Can I Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay: 6 Tips for a Unique Essay

Can I Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay: 6 Tips for a Unique Essay

Use ChatGPT to write an essay, a blog, a website content, or an academic thesis, it will not disappoint you. ChatGPT is a famous AI tool used extensively to generate content in different styles. It has a big user base in every corner of the world and it is used almost all the time for multiple kinds of content generation.

This AI chatbot is also getting popular among students to use it to write essays for their academic assignments. 

Here in this article, we are going to explore everything about how to use ChatGPT to write an essay and make the essay plagiarism-free. So stay with us!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. This is a natural language model capable of generating human-like responses. These responses are produced using the inputs or prompts by its users.

It has gained an immense popularity due to its interaction with the users in a conversational way. This AI chatbot has been trained with a model called ChatGPT which interacts conversationally. 

ChatGPT has also proved itself to be useful in helping users write poems, suggest business plans, solve maths queries, and generate codes.

Is ChatGPT Good at Creating Written Content?

Is ChatGPT Good at Creating Written Content?

Writing and creating content is a human quality that is considered an art form at the same time. In this age of AI technology, this role is taken over by AI chatbots like ChatGPT in most cases. This language model has Amazon features to write content in multiple genres including, blood, web content, product reviews, business articles, research areas, and many more. 

How Can You Use ChatGPT to Write An Essay?

Like any other writing style, ChatGPt is also a good buddy to help you write wonderful e

Essays on multiple topics. Here are all the steps required to get an essay written by ChatGPT:

1. Create an Account and Sign In to ChatGPT

The first step to using ChatGPt to write an essay is to create an account on OpeAI and then sign in to your ChatGPT account. Follow the steps below for this:

1. Visit the official website of OpenAI

2. Sign up with your email address and valid phone number

3. Verify your ChatGPt account through email or phone

4. Get back to the main page and sign in with your email address

2. Start Using ChatGPT for Essay Writing

After signing in you are ready to use ChatGPT to write your essay. Follow the steps below to do it effectively:

1. Choose or Refine Your Essay Topic

ChatGPT helps its users from step one to the final step in writing content. If you do not have a topic for your essay, get help from ChatGPT to find out the popular and trending essay topics for you. And in case you already have an essay topic use ChatGPT to refine your essay topic. You can do so by prompting ChatGPT to suggest you a catchy outline for your essay. You can ask as many unique topics for your essay as you want. Choose the best from the suggested topic list and start with the next step.

3. Create An Outline for the Essay

Next, you have to get help from ChatGPT about your essay outline. Ask it to create a unique and informative outline based on your essay topic. It will give you a complete and structured outline for your essay. Here you can add your outlines within the essay outline created by ChatGPT.

4. Get Citation Suggestions From ChatGPT

Now move ahead in our query about how to use ChatGPT to write an essay. ChatGPT can help you get relevant sources to write the content according to the outline generated by it. It may help you get an idea of where to look for gathering information.

You need to be careful about this step. ChatGPT often makes up sources that do not exist or contain wrong information. It is also unable to add direct sources to any of your quotes added in the essay. So you should check each resource manually.

5. Ask ChatGPT to Write Your Essay

Here comes the actual part of how to use ChatGPT to write an essay. Prompt ChatGPT to use the title, headlines, outline, and the resources it has suggested earlier and write a comprehensive essay.

Here is a point to consider there are several AI plagiarism checker tools to dtect your ChatGPT generated essay. So you should always use all this information just for inspiration and to get more ideas about the topic. Blind copy-pasting would end up in sheer plagiarism.

6. Edit the Content of Your Essay

This is an important step in how to use ChatGPT to write an essay. If you have written the whole essay with ChatGPT or used it for some inspiration, you have to do this step. Editing and proofreading polishes and refines your essay content. It gives it a personal touch which helps it make it unique and creative. You can still use ChatGPt to check the grammar and spelling of your essay.

How to Make ChatGPT Essay Plagiarism-Free

How to Make ChatGPT Essay Plagiarism-Free

It is nearly impossible to get plagiarism-free content for your essays by ChatGPT. ChatGPT is trained with all the data it collects from websites and user inputs. So it is obvious that this content is highly plagiarized. 

You can use ChatGPT to find out relevant information regarding your topic but generating the entire content never results in plagiarism-free content, AI plagiarism tools like Turnitin, Copyscape, and ZeroGPT successfully identify the AI plagiarized content even if it is paraphrased.

However, there are three ways to use ChatGPT to write an essay and make it plagiarism-free:

1. Use Turnitin Software

If you have used ChatGPT to write an essay for you, you have to pass it for a check through Turnitin software. This will help you identify the parts of the plagiarized content within your essay.

2. Add your ideas

When you are done with the plagiarism scan from Turnitin, rewrite the plagiarized parts of the essay in your own words, The best way is to add your own ideas after every 4 to 5 sentences. By adding a critical analysis of your sentences, you will increase the chances of making this content unique.

3. Add references

By adding proper citations with proper format you can get a unique piece of essay from ChatGPT.This is especially beneficial in academic writing where borrowing ideas and concepts from reputed sites is not considered plagiarism since you give the original writer his due credit.

