How Much Programming Knowledge Should The Average Person Have?

Programming Knowledge Should The Average Person Have
Programming Knowledge Should The Average Person Have

Knowing how to program in two to three languages is incredibly useful in 2022. We all know that the future is digital, regardless of industry. Being able to program sets you up as a viable candidate for many tech jobs, while also making you a highly useful team member in any business.

But there is an ever-growing divide between those who can program and those who cannot. In the early days of the internet, many young people learned basic programming skills simply because they were useful. Everyone wanted to learn how to make a website, and so HTML was an easy starting point. From that base, they would venture into other programming languages to see how much more they could do.

However, we live in a very different world today. The reality is that tech companies have made using tech extremely simple. You no longer need to know HTML to build a website, as website templates from site builders like Wix will do a much quicker – and better – job than the average person. Our devices are all intuitive as well, so there is no need for the knowledge of how to troubleshoot that came with owning a computer in the ‘90s and early 2000s.

Is it then necessary for the average person to have any idea of how to program in 2022?


There are few occasions on which the average person will particularly miss the ability to program. You can do just about anything you want with most popular technology without knowing any coding. However, when it comes to customization, a lack of programming knowledge is always going to be an issue.

This is true even when building a simple website. While there are so many themes to choose from, it is only those who have some minimal ability to program who will truly customize the website to suit their personalities. Everyone else will have to settle for an approximation of what they want.

Many people will not be bothered by this, but those who have the skills will appreciate it. Customization may not seem so important in 2022, but it is something that gives expression to their creativity. The more programming knowledge someone has, the more independent they will be to make their website look and function in the exact way they envisioned it.

Problem Solving

Perhaps the most important reason for people learning to program is not practical use, but a more abstract motive. Programming requires a kind of logic that is especially attuned to problem solving skills. All programming essentially involves solving problems by deconstructing them to their fundamental parts. You need to know every aspect of a function in order to figure out how to make it work.

Whether or not you actually use your programming knowledge, learning and practicing it improves problem solving abilities. This is one way that devices like smartphones have contributed to making our minds somewhat lazy. When using most smartphones, you do not need to know how anything works. Every app either does all the thinking for you and works perfectly, or receives complaints. There is no real way for the average person to actually troubleshoot an app that is malfunctioning.

When using computers, people have more room to solve problems, but even those who try to fix things on their own often turn to the internet to find how other people have solved the issue. Instead of considering the possibilities, they follow the instructions of someone else and get the job done without putting much thought into it.

This is not to say that devices should work any less perfectly. It is great that anyone can use technology today. However, learning to program can counter the atrophy caused by never having to solve problems, even small ones, in our daily lives.


Another reason why people might want to learn programming, even if they have no use for it in their careers, is that it can be a great hobby. Learning to program can be a lot of fun, and the logic involved is very satisfying. When you get something to work, you get to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. And of course, you can turn this hobby into a side hustle.

It is also a very inexpensive hobby. Whereas if you want to play music, you have to invest in an expensive instrument, most people already have the hardware they need for basic programming. Since there is so much information online, they can also learn basic skills for free.

In today’s world, programming is incredibly useful for finding jobs and in running businesses. However, most people do not need to know how to program. There are definite benefits, including an improved ability to solve problems and pursuing a way of expressing creativity. And, if someone really falls in love with programming, they can use it as part of a lucrative side hustle.

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