Where does CapCut Save Videos? (Exact Location)

Today when I finished an amazing video edit in CapCut and pressed the Export button, I thougt: Where does the video go when I export it from CapCut. Then I decided to find out it’s location today!

Then I took my team members devices which were iPhone, Android, Windows PC/Laptop, and MacBook. Then I started finding the location of CapCut’s video export in all the devices one by one.

And after many hours of hard research, I found out where CapCut saves the videos, which I am going to share in this post, so let’s start!

Where does CapCut Save Videos?

CapCut’s video saving location is different in every device:

In Android

CapCut has a separate folder in your Android device, whenever you install CapCut in your device, it creates its own dedicated folder.

To access the CapCut’s video, Go to File Manager > Tap on Internal Storage > Open DCIM Folder and then Tap on CapCut folder.

In this folder you will find all the files related to CapCut, in which your edited videos will also be available.

In iOS/iPhone

The location of CapCut files is same in iPhone as in Android:

Go to Files App or iCloud Drive > Open the DCIM Folder > CapCut Folder.

Or you can also find it from the “Recent” Section in the iCloud Drive.

In Windows or Mac

You can find CapCut Video Saving location in Computer or Laptop easily, here is the exact location of CapCut folder in Windows and Mac:

In Windows, Open The File Explorer: C:\Users > [Your Username] > AppData > Local > CapCut > User Data > Projects > com.lveditor.draft

While on Mac, the videos are saved on /User > [Your Username] > Movies > CapCut > User Data > Projects > com.lveditor.draft.

CapCut not Saving Videos Properly: How to Fix?

There may be several reasons why CapCut not save/export your videos, here’s how to fix it:

Method 1: Free up Some Space on Your Device

Check if your device has enough storage space to export the CapCut video. If there is no space for that video in your computer/mobile, then how will CapCut export it?

To solve this, you will have to delete unnecessary apps or videos from your device, so that some storage space can be freed.

Method 2: Clear CapCut Cache

Sometimes excessive cache data prevents CapCut to export videos, to fix this issue you need to clear its cache:

On Android: Open Settings app > Scroll down and tap on Apps (Where all the installed apps are) > Find CapCut app and tap on it > Tap on Storage annd click on Clear cache.

On PC: Firstly, save and close your project > Click the Settings button from the top-right corner > Click on Settings > Click on Cache size > Click on delete icon and click OK to confirm.

NOTE: You have to clear the Cache only, if you accidentally press the Clear Data button, then all your projects will be deleted from CapCut.

Method 3: Disable Hardware Encoding (PC)

If you are getting CapCut video exporting error in your PC, then you can fix this error by turning off Hardware encoding. To do this, you need to:

Step 1: Close your project first.
Step 2: Go back to CapCut’s homepage.
Step 3: Click on Settings button
Step 4: Click on the Performance tab
Step 5: Uncheck the Speed Up Hardware Encoding box.
Step 6: Click on Save. 

After turning it off, try to export the video again, this time it will be exported.

Method 4: Reconnect to the Internet

Internet connection can also be the main reason for exporting error.

Before exporting, you have to keep your Internet connection stable, if your internet speed is slow then try reconnecting to the network.

After trying these 4 methods, your CapCut video will be exported easily.

And after exporting the video, sometimes CapCut Ruin Video Quality. You can read our guide to solve this issue! 

How to save my Work/Project in CapCut?

There are 2 methods to save your edited video in CapCut easily:

1. Auto Saving

CapCut automatically saves your progress in draft as you edit, so even if you close CapCut, it will be saved and you can continue working on it later.

2. Manual Saving

If your project is finished and you want to save it, then you will have to export it to your device. Here’s the step by step process to do It:

In Android & iOS: 

Step 1: Open CapCut
Step 2: Open Your Project
Step 3: Tap the Export Icon in the top-right corner.
Step 4: Your video will be exported to your gallery.

In Windows/PC: 

Step 1: Open CapCut
Step 2: Open your Project you finished
Step 3: Click on the Export Button in top-right
Step 4: Input your video’s title and choose it’s save location.
Step 5: Adjust Export settings like Resolution, Frame Rate and Format etc.
Final Step: Click on Export 

How to save a video on CapCut without watermark?

Export Without Watermark

This method is easy and official. Whenever you finish your video editing, Tap on Export button in the top right corner.

Then you will see 2 export choices there: Export and Export without Watermark. Choose the Export without watermark option and your video will be exported without CapCut logo.

If this option is not available in your mobile, then you can try the following methods:

Remove The Watermark manually

For this, you will first have to export that video from CapCut and then, download any watermark remover app.

Then put the exported video in that app and wherever CapCut watermark is visible on the screen, select and remove it.

If the watermark is in your video’s last part, then you can trim that part by using any other video editing app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I choose where to save my exported video?

No, CapCut doesn’t offer custom save locations when exporting the video. After exporting the video, you will have to move its location manually.

Does CapCut save automatically?

Yes, if you edit any video in CapCut, it automatically saves it in draft every 30-40 seconds. But CapCut don’t save the video in your Gallery, you have to manually export it.

Can you transfer CapCut files?

There is no built-in feature to transfer or share video files in CapCut, but after exporting that file/video, you can transfer it to other devices with the help of file transfer apps.


The location of videos saved by CapCut is different on every devices, such as Android, iPhone, Windows or macOS. Which I have mentioned above in the article.

If you are not able to find the CapCut folder even in the file locations mentioned above, then you can find it in some other folders by opening them one by one.

And if you are facing any error in exporting CapCut videos, then you can fix it by following the methods given above.

If you have any query related to CapCut and exporting locations, then you can ask it by commenting below. I will reply you within 24 to 48 hours.

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