people, they may not know you. Thus, you will feel disappointed in the end.

In the game How Much You Know Me, you can ask questions like:

  • My date of birth
  • My hobbies
  • My education
  • My favorite color
  • My favorite movie
  • My favorite song

Or any other question you want to add to the list. This game will give you true friends that know a lot about you.

Brain games

Brain games are an enjoyable way to spend time with your friends and family. In this game, you put a puzzle or logical reasoning picture. Your friends solve the game. It is one of the most popular Snapchat Story games.

You can play this game with anyone regardless of their age group. It doesn’t matter whether they are your parent, relatives, friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Brain games can enhance your skills and boost your mental ability.

Likewise, you can also play jumbled words or rearrange the phrase with your friends and family in brain games.

How much do you love me

The Snapchat game How Much Do You Love Me is perfect for going deeper into love. 

You can play this game with your friends and know how they think about you. Ask your friends to represent their answers with an emoji to make the game more interesting.

  • Do you love me? 
  • Do you hate me? 
  • Like you much
  • You are sexy, love you
  • Can we Hug? 

And many more.

Who I Am for you

In this game, you can set a frame of common questions, such as:

  • Who am I for you?
  • One Word that describes me?
  • How did we meet for the first time?
  • My name on your phone?
  • First Impression?
  • Current Impression?
  • Do you trust me?
  • What do you dislike about me?

The viewer of your story does not tell you about your basic things. They will tell you how much they remember about you based on their experience. You can play this game with your close friends.

My crush

My Crush is a fun Snapchat story game. It helps you to know about the choices of your friends. You have to post the picture on your Snapchat story. The viewers will reply after choosing suitable options from the given choices.

All About Me

Snapchat Story About My Crush

All About Me is an amazing story game. It will tell you who your real friends are. In this game, you have to post a story with some questions such as: 

  • My name is?
  • My three hobbies?
  • My relationship status?
  • My favorite celebrity?
  • My favorite song or movie?
  • I get sad when?
  • The best year of my life was?
  • I like to?
  • One day I want to live in?

Your viewers will have to reply with answers. It will help you know who knows you.

I may seem, but I’m actually

I May Seem, but I’m Actually is a fun Snapchat story game. It enables you to know your Snapchat friends better. In this game, you have to post a story with some questions, such as:

  • Loud or Quiet
  • Mean or Nice
  • Rude or Nice
  • Happy or Sad
  • Happy or Grumpy
  • Under or Overweight
  • Sporty or Lazy
  • Immature or Mature
  • Fit or Unfit
  • Extrovert or Introvert, etc.

Your friends will reply to your story. In this manner, you both would get to know each other straightforwardly.

Personal Poll Game

Personal Poll Game is an enjoyable game. It can carry out the conversation with your friends. You have to create a poll in your Snapchat story in this game. The poll contains a few interesting questions. The reader will respond to your questions. 

If you want to strengthen your relationship or have a crush, the Personal Poll Game is perfect for initiating a discussion.

Questions About Habits

Habit Question is a game to be familiar with other Snapchat users. In this Snapchat story game, you need to put up well-defined question per day. The questions such as:

  • Have you washed your face after waking up in the morning? 
  • Are you reading books before sleep? 
  • Do you water the plants daily? 
  • Do you wash your clothes? 
  • How often do you wash your utensils? 
  • Do you bathe daily? 

And many more. The viewers of your story will give a reply. These questions will help you understand each other habits. Plus, you will know one another more closely.


Post-This-Post-That is an entertaining game. You have to post a story with different pictures of the people by completing the given challenge. The challenge may include the pictures like:

  • The bond you thought would never end
  • Girl best friend
  • Boy best friend
  • Someone you have fun within the school
  • Someone that understands you
  • The funny bond
  • Someone you get in trouble with the most
  • The person you talk to daily

People who reply to your story will automatically accept the challenge. 


Bonds is a well-known story game on Snapchat. People get to know about the bonds of their friends through the Bonds game. You have to upload a story with different questions, such as:

  • A bond that I have
  • A bond that I want to last forever
  • A bond that broke
  • A bond I miss
  • A bond that fell off

Your friends will have to reply with honest answers to your story. However, do not ask anonymous questions.

Post Stories

Post Stories is a highly intriguing story game. In this game, you have to post a story with some descriptions of the pictures. Whoever accepts the challenge will have to post pictures mentioned in the story. The story may ask for the pictures of:

  • Yourself
  • Your best friend
  • 3 girls you trust
  • 3 boys you trust
  • Someone you used to be close with
  • Celebrity crush
  • Favorite picture
  • Last picture in the gallery
  • Someone that never switched up
  • Last boy you hugged
  • Last girl you hugged
  • Do you get jealous
  • Who did you cut off this year

Remember to use the custom privacy settings while playing the Bonds game.