ChatGPT Essay Advantages

No doubt ChatGPT is an amazing tool to help to write with versatility. It serves the following advantages to use ChatGPt to write an essay for you:

1. Works fast

Using ChatGPt to get content for your essay is a fast and furious experience. You just need to put your topic and it will bring before you the whole essay within seconds.

2. Versatile

ChatGPT is a versatile tool for generating multiple kinds of content. You can write an essay on politics, medicine, agriculture, or literature. It helps you write in almost every field of life.

3. Free from Grammer and Spelling Mistakes

The content generated by ChatGPT is free from certain grammatical and spelling mistakes. You do not need any other tool to check the grammar credibility of your content.

Disadvantages of ChatGPt Generated Essay

1. Factually Wrong

Most of the content generated by ChatGPt is full of errors regarding authentic facts and figures. It hallucinates most of the time in this specific field. You can not trust the content to be hundred percent right and factually sound.

2. Plagiarized content

The content generated by the ChatGPT is highly plagiarized, It is to identify it with AI checking tools.

3. Lacks Human Creativity

You can use ChatGPt to write an essay but it lacks in generating a content with human touch, You get robotic content that is deprived of any creativity and natural flow of language.

What are the Other Essay Writing AI Tools?

ChatGPT is not the only tool to use for writing an essay. There are several other AI tools to generate brilliant content for your essays. Some of the tools have additional features to refine your content and make it shine. Let’s review some of them:


It has a unique place in the list of AI tools for creating essay content. While it works well as a chatbot, you can create texts in multiple styles with this tool. This is a reliable tool to replace the use of ChatGPT.It has several features to make your writing exceptional but the AI Article Writer 4.0 option is the best. You can write SEO-friendly essays on different topics with the help of this tool. It offers 10,000 words for free and a paid version worth $12.67 per month.

2. Ryter

This is a good tool for writing essays of all types. The users get 40+ different use cases and 20+ writing tones with Ryter. Also, you get support in 30-plus languages. The content generated by this tool needs only slight editing as compared to ChatGPT. The users pay $29 per month to access this tool.

For those who are unable to use ChatGPT to write an essay. They may try It helps you generate ideas and brings original topics to your content. This is also a useful tool to improve your code or let the tool generate a new one for you. This tool is free to use and this makes it unique among other tools.

4. Jasper AI

This AI tool has been designed to help generate content in multiple styles for different purposes. This tool has a reputation for creating original content browser extensions and also makes it an easy and smooth tool for everyday use. The pricing starts at $40/month (35,000 words per month).

5. Copy AI

This tool delivers high-quality content in seconds. The tool has been designed to provide 10x better quality to the users. You can write content in multiple styles and feel confident about its quality. Copy Ai also supports multiple languages. The users can have a demo of its products just by signing up. You can get 2000 words for free and there is a paid plan for $36 per month for unlimited words.

How Can Give a ChatGPT Written Essay A Personal Touch

How Can Give a ChatGPT Written Essay A Personal Touch

When you use ChatGPt to write an essay, it’s a mode of cheating. You are getting a piece of content that is not your own and you present it as your own writing. Secondly, The content produced by ChatGPT is easily detectable even by free AI plagiarism-checking tools. The best way to use it is to get inspiration and ideas from it and transform them with your unique style. Here are some tips to add a personal touch to your ChatGPT-generated essays and content:

1. Add something personal to the content

While you are using ChatGPt to get an essay written for your school assignment, try to add something special from your side, Something that is unique to you and your writing style. Add your ideas about the topic and make it a piece of creativity.

2. Incorporate your research

Add your research to the content generated by ChatGPT and make it extraordinarily credible. By relying solely on ChatGPt content you may twist the actual feel of the content. However, adding your own researched facts and figures would make it a true and credible piece of content.

3. Edit for improvement

Always edit and proofread the content produced by ChatGPT to ensure its credibility. Cut the extra details and irrelevant content from the essay. Proofread it for any grammatical mistakes. Edit and add your ideas to the content.

4. Add your personal experiences

This is another way to add a human touch and personalize the ChatGPT-generated content. When you add your experiments you make it a plagiarism-free and unique piece of content.


You can easily use the ChatGPT to write an essay. It works fast and generates the desired content in multiple styles. Create outlines, make headings, and get research references from ChtaGPT for your essay. However, the content created by the ChatGPT needs human editing, proofreading, and fact-checking. It would be a blunder to copy the content from ChatGPT and paste it directly for your essay assignment. It is considered plagiarism and it is easily detectable.


1. How to avoid plagiarism while writing an essay with ChatGPT?

You can avoid plagiarism by double-checking the content and the facts and figures within the content. Edit and proofread it and add your ideas to make it unique.

2. What is an easy way to make ChatGPt more helpful to you?

How do I get maximum benefit from ChatGPT?

You can make the ChatGPt work for you in a better way if you provide it with the right and precise prompts. In this way, you can get more personalized responses and use them to their full potential.

3. Can I use the ChatGPT to write a book?

Yes, you can use it to write a complete book and save time. 

4. Can ChatGPT help in paraphrasing text?

Yes, it is a good tool to paraphrase the text effectively. It makes the content concise while avoiding repetition.

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