Business Rivalry: Outscraping the Competition

Business Rivalry: Outscraping the Competition

It is estimated that there are about 12 – 25 million e-Commerce brands (or, more correctly, businesses that are into e-Commerce) scattered around the world.

Business Rivalry: Outscraping the Competition

For consumers, that means more business accessibility and more options to choose from.

But for business owners, this means a harsher business environment and more competition to deal with.

Amid this competitiveness, businesses need to discover more innovative ways to sell and maximize profits.

In this guide, we will consider the most effective innovative practices and how they can benefit an e-Commerce brand.

The Most Innovative Factors That Give Businesses Edge

Businesses looking to not just continue in the highly competitive digital market but also have an edge that puts them a mile ahead of their competition must combine a myriad of innovative concepts and practices in how they operate.

Some of these innovations are explained below:

  1. Automating Processes

One thing that can set a brand apart from the rest is the extent to which tasks and operations are automated.

Automation delivers better results while saving time and other resources.

By automating the many business processes, your brand can achieve in hours or days what would take other companies several weeks or months to accomplish.

2. Increasing Social Media Presence

Having a physical store is no longer enough.

There is evidence suggesting that having a physical store is becoming outdated as e-Commerce businesses are now defined as businesses that can facilitate the process of buying and selling online.

Social media offers brands the chance to reach customers and sell without breaking a sweat.

And businesses that know how to expand their presence online can perform better than those with no social media presence.

3. Creating Business Intelligence

The days of trial and error are far behind us, and brands that must succeed must have solid strategies built on intelligence.

This helps to avoid wastage of resources while increasing profitability.

Brands use innovations such as well-informed intelligence to develop plans that have helped them dominate the market for many years.

Usually, the more a company depends on solid intelligence, the more they outperform its competition and win more market share.

4. Web Scraping

Web scraping is generally regarded as the process used for harvesting web-based data in large quantities and automatically.

Companies also use web scraping as an effective, innovative practice to get an edge in the market at all times.

Web Scraping as one of Those Factors

Web scraping is seen as one of the best innovations for developing business edge.

The process uses several tools such as a scraper API and proxy service to help companies have access to any data on the internet.

Aside from functioning automatically and requiring only very minimal input from humans, web scraping tools also allow users to scale past the various online hurdles.

Because of how crucial data is, not every website is willing to share theirs; this has prompted several websites to put up measures that prevent their content from being scraped.

However, a web scraper API can easily navigate the website and collect the data you need.

Additionally, surfing the internet can be unsafe, especially for businesses with large corporate data at risk of breaches.

Web scraping tools are also effective at helping to conceal sensitive data and keeping the user safe while on the internet.

Benefits of Web Scraping

There are several benefits of web scraping that businesses can leverage to create a competitive advantage for their company.

Benefits of Web Scraping

Below are some of the benefits of using web scraping:

  1. Brand Protection

The most obvious and critical benefit of web scraping is the amount of protection it offers the user or business.

Web scraping provides an easy way for companies to access data without risking falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

Tools like proxies can hide your IP and help you appear anonymous on the web.

It is considered the most efficient way for you to get data without having yours stolen.

2. Automation

Web scraping also brings automation into the mix. In a world where businesses need to do a lot of operations each day, web scraping makes the job easier.

Automation helps to reduce human input while maximizing output. Automation also offers better results with increased quality.

Web scraping automation allows you to collect data from multiple websites at once without committing too much manpower or time.

3. Bypass Restrictions

Another benefit of web scraping and a solid reason why it is often preferred compared to other methods of data extraction is that it helps to bypass different restrictions on the internet.

Websites often put up measures to dissuade scraping. These measures can range from IP blocking to geo-restrictions.

IP bans are used to study IPs that have visited a website to identify them and block them upon subsequent visits properly.

Geo-restrictions target users from selected regions and block them based on their physical location.

Web scraping tools such as a scraper API can provide multiple IPs and locations.


The competition in the digital space is so fierce that businesses have to discover innovative ways to beat their competition.

Most of these innovations entail extracting data and finding the best ways to outdo the competition while at it. 

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