Can Walmart Check Your Receipt In 2022? Explained

Can Walmart Check Your Receipt
Can Walmart Check Your Receipt

You can go to purchase unique items at special prices online and offline. But you might need to provide a relevant receipt before leaving one of Walmart’s physical stores. 

So, it’s a common question, “Do you need to provide your receipt at Walmart? The information in this article is just what you need to know!

Can Walmart Check Your Receipt

Before you depart, Walmart personnel may request to see your receipt. But you are free to decline. In addition, Walmart employees can have you present your receipt and even detain you within the store if they suspect you of shoplifting, owing to the “Shopkeeper’s Privilege” legislation.

Does A Receipt Check At Walmart Mean They Suspect Me Of Shoplifting?

To catch and discourage shoplifters, Walmart staff examine customer receipts. Additionally, a Walmart official stated that they would inspect each customer’s receipt before they left the store. Therefore, it is not always a sign that you are under suspicion of shoplifting if you are requested to show your receipt.

Receipt checks are completely optional. In accordance with rules protecting shopkeepers, Walmart employees may only take further action if they have reason to suspect that you have committed shoplifting.

The rules differ in stores like Costco, where you must present your receipt as a membership requirement.

Can Walmart Scan My Receipt?

The Walmart employees may occasionally request to scan your receipt as well. Normally, you only need to do this when you leave the store and activate the sensors at the door. But once more, just because a Walmart employee requests to scan your receipt doesn’t indicate you’re a suspect in a theft investigation. Most of the time, it’s simply to make sure the cashier who rang you up didn’t forget to scan something.

Walmart’s main goal is to make sure that all goods are purchased. Not all Walmart locations, though, will scan your receipt.

What Happens If You Lose Your Receipt Before Leaving Walmart?

Don’t panic if you misplace your receipt before leaving Walmart. You can use your credit card to get the receipt back when you realize you’ve misplaced it.

You can receive a digital copy of your receipt and present that to a Walmart employee using the online Receipt Lookup tool. You only need to input the purchasing location and the specifics of the purchase. 

You can also go back to the employee who assisted you and request confirmation that you made payment for your purchases.

Can Walmart Prevent You From Leaving The Store?

If you refuse to show an employee your receipt, Walmart cannot take further action because receipt checks are optional. However, you may be detained within the store following shopkeeper’s privilege regulations if they have a good reason to suspect that you have shoplifted.

The definition of “reasonable suspicion” varies from state to state. Most of the time, however, it will be decided by observing items taken, client or staff statements, or security film. 

Why Does Walmart Check Receipts Now?

Walmart has increased the frequency of its receipt checks recently. The increase in efforts against theft, which contributed $3 billion to the company’s losses in 2015, is one reason for the shift. It represented 1% of Walmart’s overall revenue.

Another is the self-checkout technology that has just been added to Walmart’s retail locations. It’s much simpler to bag a product from your basket without scanning it when using a self-checkout system. Therefore, more employees may have been placed at the exit doors to verify that each customer’s receipt matches the items in their bags. In Walmart Canada, this was the reality.

Does Walmart Have The Right To Scan Your Receipt?

When you leave the store, the sensors near the door will be activated, making a scan necessary. It does not indicate that they believe you have committed a theft.

Sometimes, it is important to check to see if the cashier calling you scanned your products properly. Finally, the business must make sure that customers have made all purchases.

Can I sue Walmart for checking my receipt

Nowadays, it’s a common practice to check customers’ receipts as they leave a store. It is done at almost every store. You do not have the authority to sue them. 

What to do when Walmart accuses you of stealing

Here are five things to do when Walmart accuses you of stealing:

Shopkeepers’ Privilege: A store clerk has the right to detain you for interrogation and to notify the police if they have reason to suspect that you are shoplifting. According to this “Shopkeepers Privilege,” they are permitted to hold you for a reasonable period of time. The store employee may be held accountable if they violate any privilege term.

Mistakes Do Happen: You can be falsely accused of shoplifting by a store clerk. Or you might have forgotten to pay for the item at the bottom of your shopping basket. When that happens, gently try to explain the error and, if required, make payment for the thing you genuinely neglected. 

Stay Silent and Calm: The shopkeeper’s Privilege stipulates that there must be justification for the store to detain you. But most store policies specify that to approach or accuse you; you must have been seen concealing an item or engaging in shoplifting. To prevent you from claiming to have walked into the store with the item already in your possession, the person who witnessed you must typically have seen you pick up the item in the first place. Because of this, if you are accused of shoplifting, it is probably to your best advantage to say only your name.

Refuse to Allow a Search: You already know the result of a search if you have stolen something from the store. It is why allowing a search will swiftly become an admission of guilt. 

Consult a defense attorney: Never forget that you can ask for legal representation even if you haven’t been arrested. When facing charges, you can speak with a lawyer anytime for guidance on your rights and handling the situation to achieve the best result.

In Case You Can Not Find Your Receipt Before You Leave Walmart, What Will Happen?

Not to worry! You can get the payment proof in this case by using your credit card. You must enter your purchase’s information and location into the Receipt Lookup online tool. If you have a digital copy, you can show it to the associate in its place.

You could ask the staff member serving you to confirm that you have paid for your purchases.


When you leave Walmart, they may ask to see your receipt. In reality, they frequently do since theft results in large financial losses. Does Walmart Sell Halal Meat?

You are not required to present your receipt; Walmart employees are powerless to take further action if you do not. The sole exception is if the employee suspects you have stolen anything or something from the store. Does Walmart Take Old Tires?

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