562 Area Code: Time Zone, Location, Toll Free, and Scam

532 area code number
532 area code number

Where is Area code 562?

The area code 562 is specified to CA, southern California, Long Beach, and other areas in the surrounding. This code is the only code that serves these areas.

In the beginning, this area code 704 was part of these regions. Then they become part of the 310 area code. Then further split into area code 562 again on 25 January 1997. 

What Time Zone is Area Code 562?

It is located in the Pacific Time zone. This zone is also called America/Los_Angeles. When you load the page, it shows the time 11.28 pm. The area code 562 is specified to CA, southern California, Long Beach, and other areas in the surrounding.

History of Area Code 562

It was made as an overlay in late 1995, code for cellular calls for the existing area code 310 clients. It was introduced on 25 January 1997. It was particularly invented from the 310 area code.

Top 2 Counties in Area Code 562

County Total Population

Los Angeles, CA 9,818,605

Orange, CA 3,010,232

Why people with 562 area codes will soon have to start dialing all 10 digits for local calls

Due to the need for a 562 area code, as it has to work as a 988 prefix mobile number, mandatory ten-digit dialing is needed for any local call made on any cell phone. Furthermore, calls made from landlines or any wire lines have to dial 11-digit local dialing in a specific format of 1, along with the telephone number and area code. The officials of any company Prefer phone users to update their saved contact lists in their mobile phones in compliance with the new calling format and reprogram automatic dialing settings and other equipment. It won’t have any effect on anyone’s current telephone number. 

Are calls from 562 area code scam phone calls

There are a lot of 562 area code numbers; hence there is a chance to get scammed by these messages, phone numbers, and calls. Their scam is usually called a ‘one ring scam. Normally, they pretend to call you, and their call rings only once; when you try to pick up the call or figure out who the call is or who is calling you, you call them back. You can get scammed on the spot. You can block them by contacting the phone company or other Cybercrime agencies to stop this contact.

How to Call a 562 Area Code Phone Number

If someone’s phone number has 562, 626, 949, or 951 at the start, then there will be a need to dial the full 10-digits to call any number, even when you are about to call anyone who is in your area code.

Why Should I Get a 562 Area Code Phone Number For My Business?

Using area code 562, you can build a local presence for your business. One can practice a productive calls workflow.

These types of area codes provide you with a single dashboard; hence, you can examine all the actions around you and track them.

562 business code may serve through an internet connection to provide other phone system benefits.

It may provide you with video calls to elevate customer engagement.

How do I block unwanted calls from 562 numbers?


1. Click on the Allow Screen or Block on your mobile.

2. Click the “+” option to add a new number or range to block in the list.

3. Click the option present at the bottom of the screen mentioned as “Tap Here” You can block a range of numbers instead of a single number.


1. You may click recent, favorites, or contact Voicemails. Click next to the number or contact you think there is a scammer and want to block. Just scroll down, then click “Block this Caller.”

2. You can try this step too. Tap Contacts and click the contact you want to block, then scroll down, and tap the option “Block this Caller.”

How to get 562 Area Code?

There is a telephone numbering plan, which is a numbering scheme. It is used in telecommunications. Further, it can give telephone numbers or other customers and route the telephone calls in any telephone network.

Are calls from 562 numbers toll free?

Not all area code are toll fee as like this area code 562 also not a toll-free number.

Final Words562 Area Code

Residents will continue to dial these area codes directly in an emergency requiring a police, fire, or emergency medical response. 

Residents should also check personal and business stationery, advertising materials, personal and business checks, contact information, personal and pet identification tags, and other items to ensure the area code is included. 530 area code.

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