Yes, No, and Maybe

Yes, No & Maybe is another story game on Snapchat. In this game, you upload a story with several questions, such as:

  • Would I lie for you? Yes No Maybe
  • Would I kiss you? Yes No Maybe
  • Would I date you? Yes No Maybe
  • Ever liked you? Yes No Maybe
  • Ever hated you? Yes No Maybe
  • You ever hurt me? Yes No Maybe
  • Ever stalk you? Yes No Maybe
  • Do I like you now? Yes No Maybe
  • Do I trust you? Yes No Maybe
  • Made me smile? Yes No Maybe
  • Are you in my future? Yes No Maybe
  • Made me made? Yes No Maybe
  • Answer if you called? Yes No Maybe
  • Are you cute? Yes No Maybe
  • Are we close? Yes No Maybe
  • Would I cuddle? Yes No Maybe

People who view your story will have to reply with Yes, No, or Maybe to answer the questions.

Phone Tour

Phone Tour is an exciting Snapchat story game. In this game, you have to post the story with some entertaining questions about the mobile, such as:

  • Fingerprint list
  • 17th picture in your phone
  • 5th video on your phone
  • Search “Bae” in your messages
  • Explain your last 10 dm messages
  • Video or picture of Fav ex
  • Call and FaceTime Log
  • Screenshot your B contacts
  • Fav video
  • Favorite picture
  • Explain your first 8 messages

People who see your story will have to complete all the tasks. If you play this game with your close friends, it would be very interesting.

Things I Find Attractive

Things I Find Attractive is a fantastic Snapchat story game. It helps you to gather information about the favorite things of your friends. These things may include: 

  • Music 
  • Fashion 
  • Perfume 
  • Style 
  • Shades of hair 
  • Rings or jewelry
  • Tattoos & many more. 

You can easily spot the likes and dislikes of your Snapchat friends.

Cons Of Dating Me

Cons Of Dating Me is an appealing game. It is the most desirable game to play with a lovable person. In this game, you have to post various statements and questions. In return, your friends respond to the story genuinely. It will help you realize the flaws of your boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush. This game certainly brings transparency. It acts as a helping hand to understand your beloved person.

Ask Any 3

Ask Any 3 is a very interesting story game. You can play Ask Any 3 games on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social app. You have to upload a story having some interesting questions about you. Whoever replies to it can ask three questions from you. You’ll have to answer them honestly.

Facts About Me

Facts About Me is one of the most popular games on Snapchat. It’s a perfect game to discover your loyal and constant friends. You have to put different questions about yourself. The viewers will reply to your story. Those who will respond with the correct answers turned out to be your close friends. You can add different emojis to make the game more engaging.

My Opinion On

My Opinion On is another engaging game. You can talk & have an open discussion about any random issue with your friends. You have to put a story with the various exciting themes to select, such as you like or dislike:

  • Concerts or parties 
  • Pet animals 
  • Books songs 
  • Makeup 
  • Summer, winter, or rainy season 
  • Movies, cartoons, web series, etc. 

In this way, you can have a long conversation with your crush. They will mention their opinions about your story. This game is best to know about the standpoint of your immediate friends or other Snap chatters.

FAQ – Snapchat Question Game

What are some Dood Dares for Texting

1. Here are some good dares for texting:
2. Wear your clothing inside-out for an hour
3. Make a video of yourself drinking water like an animal
4. ill your mouth with water and say your full name. Take a video and send it
5. Call your crush and flirt with them
6. Make meaningless conversation with a random person for 2 minutes
7. Do 25 situps without stopping
8. Take a selfie with two cracked eggs on your head
9. What’s your deepest secret?
X. Call me and say my full name in a louder voice.

Dares for Texting od snapchat by some dood

If a Girl likes you how Will she try and make you Jealous

If a girl really likes you, she won’t attempt to make you jealous. If she’s got any common sense, she’ll tell you that she likes you directly or indirectly by acting nice towards you.

He doesn t initiate Conversations but he Sends me snaps occasionally Is he Interested

He is probably no longer interested in you. If he occasionally sends you the snaps, it’s a way of breadcrumbing you.

Final Words- Snapchat Question Game

Snapchat is a popular messenger app. Nowadays, almost everyone uses it. The Snapchat story games help to become more friendly with your new friends. Moreover, you can learn deeply about your old friends. So post the interesting stories on your account and enjoy conversations with your friends. However, do not post embarrassing questions to make people uncomfortable.

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