What is Morning Duo Drink Trend on TikTok? With Recipe

the morning duo on tiktok

For the last few days, whenever I open my TikTok, 92% of the videos in my home feed are on Morning Duo drink. I was bored of seeing this trend again and again, so I thought why not explore more about it and try the Morning Duo Drink too.

Then, I explored many exciting things about the Morning Duo Drink TikTok trend from the internet. I came to know What this trend is, where it originated from, what is the recipe of Morning Duo Drink and many more interesting things.

So, in this article, I will share everything about Morning Duo Tiktok Trend with you. And after drinking the drink, I will also share my opinion about the taste.

So, let’s start!

What is the Morning Duo drink trend on TikTok?

In the Morning Duo Drink trend, influencers show the body changes in videos. Let’s understand it with an example:

For Example: Before, I have 118 lbs weight, and after drinking the Morning Duo drink for some days, I have lost my weight to 104 lbs.

After seeing their fantastic transformation results, viewers also try the Morning Duo drink for several days. Following the trend, they also post a video of their transformation on TikTok.

These influencers tell many benefits of the Morning Duo drink. To know them, keep reading the post further!

What are the health benefits of morning duo TikTok drink?

According to the TikTok influencers, you will get these health benefits after drinking Morning Duo Drink for several days:

  • It cleanses the body
  • It makes your skin healthy
  • It boosts your immune system
  • It also aids in digestion
  • It helps in weight loss
  • It will boost your energy

After seeing all these benefits, do you also feel like trying this drink? So let’s know its recipe.

How to make Tiktok’s Morning Duo Drink – Exact Recipe

I made the Morning Duo drink this way:

1. Fill 125 ml (4.22 OZ) water in a glass.
2. Add one spoon of Aloe Vera juice in it.
3. Mix it well
4. Fill another glass with 220 ml (7.43 OZ) water.
5. Add a sachet of instant coffee and creamer in it.
6. Now drink the first drink and then the second.

Note: Don’t add any sweetener to it.

It will take you only 5 minutes to make Morning Duo Drink. According to me, its taste is average, but maybe it can loss my weight.

Why is Morning Duo viral on TikTok?

As I mentioned above in this post, Morning Duo Drink has a lot of health benefits, and many viewers are getting attracted towards this trend and are trying this drink and making their body transformation videos.

In this way, this trend is spreading even more and many people have really benefited from it.

Just like this trend, there are many similar trends are running on TikTok, like the TikTok Rice Hack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can the Morning Duo dring loss my weight?

Morning Duo drink is not scientifically proven to help lose weight. But many people on TikTok are claiming that this drink really provides benefits. So, it’s difficult to say that it will lose your weight with guarantee.

Where did the Morning Duo trend originate?

Unfortunately, this trend spread so quickly that millions of videos have been made. And it is very difficult to find out where it originated.

Can I add anything else to the drinks?

If you are drinking Morning Duo Drink only for taste, then you can add sugar or any sweetener in it. But if you want to get results like TikTok videos, then you should not add anything extra to it.


The Morning Duo is a viral TikTok trend in which Aloe Vera drink and coffee are consumed together, and according to TikTok influencers, it is beneficial for your health. But I am unsure about this.

When I tried this drink, I found its taste strange.

If you have any confusion about Morning Duo TikTok Trend, then you can tell by commenting below, I will try to reply you ASAP.

Disclaimer: I don’t force you to drink this drink, And It’s unsure that it can really benefit your body.

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