What does ‘Awaiting Delivery Scan’ Mean? Scan Pending!

Awaiting Delivery Scan

What does USPS awaiting delivery scan mean? In this article, I’ll explain what is meaning of the message of USPS and what you have to do in this case. USPS uses scanners to follow/track the progress of each package weather it is deliverd or not!

If it says “Awaiting Delivery Scan,” that means it is in the delivery boy has not “scanned” as a delivered. There might be two cases, and the Delivery boy either hasn’t conveyed the product or neglected to scan it when he gave it.

Quick Answer

When a package shows “awaiting delivery scan,” it means that the package has delivered and is waiting to be scanned as delivered. Once the package is scanned as delivered, the tracking information will be updated to reflect the delivery status online.

What does USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan Mean?

United States Postal Service “USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan” comes from two reasons, either the delivery boy somehow forgets or missed scanning your product when delivered, or it didn’t get conveyed.

In simple words, it means, Order is not successfully shipped yet. It means that the boy from USPS will deliver your packages soon. When a customer purchases anything online, his card will be charged, and status will show up on the product page as “USPS awaiting delivery scan” If a company uses USPS.

What does “USPS Awaiting Item” Mean?

USPS awaiting item means that mail hasn’t been posted successfully at the post office by the sender but tracking number is issued by the sender.
It means that USPS cannot scan your mail. Your product is on the way to the post office.

After the sender dropped off your parcel at the post office of USPS or a boy from here brings the parcel from the sender. It will be mail in time to your address by the USPS.

Awaiting Delivery Scan
USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan Items

Let’s take an example to clarify What does awaiting delivery scan

On the off chance that a client has paid for the purchase (on eBay, for instance), I can buy and print a USPS label to paste on the bundle. eBay sends the purchaser the following number quickly, yet I actually need to get the bundle to the mailing station or in a letter drop on my end.

It feels like a ton of weight at times, as I don’t care for dashing to the P.O. when I print a name. In any case, until it’s been scanned by a mailman, you can accept the dealer actually has your thing, and ideally, they have not snapped under the weight.

My Package Is Stuck On Awaiting Delivery Scan

Your package takes at a couple of offices before it is delivered to your home. Every office scans the bundle which is coming in, and it is noted, alongside when it leaves that office, on your tracking.

Awaiting Delivery Scan
Awaiting Delivery Scan

If you want to track your package, you will see the timetable, where your package has been reached, they provide you tracking id from you can track your package if it shows up USPS awaiting item then it means your package isn’t delivered at the post office.

And if it is showing up “awaiting delivery scan,” it means your transporter hasn’t scanned your package or the package is not deliver at the post office, then you should contact the seller and tell him what message is showing up and contact.

What does ‘USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan’ Mean?

Whenever you send out mail, in order for you to be able to track it (in the event of a delay or non-delivery,) it needs to be scanned and tracked in their system. So, when the mail reaches its next destination for re-routing purposes, then there will be staff ready to use mail scanning equipment to make sure your mail item is tagged properly. So from location to location, a USPS employee will mark that the mail has reached the XYZ location.

Let’s say, for example, that you are sending mail from New York to Florida: if the mail needs to travel to South Carolina in between NY & FL, then that employee in South Carolina will mark that the mail reached its branch and is in transit to the next location/stop.

A Delivery Scan Means the Tracking Bar Code!

A delivery scan means that when mail is reached at the office and is ready for rerouting to be delivered to the user. The clerk of USPS scans the bar code of the mail and updates the status of the package at the USPS system, then sends it to its next destination.

USPS Use Scanners to Follow the Progress of Each Bundle

Scanners are used to scan a package’s barcode in tracking the progress of each package. The delivery boy uses a handled mobile delivery device(MDD) to scan the package and later track the package’s delivery information in real-time.

Awaiting Delivery Scan
Awaiting Delivery Scan

MDD uses a use a cell organization and a Global Positioning System(GPS) to identify the location of the delivery process of the product. If an MDD isn’t accessible, transporters can use the Intelligent Mail Device (IMD). However, the IMD doesn’t give GPS services or continuous tracking of the product delivery.

Showing Awaiting a Delivery Scan, What can I do?

If it is showing awaiting a delivery scan, It means that delivery is under processing or is delivered but not scanned as delivered in the system or USPS application.

Awaiting Delivery Scan
Awaiting Delivery Scan

If delivery isn’t delivered to you, this message is showing up. You should wait for several days until you will get delivered to your location. If delivery is delivered, then clients can claim the report of successful delivery.

What Does the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” Mean?

“Awaiting delivery scan” means that delivery is on the way to be delivered or is delivered but not scanned as delivered in the system or USPS application. A delivery boy uses a USPS delivery awaiting administration through an internet application that has made a transportation name for an envelope or package shipment.

Awaiting Delivery Scan

The USPS dispatching application records this function in the following tracking history for the shipment. The message tells the shipment status that the delivery boy has made the delivery or not.

How Can I Find the Weekly USPS Delivery Schedule for My Area?

