Unreal Engine Vs Unity: Which One Should You Use?

Unreal Engine and unity both are used to produce incredible graphics, but unreal engine is more suitable for advanced games with modern and realistic graphics. It can be faster than unity in speeding up post -processing and game development. 

Let us determine which engine is best in its features, capabilities and requirements. In this article, we will differentiate Unreal Engine and Unity which leads to a better decision for your projects. 

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Unreal Engine: Powerhouse Of Realism And Graphics

Unreal Engine is an emerging technology in game development powerhouse which leads to creating superb animations, UE is a series of 3D computer graphics games engines which was developed by Epic Games.

It has produced some of the most amazing games like ABZU, Atomic heart, Fortnite and  Final Fantasy VII Remake “Game development with Unreal Engine“. So, Unreal is a more preferable choice for creating visuals.

1. Graphics And Realism

Unreal Engine 5 is a game engine which is designed to deliver photorealistic graphics. Two biggest features, number one is the “Lumen” used to add realistic lighting effects, and the second one is “Nanite” to incorporate high- quality textures in the game’s environment. 

It also explores features like real-time ray tracing which makes it an alternative choice for developing highly mesmeric environments and fascinating visual experiences. 

2. Blueprint Visual Scripting

Blueprint visual scripting is a node-based interface used to create game elements from Unreal Editor without using code. This is an extremely powerful and flexible system which allows designers to visually use all the tools and concepts which are only available to programmers. 

3. Learning Curve

Unreal Engine has some bad repute about its learning curve, as mostly rumors say that it’s extremely complex for beginners. If we talk about coding and programming which is a really very difficult thing for a beginner but Epic Games is replacing all the programming difficulties and making you to be an expert in graphics and visual games.

4. Licensing

Unreal Engine is a royalty-based model, it means that you can use this engine for free but you have to pay royalties on gross amount for that commercial product. It will be beneficial for small developers which facilitate them to use this engine without any advance charges.

So one should have to go through  the licensing options before starting it commercially.

5. Unity : Versatility And Accessibility

Unity is one of the most flexible and user-friendly engines  in the gaming world. It develops popular games such as, GooBall, Ape Out, Outer Wilds, Hollow Knight and Death’s Door. It’s an attractive choice for several projects due to its versatility and accessibility in the game engine.

6. Ease Of Use

Unity is the highly recommended and easy to use interface for the beginners as it uses C# which is easy to use for them. It handles all the complexity of doing anything in 3D and helps to develop a quick prototype and games without diving into tough programming. So if you want to learn quickly then Unity is the best place for you…

7. Flexibility And Adaptability

Unity is the most flexible way of visual scripting as it helps to create logins and scripts without writing complex code and it’s easy to adopt for anyone with less or no programming skills. It also facilitates the development and creation of fantastic games.

8. 2D And 3D Capabilities

Unity is highly suitable for creating 2D and 3D mode games. If you are good at drawing and painting then 2D is easier for you, but if you are good at modeling then 3D is the best option. In short, you can swap between 2D and 3D mode at any time even during your project creation.

9. Learning Resources

There are many learning resources and pathways for unity to build your game  development team for your projects such as, Unity Essentials, Junior Programmer, Creative Code, and VR Development. There is a lot of information and resources like online courses , forums and tutorials are also available for developers. 

10. Licensing

Unity works under both free and paid modes, but if you have a large organization and complex projects then you need an activated license to use unity. Its licensing structure is not involved in revenue sharing like unreal engine.

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Choosing The Right Engine For Your Project

The choice among Unreal Engine and Unity depends upon various factors and features. It also depends on your team expertise, desired platform, your project’s demand and scope and your artistic vision. Here we are providing you some suggestions  to help you in finalizing your decision.

1. Project Scope And Budget

Unity and unreal are both powerful engines to create stunning games. Unity is the platform that is used for console, mobile and PC game creation. Unity’s cost-effective model may be more suitable to create games without the financial commitments.

On the other hand, Unreal Engine is a game engine that is used for high-end graphics and realistic physics. And it works under the royalty-based model, you need to pay royalties on commercial products for successful projects. So, it depends upon you how to make your preferences accordingly. 

2. Team Expertise

You should consider your team’s expertise and skills according to the project requirements. If you have a team having less or no expertise in programming or coding and your team has artists and designers who are easy and comfortable in visual scripting then Unity will be preferable for you. But if your team has a strong grip on coding and complex mechanics then Unreal will be a better choice for you. 

Consider the platforms which you want to target. If you are targeting a broad audience to develop a wide range of games then you should go with Unity. But if you are targetting high-end platforms then Unreal will be better with your requirements.

3. Learning Curve And Support

You should keep in view your team’s know-how about the game engines. Like, if you have a team of beginners then unity’s user-friendly interface will help them quickly to speed up their skills. Unreal is a powerful engine but it takes more time and effort for newcomers in game development.

4. Artistic Version

Artistic version will have a great impact on your decision making process. As if your game is 2D aesthetic then unity’s 2D feature will be the best decisive guide for you. But if your game is based on visuals, realism and prioritizing graphical fidelity then Unreal Engine will provide you with a better vision for your project.

Aspect Unreal  Unity
DevelopersEpic gamesUnity Technologies
PriceFree, but paid for commercial productsBasic version free, commercial license have a price
LanguageC++, BlueprintC#. Prefab, Bolt
Mobile SupportNot as much mobile support as UnityHas powerful mobile features
Open SourceOpen sourceNot open source
FeaturesAI network supportRich 2D, 3D support
Games Fortnite, Fighter 5, Dragon Quest XICuphead, Pokemon GO. Rust
Target AudienceAAA- game studios, indies, artistsIndies coders
Community100k members200k members

The Bottom Line

As we have discussed much about Unreal and Unity, we can not say which one is better or superior in this regard. Because both have their pros and cons and have different preferences according to the project’s requirements and your team’s abilities. 

However, Unity has a 2D platform, learning curve, and is easy to use. Unreal has its own features. If you are a lover of graphics then Unreal is investing a lot of effort in realism, and its version Unreal 5 is generating exciting surprises for you in future.

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