What Is Hybrid Cloud, and How Does IT Works

What Is Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing, spanning a range of different architectural models and variations, is a pivotal part of everyday life in the digital world. From the business side down to the individual user of the internet, almost everyone is either familiar with or has used cloud services at least once during their lives in the digital arena.

An example of this could be the daily use of applications such as Google Drive or Gmail. Cloud services are a means of remotely providing hardware, software services, and data stored safely and securely.

However, unlike the old mainframe, the Cloud provides global access to its applications and databases, lifting the users’ burden of maintenance and regulation. In this article, I will attempt to explain the use of one of the most important models of Cloud Computing- the Hybrid Model, and I’ll link this model to the understanding of Information Technology.

It explores how the hybrid cloud seamlessly integrates with modern IT practices, including the implementation of advanced email archiving solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and streamlined data management. Understanding the hybrid cloud model and its intersection with cutting-edge IT solutions will shed light on its transformative potential across diverse industries and applications.

A Basic Primer to Information Technology

So what exactly do we mean by IT? It’s quite simple: any technology that powers an organization’s storage, processing, and information flow is Information Technology. From modern businesses that depend upon it for database management, e-commerce, communication, and trading, to universities requiring it to administer their ever-increasing networks, Information Technology (IT) is a basic fact of life in every societal institution of our age.

From computers to websites, all the way to Cloud Computing, much of the study of Computer Sciences falls under the umbrella of Information Technology. However, what we’ll be observing today is how one essential component of IT- Hybrid Cloud services– works and what its implications are.

What is a Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud is a cross-breed between Public and Private Clouds. It combines both services, allowing data to be shared between them. It is a form of mixed computing, which involves the use of different types of services, orchestrating between various platforms, deploying each when necessary, and in this case- having both public and private cloud infrastructure.

In this way, a Hybrid Cloud service takes full advantage of both a Public and Private cloud while also using existing computer infrastructure. A common example could be organizations using Private Clouds for their IT workloads and using Public Cloud resources to accommodate for any unforecasted rise in traffic.

Implications of Hybrid Cloud

The main advantage of a Hybrid Cloud is that it is a policy-driven service and is quite flexible. Such a service allows organizations to distribute their workloads and security concerns, thereby increasing reliability and cost-effectiveness. This is because sensitive workloads can be run on Private clouds while inexpensive Public Clouds can be used for regular workloads.

The combined resources of both clouds provide organizations with the agility and flexibility required to gain a competitive advantage and helps accommodate the growth of digital business enterprises. Since the ability to adapt and change is a core principle of Digital Business, utilizing a hybrid cloud has many positive implications in going through with this principle.


We have seen in this article the significance of Cloud Computing in handling IT workloads in the modern age. With unique models such as the Hybrid Model, organizations can better handle their workloads while maintaining security and ensuring proper scalability and cost-effectiveness. This does these models an essential service for digital businesses in the modern age.

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