There is NO timetable to find the weekly USPS delivery schedule of any area. The delivery times can change due to a different environment or the number of people who are at work currently.

The delivery boy changed day by day because one person can not work day after day. So simple is that there is no specific delivery schedule. But according to the workers of USPS, they deliver mail every six days a week aside from on Sunday. At the point when you get Amazon or express delivery.

You can’t estimate the time In what time your mail gets delivered. Routes have as many as eight hundred conveyances. Somebody has to be first. Somebody has to be last. Much of the time, you get your mail around a similar time each day.

In How Much Time USPS Usually Deliver?

The overall time standard usually is 2-9 days in the 48 bordering states that USPS follows. Administration of package services claims that delivery by a specific or exact date or time isn’t possible.

Many things can make your delivery slower. Your delivery depends upon your service you have chosen, but environmental conditions can slow down your carrier service: Rainy & stormy weather, Covid-19’s lockdown and many others unnatural conditions.

You can follow this USPS table to measure the delivery date of your package.

International ServicesShipping Time
Global Express Guaranteed®1-3 days
Priority Mail Express International®3-5 days
Priority Mail International®6-10 days
First-Class Mail International®6-10 days
First-Class Package International Service®6-10 days
Airmail M-Bags™6-10 days

What Days is USPS Mail not Delivered?

Mail is conveyed Monday to Saturday, aside from on holidays. Sunday is the primary day; you won’t get standard delivery mail.

On Federal holidays (as New Years, Martin Luthers King Jr. birthday, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day {4th July}, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day), you won’t get ordinary mail all things considered.“Expedited Delivery,” gets conveyed as a “24-hour Delivery administration”.

So if it’s sent on a Saturday or a day before a vacation, they will get conveyed on Sunday. A few urban areas don’t offer this kind of 24-hour delivery administration. I’m very familiar with the USPS system to move mail and packages across the US efficiently and equally familiar with how inefficiently it handles the “last mile” of delivery.

In addition to official postal holidays, the mail isn’t delivered on precisely those days and times of the unofficial USPS motto: due to rain, snow, gloom of night. Add to this snow and the day preceding almost every official postal holiday. I have tracked packages that reached my postal PO yesterday morning, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. They went into tracking limbo. Nothing at all is shown in my “informed delivery.”

In the past year, this non-delivery practice was the case on all but one official postal holiday (and on 3 of the weekdays of most weeks). Miraculously, on the days after a postal holiday, I get 3–5x as much mail as normal. I understand that the job of a USPS Postal carrier is not easy.

Still, it it is easier than it was when metro carriers were not furnished with vehicles (many did not own personal vehicles) but went to the substation, sorted the pail by hand, took buses between their substation and routes, walked to carrier boxes, and then walked the entire route.

I overhear carriers complaining about declining job security as their union plans and executing slowdowns as a tactic to increase bargaining leverage for higher pay. If they think they have but hard, they are in for a rude shock when they join the 75% of American workers who are hired and fired “at will’, have no contracts, many fewer benefits, and work in jobs and for employers whose continued existence is uncertain, unlike the Federal government which can be relied on to eventually pay all its employees, even those of the pseudo-privatized USPS.

Why was the Statement ‘Delivery Attempted-Premises was Closed’ ?

If you are not there at home, They will update the status as Delivery attempted recipient not available. There might be a call attempted before giving a delivery. If the call wasn’t answered that status will be updated in the tracking details.

Normally, If the delivery has not happened, And if the status is updated like this, Then they will re-attempt the delivery for the next working day.
Almost all the courier companies will attempt the delivery 3 times.

If that is not happening, You can call the customer support team and register a complaint against the particular shipment.

A Delivery Scan Means The Tracking Bar Code?

Yes, A “awaiting delivery scan means scannig the tracking bar code” of the product. At the point when mail arrives at its next destination for delivery to the buyer, it is hanging tight for the scanning task or scanning representative to enter the following for the latest updates on its area.

When Should I Call USPS Or Visit USPS Local Post Office?

If it is showing “Awaiting Delivery Scan,” then you should wait for at least two days. If this message is still showing, you should call the USPS customer care service hotline or visit your local post office.

Does The USPS Lie About Delivery Attempts?

As USPS has a huge network, so it has a lot of delivery boys. Some are loyal to USPS, and some are not. In my personal experience, most of the delivery boys always attempt to deliver the parcel. Those who don’t attempts and mark as fail to deliver are not loyal. They lose their jobs soon.

How Long Does A Package Take Once It’s Out For Delivery?

It depends on the location, but UPS doesn’t deliver until around 4:00-4:30. It took approximately 37m and 42s before you are signing it. If it takes even one second more, the UPS driver is working very quickly.

How Long Does It Take For USPS To Scan?

The scan takes 24 hours to be processed. But in several conditions, it can take a couple of days and more. If it is international, It can take a week to be updated. You should visit your nearest Post office for more details.


I am extremely concerned that several of my customers have been telling me they did not receive their orders throughout July. When I check their tracking numbers, USPS shows that the order was out for delivery that day, but then late that same night, an Alert message states the item has not been updated and is awaiting a delivery scan.

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