Amazon UPT Policy: What is It? How does it work? + more (2024)

A few days ago, I had ordered a product from Amazon and it was arriving today. I was eagerly waiting for it and suddenly a question came in my mind: Do Amazon employees get leave in emergency?

To know it’s answer, I did some research and then I came to know about Amazon UPT Policy.

And then my mind was filled with all these questions: What Is Amazon UPT Policy? How Does It Work? Can You Use UPT Anytime? How Often Is UPT Given at Amazon? and much more!

Then I asked my friend about it (who is an Amazon Employee), he explained me everything about it in detail, which I am going to share with you below in the article.

What is Amazon UPT Policy?

UPT is a policy by Amazon for their employees. There are some hours per year given to the Amazon Employees so they can take leave in emergency situations without taking approval from manager.

They can use UPT hours for anything like doctor appointments, errands, mental health days, childcare, and more.

Read below to know about its limitation and hours!

How does UPT Work at Amazon?

In UPT Policy, Amazon gives 20 hours of time per quarter to its employees. Which makes a total of 80 hours unpaid time off in a year according to 4 quarters.

And as long as you have UPT hours available, you can take your off time without any permission. And if you take more than 80 hours of UPT in a year, the manager have to take a strict action against you!

For more details, keep reading!

How often is UPT Given at Amazon?

Amazon gives UPT to its employees 4 times in a year, at the beginning of every quarter. Here is the quarters starting date:

  • 1st January
  • 1st April
  • 1st July
  • And 1st October 

On each of these dates, you’ll automatically be credited with 20 hours of UPT.

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Can I use UPT anytime at Amazon?

Yes, you have the freedom to use your UPT time for any reason without any restriction. 

Even when there is a peak sale time on Amazon, you can use your UPT time. There are no blackout dates when using UPT is prohibited, You can also estimate this freedom from this.

So you have full flexibility to use UPT whenever a personal need arises. But sometimes this can also put your job in danger:

Can you get in Trouble for Using UPT at Amazon?

If you use more than the allowed UPT time in a day, it is possible that you can be documented for it.

But you must follow the rules of Amazon, even if your UPT time goes below 0 to minus and you exceed your limit, you can still get a notice.

Do Sick Days Fall Counted as UPT?

No, Sick Days are different from Unpaid Time off (UPT). This is the difference between them:

UPT (Unpaid Personal Time): Time off that can be used for any reason without advance notice. Deducted from your UPT balance.

Sick time: You can use your Paid time off when you are sick, injured, or need to care for a sick family member. Deducted from your Sick Time balance.

Amazon gives its employees 80 hours of UPT and 80 hours of sick days.

So whenever you are sick or want to leave early due to illness, you can use Sick Time. So you can save your UPT time for other personal time or reasons.

What’s the difference between UPT and PTO at Amazon?

Both UPT (Unpaid Time Off) and PTO (Paid Time Off) are types of time off available to Amazon employees, but there are some differences between both of them:

UPT (Unpaid Time Off)

Payment: You will not get paid for the time you take a break using UPT.
Accrual: You get 20 hours of UPT at the beginning of each quarter.
Approval: You don’t need approval to use UPT.
Reason for absence: You can use UPT for any reason, no questions asked.

PTO (Paid Time Off)

Pay: You will be paid as your regular hourly rate for the time you take off using PTO.
Accrual: The amount of PTO depends on your employment status and tenure with Amazon. For example: A Full-time first year employee will get: 80 hours, after one year: 120 hours, after 6 years: 160 hours PTO per year.
Approval: You have to get approval from your manager to use PTO, especially for extended absences.
Reason for absence: You can use PTO for vacation, sick leave, personal time, or any other approved reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I use up all my UPT?

If you have used your entire UPT and even after it is over, you take leave or arrive late at work, then disciplinary action will be taken against you, including termination. So use your UPT wisely.

What happens if I’m late for work at Amazon?

If you are late for your shift at Amazon, your UPT balance will be automatically deducted in hourly or minute increments to cover the time missed. 

Where can Amazon Employee check his UPT balance?

You can check your UPT balance on A To Z App, here is how to check it: Open A To Z app > Tap on the “Schedule” tab at the bottom > Tap on “Time” from the top.

Your current UPT balance will be displayed under the “Unpaid Time Off” section.


In conclusion, whatever my friend (who is an amazon employee) told me about UPT, I have shared everything with you.

And I was very happy to know that Amazon Workers can use their UPT time (20 hours per quarter) in any emergency without anyone’s permission.

If you have any doubt related to UPT or PTO, you can ask it by commenting below, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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